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Remembering Master's Lectures in Dalian City

August 14, 2010 |   By a practitioner in Dalian City

(Clearwisdom.net) Master taught the Fa three times in Dalian City, and I was fortunate to attend two of those lecture series. On July 1, 1994, a qigong fan gave me two tickets for the Falun Gong lectures, but I gave them to someone else. I had no idea what Falun Gong was, and thought it was a regular qigong school. The second day, the individual who gave me the tickets, realizing that I had given them to someone else, told me, "You could not have bought those tickets even if you paid a hundred thousand yuan." I was shocked and regretful. She told me to go to the stadium and see if anyone returned tickets. I went to Dalian City Stadium, shouting, "Anyone selling tickets?" But no one replied.

Someone who appeared to be a janitor at the stadium and a veteran practitioner noticed my anxiety and asked me if I was a new or veteran practitioner. She asked me several times, but not knowing why she asked, I just kept quiet. She told me that Master looked after veteran practitioners and offered half price to them, while new practitioners were charged the full price for the ticket. In the end, she sold me three tickets.

I cherished the opportunity to attend the Fa lectures and was very attentive. During lecture three, I thought to myself, "Whoever has such a great master would be truly lucky." Right after that thought, Master said that he would treat all practitioners as his disciples. Immediately the audience burst into a thunderous applause. My hands turned red from clapping.

I had practiced many different qigong practices in the past to cure my illnesses, but was unsuccessful. This time, all my illnesses, including asthma, leg joint disability and stomach problems, were cured after attending a few lectures. I felt like someone was pushing me when I rode a bicycle, and my legs no longer hurt while climbing stairs. I truly had the feeling of lightness and my body was free of any illness. I was extremely grateful to Master and shed tears when thinking about Master's compassion.

On December 29, 1994, Master came to Dalian City for the second Fa lecture series at the City Stadium. I bought twenty tickets and gave them to my family members and friends. The stadium could hold over 6,000 people, yet the tickets were sold within two days. On December 30, Master and his family flew from Dalian City to Beijing.

At the time of the last Fa lectures, a great many practitioners came to see Master off at the airport. The airport security said that even the country's political leaders didn't enjoy such a spectacular crowd. This time, I believe Master didn't tell many people, and only about a dozen practitioners were there at the airport. I happened to be among them and Master shook hands with all of us.

When thinking back over that precious period of time, I always feel happy and cherish the opportunity I had. Sometimes I say to myself, "How fortunate are those of us in China who had the privilege of seeing Master in person! How are we all doing right now? When we see Master once again in the future, how will we feel?" We should cherish our predestined relationship with Dafa. I miss Master very much. I hope all practitioners advance diligently on our cultivation path, save more people, and prepare to welcome Master's return, which is hoped for soon.

July 21, 2010