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Precious Memory: Attending Master's Fa-teaching Lectures in 1994

August 11, 2010 |   By a practitioner from Heilongjiang Province

(Clearwisdom.net) I would like to relate my experience of attending Master's Fa-teaching lectures. Let's witness again Master's compassion and the true manifestation of the Buddha Fa in the human world.

My son had illnesses that couldn't be diagnosed in a hospital. When I was desperate and at a complete loss, I met two Falun Gong practitioners who gave me the precious book Zhuan Falun and also taught my son and I to do the exercises. On April 27, 1994, my son and I boarded the train to Changchun City with dozens of other people to attend Master's Seventh Class at the auditorium of Jilin University in Changchun City.

While listening to Master teaching the Fa, I calmed down and kept my eyes wide open, not even daring to blink so that I could keep each of Master's words in my heart. Before practicing Falun Gong, I had no idea about cultivation; but while listening to Master's lectures, I felt as if I was changed to another person who was eager to listen to and understand the Fa well. In order to see Master clearly, I moved from a dozen rows further away to the third row. When I was feeling happy at being able to see Master clearly, Master said before the class began, "Someone would like to sit in the front. But actually it's the same wherever you sit. The further away you sit; the clearer you will see." I thought, "Among so many people how did Master know I changed my seat? It really is miraculous!"

Before one lecture we encountered a traffic jam, and the entire carload of practitioners was very worried that we would be late. When we arrived at Jilin University, we all thought we were late. However, as soon as we sat down in the auditorium, Master said, "Because a bus broke down on the highway, some students came late. Now I will start the lecture." I thought that Master knew everything, and couldn't find any words to express my appreciation.

Before the sixth lecture began, someone told me that Master would like to see my son. Because there wasn't much time left before the class began and I knew that Master always gave the lecture on time, I hurried and ran to find my son. However, hearing a loud crashing noise, I fell down on the ground. The sound was so loud that everyone nearby was scared. I didn't pay any attention to it and stood up at once. A fellow practitioner asked me whether I was alright, and I said "I'm fine." I brought my son to the platform to see Master. Master looked at my son smilingly and asked, "How old is your son? Is he in senior middle school?" I replied, "He is at Grade 8," I told Master, "We both finished reading Zhuan Falun at home, and have also started to do the exercises." I told Master about my son's condition. Then Master talked with my son for a while. After that, I asked Master what we could do if we had questions after we returned home. Master smiled and took out a name card, telling us that it was the last one in his pocket. He asked us to call him if we had questions in the future. I was immediately moved to tears. To this day I still have this card and treasure it. I didn't remember my falling down until I went back to our seats with my son. I touched my body and didn't feel any pain and it was as if I hadn't fallen at all. I was deeply moved that even though we had just begun practicing, Master looked out for me and protected me.

While attending Master's Fa-teaching lectures, my son continuously experienced supernormal abilities. I won't talk about what he saw with his third eye, but how his supernormal abilities manifested in other ways. When we bought ice water one day, there was no ice in the bottle, and it was very hot that day. My son said, "Mom, I only want one with ice inside." As soon as he finished saying that, the bottle of water in his hand became a solid block of ice. One morning we were about to go to the auditorium after breakfast, and I suddenly remembered that I left the key on the bed, without which no one could enter the room. My son said, "Don't worry. You go to the auditorium. Let me get the key back." I said, "I closed the door myself, the key is locked inside the room." After a while, my son came back and passed the key to me. I asked him how he got it. He just said, "Don't ask me about it." It was very cool in the morning and evening in May. But my son only wore a thin shirt and felt hot. He had suffered so many illnesses at home, but while he was here he was so healthy. In the past, I didn't believe in supernormal abilities at all. But now, I not only witnessed supernormal abilities in person, but also saw my son displaying them. I no longer had any questions about the existence of gods or miracles. My brain and thoughts, which had been poisoned by the Communist Party's atheist ideology for so many years, had been purified by Master and Dafa.

After the last lecture ended on the morning of May 8, the students stayed for a while. Everyone stood in front of the door, watching Master leave. Some practitioners cried; so did I. After attending the entire nine lectures, my entire world view was totally changed. I felt that my body was very light. I had already thrown away all the medicines I had brought from home. I no longer felt that the things everyday people pursued were important, like competing for personal gain and such. The only thing I wanted was to become a better person and practice Falun Gong to the end.

After Master finished his teaching, another practitioner told me that my son needed to follow Master to other places to continue to listen to Master's teachings. So my son went to Beijing, Chengdu and Chongqing, and listened to Master's teaching and was around Master. After he returned home he told me that when he had meals with Master, Master put food in his bowl and picked up the meat for him. Master's birthday came when they were on a train. Several practitioners wanted to order elaborate and expensive food from the dining car; however, Master didn't agree, even though practitioners changed their order to some simple food. Because the practitioners looked like they were ready to cry, Master finally agreed and only bought a bowl of instant noodles. My son told me that Master was always frugal, and that Master donated his savings (it was said that the total was 30 thousand yuan) to the Fund for Justice and Courage. Seeing these things personally, my son kept all of them in his heart and thereafter also lived frugally.

After I came back home from Changchun City, my husband told me that he saw a flash suddenly twinkling through our home one day and the same thing happened twice. I knew that it was Master cleaning out my home. With the help of Master, my husband's serious stomach illness, rheumatism and heart disease all disappeared. Smiles returned to his face. He positively supported us to practice cultivation. My son had followed Master for about one month and some of his travel expenses were paid by Master. When my son left from home, he was very thin and suffered from many illnesses. But when he returned, we couldn't recognize him at the train station until he called my husband and I. We were both amazed by the changes in him. His complexion had become delicate and rosy. He was also taller and stronger and had shiny black hair. People who knew my son before were all very surprised; they wondered how he could change so much just within one month's absence from home.

I personally witnessed the miracles of Dafa. People around us also witnessed them through our physical and mental changes. Someone asked me to invite Master to his home for healing illnesses and said he would pay any amount of money. I said, "My Master doesn't want money nor does He go around treating illnesses. My Master wishes to spread the Fa and save sentient beings. Just come to practice Falun Dafa."

During my 16 years of practicing cultivation, I have deeply experienced Master's great compassion, the true manifestation of the Buddha Fa in the human world and the wide and far-reaching Buddha's grace. I will continue to practice cultivation diligently, do the three things well, and not let Master down.