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Falun Gong Practitioner Imprisoned and Killed Just After Visiting a Friend

September 04, 2010 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On July 15, 2010, Liu Haojie of the Xinhua District 610 Office in Shijiazhuang City organized five people, including Ren Xuanjun of the Ningan Road Police Station in the Xinhua District, to rob and arrest Ms. Xia Junying, a Falun Gong practitioner at the Taihang Machinery Factory. Practitioner Ms. Bai Caiping had just stopped by, and she was arrested before she entered the door. Ms. Bai's home was later ransacked, and her computer and other personal items were confiscated. After Ms. Bai was detained for 15 days, she was sentenced to 21 months of forced labor. She was sent to the Women's Forced labor Camp in Hebei Province. She had become emaciated due to persecution and she had high blood pressure, so the forced labor camp refused to accept her. The police again sent Ms. Bai to the brainwashing center in Hebei Province. Due to her high blood pressure, brainwashing center officials would not admit her. Finally, the Ningan Road Police Station extorted 1,000 yuan from her family and released her.

After Ms. Xia Junying was arrested, Ms. Yuan Pingjun, a tailor and friend of Ms. Xia's, came to visit her family on August 1, 2010. The police followed her home. Under the direction of Liu Haojie of the Xinhua District 610 Office, Guo Shixian of the Xinhua Police Bureau and Ren Xuanjun Ningan Road Police Station broke into and ransacked Ms. Yuan's home on the morning of August 2, 2010. They confiscated Dafa books, a computer and money. Yuan Pingjun was sent to a brainwashing center, and her family members had 550 yuan extorted from them for her living expenses. Her family was notified around August 11, 2010, that she had died. Those responsible for her death lied, saying that Ms. Yuan had jumped from the third floor and died. At the CCP's brainwashing center, everyone was monitored around the clock, so there was no opportunity for anyone to commit suicide. The police and the 610 Office refused to allow Ms. Yuan Pingjun's family to set up a memorial in her honor. The family was monitored by agents deployed around their house. Her husband and son were closely followed. To cover up their crime, the officials threatened her family members and attempted to stop them from exposing the case by bribing them. Nevertheless, Liu Haojie of the 610 Office, the Xinhua Police Bureau, and Ren Xuanjun of the Ningan Road Police Station are responsible for her death.

Ms. Yuan Pingjun was 45 years old and healthy in body and mind. She is survived by her parents, a son who went to college, and a husband who loved her very much. Ms. Yuan made a living mending clothes. She was very kind.

People in charge of persecuting Yuan Pingjun:

Deng Fan, Team Leader, Political Security Team at Xinhua Police Bureau

Liu Haojie, Director of the 610 Office in the Xinhua District

Zhao Zhiqiang, Director of the Ningan Road Police Station, the Xinhua District: 86-13932155100 (Cell)
Policeman Ren Xuanjun (in charge of Ms. Yuan Pingjun's case): 86-13722792211 (Cell)
Policeman Liu Fuzhong (in charge of Ms. Xia Junying's case): 86-13833453776 (Cell)