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My Understanding on Sending Righteous Thoughts

May 22, 2010 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) I began practicing Falun Dafa in 1999, but fell off my cultivation path during the persecution. I returned in 2007 with Master's compassionate salvation and fellow practitioners' help. Since then, I have been diligent in doing the three things well, catching up with the pace of Fa-rectification, and saving more sentient beings.

I usually go out to deliver truth-clarification materials or distribute Shen Yun DVDs right after I send forth righteous thoughts at night. Recently during righteous thoughts, I have felt interference, and all sorts of thoughts cropped up: "Should I deliver the materials at the park or in a residential district? Will I meet anyone I know? Which road should I take? How long has it been since I visited last time?" I could not settle down during righteous thoughts.

I attended a local sports event lately, as it was mandatory for all of the staff at my work to attend. There were a number of board games at this event. During the competition, I couldn't settle down to send righteous thoughts--all my thoughts were related to chess. I could not get rid of or suppress the thoughts. I was very upset.

How could the event disturb me so much? Why was I being interfered with so much? I tried to look for reasons on the basis of the Fa, and then suddenly I realized that Master has asked us to keep clear and rational minds while sending righteous thoughts. We should only have strong thoughts to eliminate the evil and problems that exist in our own dimensions. So during that time the thoughts that cropped up were not from my main consciousness; they were not mine. Why did I think that they were part of my mind? It was because I didn't distinguish them from myself. I took the thought karma, notions, and attachments that caused interference as my main consciousness. That was the reason for the endless interference.

After I was clearly aware that they were not my thoughts, I tried my best to suppress and eliminate them. Master helped me to clean them out after I was able to distinguish the difference between what were my true thoughts and what were not. I am now able to send righteous thoughts normally again. Thank you Master.