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Family Threatened for Inquiring about the Cause of Mr. Cai Fuchen's Death

January 09, 2011 |   By a Clearwisdom correspondent from Jilin Province

(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioner Mr. Cai Fuchen from Longjing City, Jilin Province was persecuted to death in Gongzhuling Prison on September 15, 2010. According to the prison authorities, Mr. Cai committed suicide by jumping off a tall building. They refused to allow his family members to see his corpse. Mr. Cai's family members had strong doubts about the cause of his death and hired a lawyer to investigate. However, the prison, the Pingdong Procuratorate and the Changchun Procuratorate tried to shift the responsibility to each other. The deputy chief of the Pingdong Procuratorate even threatened Mr. Cai's family and their lawyer: “Appealing is just asking for more trouble. No one will ever help you.”

Before being persecuted to death, Mr. Cai suffered brutal physical torture at the Gongzhuling Prison at the hands of the prison guards. Several times, he was imprisoned in a small cell as part of the prison's “transformation” campaign to force Falun Gong practitioners to give up their beliefs. From going to the toilet, to every single detail in his life, he was monitored by criminals. All communication with the outside world was prohibited. During the day, prison guards would force Mr. Cai to perform manual labor. When he refused, he was carried to the work site by several criminals. Mr. Cai was severely persecuted, and his health deteriorated.

After being persecuted to death, Mr. Cai's family members visited the prison twice to try to see his body but were denied both times. On the afternoon of November 30, Mr. Cai's family, together with a lawyer, traveled to Gongzhuling once again. They first visited the Prison Political Section. The two policewomen on duty refused to answer any questions. They even denied knowledge of the prison director's phone number. When Mr. Cai's family asked to speak with Cao Jun, deputy section leader of the Political Section who was in charge of Mr. Cai's case, they said that Cao had gone out on a holiday. After many tries, they returned to the Political Section. Someone finally made a call, and after 20 minutes, the Political and Education Section chief Wang Zhichun came with two other personnel. However, this time, their description of Mr. Cai's time, date and cause of death was different from the two previous times. They showed Mr. Cai's family members a video that purportedly recorded 2 hours worth of what happened. However, the video lasted no more than two minutes. After watching it three times, Mr. Cai's family members were still unconvinced that the man in the video was Mr. Cai. They were forbidden from seeing his body. They were only given a copy of the autopsy report.

The next day, Mr. Cai's family and their lawyer went to Pingdong Procuratorate to request to see the video. Initially the Procuratorate official agreed, but the video would not work. When the lawyer suggested they use his own computer, the official said that he was on a lunch break and they had to wait until the afternoon. However, after waiting more than an hour, the Procuratorate official suddenly said that higher-ups had now decided against showing the video. The deputy chief of the Procuratorate then shouted at Cai's family's lawyer viciously, “It doesn't matter who you go to, the path of appeal is a dead end. There is no use even if you find someone from the State Council. There is no use whatever you do.”

The third day, Mr. Cai's family members and their lawyer visited the Changchun Procuratorate. There, they were blocked by the guards and barred from entering. The lawyer submitted a complaint and all three people went to the appeals department in the Prison Management Bureau. However, they were referred back to the Procuratorate.

Mr. Cai's family members strongly believe that the Gongzhuling Prison, Pingdong Procuratorate and Changchun Procuratorate's actions pointed to their hiding the truth behind Mr. Cai's death.

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