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Ms. Yang Jinying Persecuted to Death Seven Years Ago; Her Son Recently Files an Indictment

January 26, 2011 |   By a Clearwisdom correspondent from Anhui Province, China

Name: Yang Jinying (杨金英)
Gender: Female
Age: 53
Address: Zhou Village, Guantang Town, Qiaocheng District, Bozhou City
Occupation: Farmer
Date of Death: November 2003
Date of Most Recent Arrest: April 2002
Most Recent Place of Detention: Unknown
City: Bozhou
Province: Anhui
Persecution Suffered: Illegal sentencing, beatings, hung up, imprisonment, torture, home ransacked, interrogation, detention

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Yang Jinying was persecuted to death in November 2003. Her two sons were attending middle school at the time. Mr. Wang Lei, Ms. Yang's older son, recently filed an indictment against the Qiaocheng District Police Department for persecuting his mother to death. He requested an investigation and the prosecution of those responsible.

Ms. Yang was an honest and kind country woman. After practicing Falun Gong, she improved herself a great deal, and many people praised her. She was taken away from home by officers from the Qiaocheng District Police Department in April 2002. She was subjected to so much torture that she became paralyzed and lost control of her bodily functions. Even though her condition was critical, the police still sentenced her to three years of imprisonment. Later, they notified her son to sign for her bail on the release form and had him take her to Hengkang Hospital. She died within a few days at the age of only 53.

In the indictment, Mr. Wang Lei gave details about what the police officers did to his mother.

Following is a condensed version of the indictment:

My father was addicted to cigarettes and alcohol before he began practicing Falun Gong. He wanted to give them up but couldn't do it. He also had very bad temper. My mother was an honest, kind, and hard-working country woman, but she was frail and had many health problems, including lung disease and stomach ailments, that plagued her. She sought cures everywhere and spent lots of money on different medicines with little results. Her two children were attending school and needed money. The family's financial situation was poor.

A neighbor gave my mother a Falun Gong book in 1996, and she began to practice. All her illnesses disappeared. She gained healthy weight and her face became rosy. She was busy with all the housework but didn't complain about tiredness anymore. My father quit smoking and drinking and developed a better temper. My brother and I were admitted to the Bozhou No. 1 Middle School and the Bozhou No. 3 Middle School respectively. Our family was a happy one.

In April 2002, officers from the Guantang Police Station broke into our home without a search warrant or showing any ID. They ransacked our home and took my mother away. A month later, I got to see her in a room in Haijing Hotel. She was very skinny. She had been transferred from prison to that hotel room by officers from the Domestic Security Division of Qiaocheng District Police Department. The officers tortured her and ordered her to write the three statements.

During her one and half years of detention, the officers tortured my mother in many ways. They insulted her, swore at her, and beat her at will. They slapped her face. When their hands hurt or they got tired from hitting her, they used their shoes to hit her face. They once hit her face more than 300 times. They hung her up with handcuffs for the whole day and whipped her with belts. They threatened her, saying that her sons wouldn't be allowed to take the college entrance examination or be admitted to colleges. In the winter, they poured cold water over her. In the summer, they ordered her to stand on the concrete floor in the hot sun.

My mom's weight went from 50kg (110 pounds) down to about 25kg (55 pounds) in a very short time. The other inmates took pity on her and wanted to share some beef with her. They had about six bags of beef. Someone asked her, “You are so thin. Why don't you have some?” My mom replied, “My sons will take the college entrance examinations soon. They need the nutrition more than I do.” She was subjected to so much torture that she was bruised all over, became completely paralyzed, and could no long control her bodily functions. The prison doctor even inhumanly fed her a bowl of hot pepper water the night before she was released.

My mom was on the brink of death. The detention center didn't want to be held responsible, so she was released her on medical parole on November 11, 2003. However, they still sentenced her to three years imprisonment. My brother and I took her to Hengkang Hospital. The next day, the hospital issued a "critical notice." Several days later, my mom passed away.

The police officers were executioners. They tortured my benevolent mother and turned her into a corpse.

I'm asking for a thorough investigation of the case and the prosecution of those responsible.

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