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Mr. Bai Heguo Beaten to Death in Nanguanling Prison, Dalian City (Photo)

August 21, 2010 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Bai Heguo, 45, from Liaoning Province was tortured to death around January 5, 2008 in Nanguanling Prison in Dalian City. Prison guard Zhang Shuyi instigated criminal Zhou to beat Mr. Bai to death. Mr. Bai's family saw his body covered with numerous injuries and wounds, and his remains were hastily cremated.

Bai Heguo

Mr. Bai lived in Dongguangshan Village, Liutiao Town, Dengta City, Liaoning Province. He was illegally arrested on June 9, 2002 for practicing Falun Gong. Officers from the Tongerbao Police Department of Dengta City made the arrest. Court officials sentenced him to 11 years in prison, and sent him to Huazi Prison in Liaoning Province. Mr. Bai was subjected to all types of abuse, but he remained steadfast in his belief.

Prior to the Beijing Olympics, the communist regime adopted a method of dispersing detained practitioners to different places to better control them. Between December 19-25, 2007, practitioners held in Huazi Prison were transferred to Ward 12 of Nanguanling Prison in Dalian City. Mr. Bai refused to do forced labor while being held in Ward 12. The guards instigated several criminals to torture him. Some of the torture methods used on him were: Dragging him across the ground and forcing him to squat or stand for long time periods of time. They punched and stomped on him, beat him with police batons, shocked him with electric batons, handcuffed him behind his back and hung him up, and placed him in solitary confinement.

Mr. Bai lost consciousness due to torture numerous times, but the prison authorities deliberately delayed sending him for emergency treatment. Mr. Bai died as a result. In order to shirk their responsibility for this crime, officials in Ward 12 reported to the higher-up authorities that Mr. Bai Heguo injured and killed himself. They also blocked the information from all prisoners, lying that Mr. Bai had been transferred to another prison.

We have learned that guard Zhang Shuyi instigated criminal Zhou to cruelly beat Mr. Bai in an office, and handcuffed Mr. Bai to a heating pipe after the severe abuse. The beating was so severe that Mr. Bai could barely open his eyes. When the torturers later sent him to a hospital, Mr. Bai had already died. According to an insider who saw Mr. Bai's remains, there was a big bump on his head, and a long cut on his tongue, which protruded out of his mouth. His legs were broken, and his testicles were ruptured from being kicked. He was emaciated.

We have also learned that criminal Zhou who beat Mr. Bai to death has a wealthy family, and guard Zhang gave Mr. Bai's family 40,000 yuan. Both the criminal and the guard are at large, and have not received any punishment.