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Exposing the Chongqing 610 Office's "Restoration Initiative"

August 28, 2010 |   By a Dafa practitioner from Chongqing

(Clearwisdom.net) The Chongqing 610 Office is carrying out a "Restoration Initiative" to persecute Dafa disciples. This project is aimed at practitioners who have been sentenced or have suffered forced labor in the past, and its purpose is to force them to undergo brainwashing again.

This initiative is underway at Wangxiangtai Holiday Village, which is about four miles from Lianglu Town, Yubei District, Chongqing. The personnel at this brainwashing facility are officers recruited from local police stations where practitioners are being detained and persecuted. Assistants in this effort come from the practitioners' workplaces, as well as some street and residential committees. In order to extend the scale of the persecution, this project also provides "training" for the local 610 Office agents and college students, who will do similar things in the future in nearby districts and towns. The local authorities in Jiangjin and Wanzhou Districts have already started this initiative.

Although on the surface, the "Restoration Initiative" allegedly "provides help and care," those involved still rely on violence and lies as their basic approach. They arrest practitioners and forcibly take them to the brainwashing center, such as practitioners Feng Ping, Deng Baishou, Mu Caifang, and others.

The process begins by using lies and propaganda to convince the participating police officers and helpers. Then they deceive the practitioners with promises of employment, helping their children to go to college, or providing them with living allowances to induce them to write "thought reports." If the practitioners refuse their demands, they use threats and lies about lenient punishment to try to get thought reports, and try to trick the arrested practitioners into giving information about other local practitioners.

In the first few days after the practitioners are taken to the brainwashing facility, the environment is quite comfortable. The guards don't talk about Falun Gong at all and pretend to care about the living conditions of the practitioners. During this time some practitioners were deceived and relaxed their vigilance, thus enlarging their attachments. In other dimensions, the evil factors are clearly aware of the practitioners' attachments. Where there is an attachment, this is where they are going to attack. This is how some practitioners were taken advantage of by the evil.

The staff at the brainwashing center turns the volume of the TV to the maximum and leaves the lights on when the practitioners try to sleep at night. Except for sleeping or during the arranged brainwashing times, the staff have to talk to the practitioners continuously or make them write reports around the clock.