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Recalling Several Occasions When Master Taught the Fa in Shijiazhuang

May 25, 2010 |   By practitioner Tian Yu in Hebei

(Clearwisdom.net) I began practicing Falun Gong in March 1994, in Shijiazhuang. I lived in Changchun and traveled back and forth on business for two years from mid-1987 to the spring of 1989. I passed by Shengli Park in Changchun many times during those nearly two years, but never went in. I have been to Southern Lake Park, and was also outside of the entrance of the Geological Palace in Culture Square where Master was doing the exercises. I traveled around Changchun many times but went directly home after the business trips. I have never had a chance to go far from home again since then. Maybe it was not my predestined time to meet Master.

I was 53 that year and had a job doing sales. Due to the pressure of my work, I developed heart problems. I often took pills with me when I traveled on business. I was practicing a qigong but it didn't help alleviate my illness. After I came back from Changchun on business, I was placed on duty at the railway gate. Whenever the train carrying goods arrived, it was my responsibility to open the gate. I had to work 12 hours at a time and then we took turns taking a break. Many family members, including my parents, brothers and my wife, had some illness or another, and our lives were difficult. I had practiced several types of qigong and wanted them to join me, but they didn't.

On March 1, 1994, my neighbor said to me, "The Master of Falun Gong will come to Shijiazhuang to teach the exercises, and that qigong is pretty good. We live quite close to Shijiazhuang, so let's go!" Two days later, we three colleagues took the bus to the Military Hall of Shijiazhuang. We were so lucky that we heard Master teach the Fa in person.

On March 3, we listened to Master lecture at the No. 2 Cotton Factory. During the second class, Master said that if there were any other people we knew who wanted to come learn, tell them to hurry in, as it wasn't good if they came late. So I asked my wife and told her to take the bus to Shijiazhuang. She came in on the third lecture and also became a practitioner. She has really benefited a lot. She felt her body relax after two days of listening to Master lecture. It became so easy for her to ride a bike up the hill. She felt as if someone was helping her, pushing her from behind.

On March 11, the class came to an end. Master and the students had their pictures taken together. The local host wanted a professional photographer to take the pictures but everyone would need to pay 20 yuan. Master heard this, stood up immediately, and said, "Who knows how to take a picture?" Among the students there were some who knew how to take pictures. We took the pictures ourselves and everyone just needed to pay three yuan to have them processed. There were several hundred practitioners from Shijiazhuang. Master very patiently had his picture taken with groups of twenty students. In such close proximity to Master, I could really feel his compassion and paternal warmth. I sat in the back of the audience of 1,000 people during the lectures so I could not see clearly what Master looked like. But this time, when we were taking pictures, I saw clearly that Master was tall and handsome with a compassionate smile. I believed in my heart that this was my true Master. In the past, when I was learning other qigong, I did not see a master. I just spent several days in an amateur class, listening. After I began practicing Falun Gong, I totally forgot all the qigong I had learned in the past, and I threw away all those qigong books.

On March 12, the second day after the class, I had a high fever at home and I was very uncomfortable. My body temperature was a bit higher than 39°C (102°F) and I was drowsy. I didn't realize at the time that Master was eliminating karma for me, and my wife helped get me to the hospital. After the fever, I found that my heart problem was gone. I will never forget Master's great grace that has touched my life.

After Master's lectures, I remembered that a dozen students gathered in Sports Square to do the exercises that Master had taught us, and to promote Dafa. More and more people came to learn the exercises. Many who had predestined relationships began to join Dafa cultivation.

During the Tomb-sweeping Festival, I returned to my hometown in the countryside. I heard that some neighbors and relatives were seriously ill. Their lives were really tough. They had spent lots of money seeking a cure, but nothing worked. I really sympathized with them and wanted to teach them the Falun Gong exercises. In the meantime, we set up an exercise site to promote Falun Gong. I started with my relatives. By studying the Fa and doing the exercises, one relative experienced many changes in his body. His neighbor knew that Falun Gong was good and quite miraculous. The good news was spread by word of mouth, and many people came to his home to learn Falun Gong. Thus, an exercise site was established.

It just happened like that. Falun Gong was spread, person to person and village to village, and very quickly many exercise sites were set up.

