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Ecuador: Warm Welcome for the Exhibition The Art of Truth, Compassion, Tolerance in the Andean City of Ambato

January 24, 2011 |  

The international exhibition The Art of Truth, Compassion, Tolerance continues its tour of various countries (more than 200 cities in over 40 countries around the world since July 2004). This time the exhibition was held in the city of Ambato, known as the "City of Flowers and Fruits" and capital of the Province of Tungurahua in Ecuador. Ambato is at an elevation of 2600 meters above sea level and is located 130 km south of Quito, the capital of Ecuador.

The exhibit consists of 40 stunning works produced with classic techniques and styles. Sponsored by the Government of the Province of Tungurahua, it was open to the public in the Provincial Museum Casa del Portal, one of the tourist attractions of the city and one of the finest examples of colonial architecture of late nineteenth century in Ambato.

The citizens of Ambato warmly welcomed and showed great interest in the exhibition.

The Art of Truth, Compassion, Tolerance exhibition brings together works by 18 artists, some of whom experienced severe deprivation of their rights while living in China because of their beliefs and their peaceful practice of the spiritual discipline Falun Dafa. Their paintings depict important events that occurred in China as well as the inner lives of the painters.

Many people visiting the exhibition were deeply moved by the righteousness, goodness, justice, courage and tenacity that emanate from the displayed artworks. They thought that the paintings were very realistic. They felt the divine message in them. Others said that works of such great magnitude had never come to their city before and praised their quality and artistic expression. They also said that the persecution of Falun Dafa should stop.

Hundreds of comments were written in the guestbook, comments full of sympathy for the Chinese people ruled by a government with no sense of justice; and annotations that describe the exhibit as "a beautiful presentation that feeds the spirit and represents the value and the conviction of individuals in their beliefs." Another note talks about how good it is to know "... other ways of expressing life in countries like China and realize that there are human beings who suffer torture just because they follow a new knowledge that helps [people] to be better human beings and just because of their efforts to let us know a great way [that teaches us] to be better in our society overwhelmed by materialism and short thinking. The content is very touching."

Even before its opening, the exhibit attracted the attention of local media. Radio stations, television channels and major newspapers interviewed the organizers and published articles on the exhibition.

The Art of Truth, Compassion, Tolerance exhibition in Ambato ran from November 19 through December 12, 2010, and was attended by 3240 visitors.