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My Husband's Job Promotion

October 20, 2011 |   By a Dafa practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) I read a report on Clearwisdom about agents of the CCP arresting two Falun Gong practitioners who work in the same area as my husband. My first thought was that my husband could use his position to save them, but I wasn't sure how receptive he would be to the idea even though he is not against my cultivating. I realized that wanting him to save Dafa practitioners would be no less than a test of life and death. Also, he was only a deputy.

After thinking about it for two days I was still wondering what to do. On the third day I stopped hesitating, picked up the telephone, and called my husband. I said, “Your office people arrested two practitioners. Find the person in charge and get them to release those two good people who have done nothing wrong.”

I've been cultivating for many years. He heard what I said, but didn't agree right away. I understood that he was scared, but was encouraged that he didn't turn me down either.

When I saw him at home that night, I said, “Did you do what I asked?” He said, “I talked to those involved, and they agreed to release the practitioners.” I immediately relaxed. I sat with him watching television and chitchatting. He said, “They've been talking about promotions at work, but I'm worried that I may not be considered.” I said, “Don't you worry! You've done a good thing: you are qualified for a promotion because you've saved two Dafa disciples.” Hearing what I said, he said after a pause, “After they agreed to let the practitioners go, I didn't notice whether or not they were actually released. I have to ask about it when I get back to work.”

When I saw my husband again I asked him, “Were those two released?” He said, “It's a good thing that I asked about them, because they weren't released the first time around. They refused to write a guarantee statement. I got so angry that I shouted, 'What guarantee statement? You first give me a guarantee that you've released them!' When they saw how angry I was, they released the practitioners right away.”

I praised him for having great courage, which made him proud. He said, “Of course” and added mysteriously, “After releasing those two practitioners, I dreamed that I was walking on a wide, golden road that appeared right in front of me. I have dreamed about that road before, but it was always heavily barricaded.”

I said, “It was Dafa Master's encouraging you.”

My husband enthusiastically told me the following morning, “I had another dream last night: Someone caught two giant fish in your hometown lake. One weighed about 220 pounds and the other 660 pounds. I bought them both to honor your parents.”

Soon after that, my husband was recommended for a position one level higher. Within six months, he was promoted to a much, much higher position.

During this time, something else happened. Two of my husband's colleagues, A and B, were also eligible for promotion in every respect, and their fathers had also held important local positions. My husband said, “They definitely could be promoted.” I said, “Not necessarily. Heaven decides on big things like that. Human beings have no authority to decide who will be promoted.” He didn't believe me. I said, “Let's wait and see.” I knew that A's father was on the list of evil persons because he had persecuted Falun Gong during his tenure.

When the results were announced, A and B weren't promoted. A was nominated, but his name was removed from the list for unknown reasons, causing his father to become so angry that he made a big fuss with the boss.

Through this incident my husband has greater respect for Master and Dafa and admires Dafa disciples even more. He reminds me all the time to send righteous thoughts.