My cousin's wife had eight different-sized tumors in her abdomen. She couldn't even take care of herself and could not afford the treatment. As soon as I heard this, I went to her to teach her the exercises, and gave her Falun Gong books, exercise music, and tapes of Master's lectures. She studied the Fa and did the exercises diligently, and most of the tumors were gone within half a year. There was only a tiny tumor left in the middle of her belly. She continued practicing Dafa and it disappeared gradually.

One of my cousins had hepatitis and had spent a lot of money on it. He tried many kinds of Chinese and Western medicines, but nothing worked. Because he could no longer do farm work, his family suffered a lot of financial hardship. So I suggested that he learn Falun Gong. After he began practicing, his condition improved very quickly. He gave up taking medicine and could do some work. After one year of studying the Fa and doing the exercises, he became a healthy person who could lead a normal life and was able to work.

There are so many examples like this. For instance, before one person became a practitioner, he was covered with ringworm (the scientific name is scleroderma). He itched terribly, and it was really hard to bear. He had been to many specialized hospitals, taken many kinds of medicine, and spent a lot of money, but he still couldn't get healthy and fit. Quite soon after he began practicing Falun Gong, his ringworm disappeared and he became totally well. When others heard about this, they thought Falun Gong was miraculous and went to his home to learn Falun Gong. His home became an exercise site.

There were also people who were half paralyzed. They were only just able to struggle along with the help of a cane and could not take care of themselves. After practicing Dafa, they returned to normal and were able to go to the market by bike.

Some amazing stories of Master taking care of disciples when I first started practicing

I was on duty at the railway gate one day until 2:00 a.m. in 1995. The station office didn't inform me that the goods would be arriving. When I heard the train whistle, the train was already quite close to the gate and I hurried to the gate. When I got there, to my big surprise, the gate was already open! And it was opened to the exact width necessary for the train to pass through. I rushed to open the gate to the maximum all the way, but the train was already passing through the gate and went in directly to its dock. Afterward, I thought about it and wondered, "Who did this for me?" I was the only one with a key to the gate, and the lock was quite big. If someone tried to open it, it would make a noise and if you tried to open the bolt, the sound would be even louder. Why didn't I hear it? With poor comprehension, I just thought it was an unusual coincidence.

One week later, it was my turn to be on duty again. It was past one a.m. Once again the station didn't inform me that the train was coming. The train was 20 meters away and it whistled for me to open the gate. I was thinking that this time nobody would open the gate for me. The gate was indeed not open, but the big lock was opened. This time, I did realize that Master's law body had helped me open the lock. I really thank Master for his care from deep in my heart. From then on, I paid special attention to the time and have never again delayed in opening the gate.

Another incident occurred in October 1995, when I went to the countryside to visit fellow practitioners. After we finished the exercises in the yard, we listened to Master's lectures in Jinan City, since I had obtained tapes of Master teaching the Fa there. There were electrical outlets inside the inner room. A dozen practitioners went to the inner room to listen to the tapes, and I sat in the room outside, listening. The tape player had just begun to play when fellow practitioners asked me to come inside and left some space for me on the bed. Just as I sat on the bed, a feeling of warmth circled around my lower back area like a hula hoop. The feeling was quite strong and lively and made me very comfortable. I realized that Master was encouraging me since I had done a lot to promote the Fa.

I went to another exercise site the next day. It was in the morning, at my cousin's home. They asked me to have breakfast. Just as I held up the bowl of the corn soup and was about to eat, I saw a colorful Falun rotating in the yellow soup bowl. It had the same size as the tiny green beans and it was very clear, which made me so happy. From then on, I could see Falun in my right eye at any time, especially in the daytime. If I look up at the sky, three Falun appear at the same time but in different locations. They move up and down and there are also countless colorless Falun around them. The big colorful Falun in the middle is the clearest and most brilliantly colored, and is extremely beautiful. The amazing Falun appear every day and keep me company. This encourages me to cultivate diligently until I reach Consummation and return with Master.

The foregoing is some sharing of my cultivation experiences since I began cultivating and promoting the Fa. I feel very happy and extremely blessed when I recall it now.