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Rising to Higher Levels through Continuously Studying the Fa

July 19, 2010 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Chongqing City, China

(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1996. From the beginning of obtaining the Fa to today, I have been focusing on studying the Fa--the more I do it, the more I love it. I would like to share some of my cultivation experiences with fellow practitioners, and please kindly correct my errors.

1. Getting rid of the attachment of resentment

Because of firmly refusing to give up my faith in Dafa, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials threatened to take me to the Public Security Bureau. I had no alternative but to leave home, at least for a short while. After I left home, my husband invited those who persecuted me to dinner, telling them that he wanted to divorce me. Later on, he went to court to go through with the divorce, and got married again in a relatively short time, causing me to have no home to return to. On top of that, he even spread a rumor among relatives and friends that I ran away without telling him. (In fact he agreed that I should leave and he knew where I was.) He told them that he went looking everywhere for me, but couldn't find me. The relatives and friends sympathized with him and blamed me for what I had done.

Thus, I was not only persecuted by the CCP, but also lost my family and my source of income. I had nowhere to turn to, because they all blamed me. At that time, as I was wandering from place to place, I felt hatred toward my former husband. Later on, with Teacher's compassionate protection, my resentment towards him was gradually dissolved as I read all of Teacher's Fa-lectures. This enabled me to raise my level, and I understood that it wasn't right for me to hate him and that it was right to clarify the truth to save him.

I had the thought that I wanted to save him, but the problem was that I wasn't keeping in touch with him. I heard from someone I knew that he wasn't in good health, that he was in the hospital and wasn't able to get out of bed. How could I save him? Later when I was visiting a relative, my former husband happened to be there too. I didn't hesitate to say hello to him, to clarify the truth to him, and to get him to quit the CCP. I also gave him an amulet with the inscription "Falun Dafa is good" on it. He gladly accepted it, for he knew it was good for him.

I also asked him to recite "Falun Dafa is good." He said he would remember it. It was apparent that he was quite moved. For some reason I couldn't stay long and wasn't able to clarify the truth more fully, but at least he heard the truth. For this reason I understood more about the importance of studying the Fa. There is nothing more powerful than the mighty virtue of Dafa, which solves all problems with the power of mercy. With the Fa guiding me in my cultivation, those who hurt me previously were met with kindness in the form of my telling them about the truth about Dafa.

2. Eliminating the attachment of blaming others

Previously I had a bad habit complaining about and blaming others. Sometimes, just my tone in talking about something would carry such blame that it created friction and problems with fellow practitioners.

A small Fa-study group in our area was held at the home of a practitioner's daughter. There was nobody at home in the afternoons, and it was up to the practitioner to have the door open for everyone else's arrival. I was the one who delivered Dafa materials to the Fa-study group. But one day 4-5 other practitioners and myself, with the materials on my back, were waiting at the front door for this practitioner, who was late. At that moment, a thought of complaint came up, but I immediately warned myself about the attachment and I calmed down. When this practitioner finally arrived, I said to her calmly, "Could you come a little earlier in the future? All of us standing here at the door isn't appropriate." She immediately agreed.

However, a week later, she came late again. It was even later than the last time. In the past, I would have complained, but I didn't this time. I was thinking, why was this happening? I must look within myself to see why such an unpleasant thing took place.

3. The power of righteous thoughts

I have been paying lots of attention to sending righteous thoughts, four times a day every day. When I'm out of town, I keep doing it whenever possible, and while on a train or bus, I'll work on eliminating the evil elements behind all passengers, so that they may be saved.

My residence is near a construction site, and a couple of years ago, a Chinese Communist Party flag was placed on a pole so high that I could see it when sitting by my window. I thought, the flag should not be there to poison sentient beings. So, I sat there every day, sending righteous thoughts to disintegrate the flag. After a period of time, the flag disappeared. A few days later, another new flag was raised again. To disintegrate it, I kept sending righteous thoughts, and a while later, the color of the flag turned white and ragged.

In my thirteen years of Dafa cultivation, I have come across so many things that I am unable to share them all. From now on, I want to be more diligent and do better to cultivate myself in order to thank Teacher for saving me.