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Thoughts to Share With Practitioners Who Clarify the Truth Over the Internet

October 24, 2011 |   By a practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) The following are some of my ideas regarding discussing the facts about Falun Dafa over the Internet. I am writing them down to share my understanding with fellow practitioners.

The goal of our clarifying the truth is to save sentient beings, and to help people who do not understand the truth have a correct and positive attitude towards Dafa. Therefore, we should discuss Falun Dafa in a way that can be understood by everyday people. However, when posting messages on forums, some practitioners start posting their own understandings about the universe and life, or as a criticism of modern science, or arguments between theism and atheism, right from the beginning. I think that for now, especially in the environment of mainland China where people have long been brainwashed by the evil party culture, if we start talking at too high a level right from the beginning, people may find what we say hard to accept. Instead, I think we should try to focus on exposing the persecution to people in a way that they can accept. We can use some social issues of concern to people and use the facts to expose the Party's lies.

Recently, some practitioners have been using topics that interest people, such as current events, aliens or some mysterious events, combined with their own understanding and opinions from cultivation. They try to express these in a roundabout way by using exaggerated artistic forms. In my opinion, people who have not come into contact with Dafa may not have any reference points to understand the meaning of what these practitioners were trying to convey. Therefore, we have to consider the actual effect. The goal of exposing the persecution is to save sentient beings, not to validate ourselves. I have a lot of experience in this regard. Many times when I revealed the facts about Falun Dafa to people, I did it with strong human attachments. Unfortunately, I only realized this afterward. We should have more righteous thoughts and less human attachments when approaching people. We should also talk about the persecution seriously. I think it should be done strictly according to the requirements of the Fa. We should only talk about the facts of the persecution. If we don't do this well, not only can it not play a role in saving people, but what we say may make people look at us with doubt.

I have some suggestions for practitioners who develop software to break the information blockade, mainly regarding the selection of news links on the Dynaweb and Wujie pages. I doubt the authenticity and credibility of some of the news, and some of the links have words that focus on everyday people's desires. I think this may make our online media appear to be too informal and not very professional. This software is a window for people to learn about truth and they are a special form of media as well. If people in China, after breaking the information blockade using this software, are led to materials that negatively impact their learning the truth, then aren't we Dafa disciples wasting our resources and not realizing our sacred goal?

I really appreciate the hard work done by practitioners who develop this software. I know that our media will keep getting better and better, so that we can save even more sentient beings.

Due to my poor writing skills, I may not have clearly expressed my thoughts. Please point out anything inappropriate.