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The Health and Fitness Benefits of Falun Dafa Are Really Miraculous

May 20, 2010 |   By Jingjing from China

(Clearwisdom.net) Preface

I'm 63 years old this year. I obtained the Fa on June 14, 1996, and have been fortunate to practice all these years. Because the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) confuses everything, reversing right and wrong and trampling religious freedom, I've written down my personal experience to show how I was reborn in Dafa to validate that "Falun Dafa is good." I would say from my own personal experience, the health and fitness benefits of Falun Dafa are really miraculous.

1. Obtaining a New Lease on Life

I had a gynecological operation more than 30 years ago when I was young. However, medical negligence caused complications that affected my reproductive system, and I developed more than ten illnesses that would not respond to medical treatment. I went to many hospitals and visited almost all the well known doctors, both practitioners in traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, but none could cure me. Because I could no longer do any physical work, my husband divorced me. I was helpless and was left to support my three-year-old daughter alone. The serious illnesses I suffered from often overwhelmed me. I was almost overwhelmed by poverty and the pain of my physical condition, and I spent my days in tears. This lasted for more than ten years. Finally I had a hysterectomy. That solved my gynecological problems but led to worse internal diseases.

During those years, I survived by taking medicine and injections every day. Even the air I exhaled had a medicinal odor; I was in so much pain that no words could express it. Since the hi-tech methods used in hospital didn't help me, I looked for help from qigong masters and went to temples, looking for help everywhere. However, everything I tried failed and I could feel my body deteriorating, going from bad to worse.

Between 1995 and 1996, my stomach lining became ulcerated and my digestive system quit working properly. My stomach no longer digested the medicines at all, and the pills I took were excreted out intact. My blood vessels were hard to find when I went for an injection. Although I was only able to eat one meal a day, I still vomited most of it back up. My respiratory, urinary , circulatory, and nervous systems were all affected, and my physical condition was becoming serious. My weight also dropped to about 35 kilograms. Doctors told me that I had the symptoms of early gastric cancer. I felt that my life was coming to an end. That year, I was 49 years old. I remembered that a fortuneteller once told me that there would be a low point when I was 49 years old and that if I could overcome it, it would be miracle; otherwise, it would all be over. I didn't know whether there was a miracle in front of me, but I somehow knew in the depths of my heart that someone would help me. Little did I know that I had a predestined relationship with Dafa, and that miracle really happened in the summer of 1996.

On June 14, 1996, two friends found me and invited me to watch Master's Fa teaching videos. At first, I didn't pay much attention to what they said. They gently persisted and I went. I remembered that they played the video of the Seventh Lecture that day. At the first sight of Master, I immediately felt myself immersed in Master's benevolence and kindness. I listened carefully. The more I listened, the more I wanted to hear. Forty minutes later, my lower abdomen began rumbling. Ten minutes later, I felt nauseated and went to a restroom to vomit. I vomited up a lot of mucus. Afterward, I felt relief from the pain that I had lived with for years. When I returned to my seat, my two friends said, "How is it? It's good that you came here. Master has already started to help you purify your body." Upon hearing this, I indeed felt a miracle was taking place, and I finished listening to the Seventh Lecture. Before this, it was impossible for me to sit for more than an hour at a time.

After I returned home, I went to a bookstore to get a copy of Zhuan Falun. I immediately began reading this precious book and finished it in one sitting. Due to my educational level, I only understood some surface meanings instead of profound Fa principles.

Master teaches us in Zhuan Falun,

"In order to cure illness or eliminate tribulations and karma, these people must practice cultivation and return to their original, true selves. This is how all the different cultivation schools view it. One should return to one's original, true self; this is the real purpose of being human. Therefore, once a person wants to practice cultivation, his or her Buddha-nature is considered to have come forth. Such a thought is most precious, for this person wants to return to his or her original, true self and transcend the ordinary human level."

Upon reading Master's words, I immediately thought, "I want to practice Falun Dafa!" The goal of my life is to return to the origin. At that time I didn't have any thoughts of getting healed, I just had a feeling of "Having heard the Tao in the morning, one can die in the evening." I think that, seeing my heart for practicing cultivation, Master brought me out of hell, gave me a second life, and has taken care of me ever since. Having placed my feet on the path of cultivation in Dafa, my life was turned around and began to flourish.

2. Understanding Cause and Effect

After I began cultivating, my karma was dissolved day by day. Sometimes, I vomited mucus; sometimes I vomited black fluid that had a foul smell. The vomit was either in liquid or in solid form. Sometimes, I only vomited a handful and sometimes I could vomited several basins full. When I vomited bile, it was so bitter that my mouth and tongue tingled and my facial muscles shook. Sometimes I vomited things that looked like black mud, and it seemed that I was expelling all those Western and traditional Chinese medicines that I had taken for more than 20 years.

I remember in the winter of 2001, I experienced the most serious elimination of karma. I vomited so hard that I had to steady myself with both hands on my lower back, but I still couldn't vomit it all out. I vomited blood copiously, overflowing the basin and spilling on the ground as well as my clothes. I didn't know how much blood came out. I felt cold throughout my body and could only exhale rather than inhaling at that time. Luckily, my mind was very clear. I asked Master for help, "Karma elimination is so serious. Please let me take a break." Immediately, I felt my body become warm again, and the bleeding finally stopped. Master takes care of me at every moment and helps me pass each test.

Every time I experienced karma elimination, I suffered from stomach cramps and was covered with sweat all over and became faint. During that period, I was the only one living in my house. The smell of medicine pervaded the house. Even the neighbors smelled it. After I started to practice cultivation, I threw away all the medicines I used to take. There wasn't a single pill in my house. However, the smell of medicine still pervaded the house. Realizing my situation, fellow practitioners often came to visit me, encouraged, me and gave me a lot of help. Perhaps Master was enlightening me through their deeds to encourage my confidence to practice cultivation.

Since the beginning, I have always firmly believed in Master and Dafa. I knew that Master purified me from my origin. I never became concerned and knew that what I was experiencing was good. After I finished vomiting, I washed my hands and then just calmly studied the Fa without being concerned about eliminating karma. No matter what manifested, I persisted in studying the Fa and doing the exercises. If I couldn't sit to study the Fa, I used a pillow to prop myself up and listened to Master's lectures while on my knees in bed. Through studying the Fa, I understood that all things have their predestined relationships and that my karma was being dissolved every day. I frequently recited Master's poem, "Cause and Effect" in Hong Yin:

"'Tis not that the journey of cultivation is painful,
Karma from generation upon generation is blocking you.
Steel your will,
eliminate karma,
cultivate xinxing,
And become a Buddha who keeps forever the human body."

By reciting this poem, I passed through tests of karma elimination, one after another.

As I studied the Fa more, did the exercises and cultivated xinxing, I gradually vomited less. However, it was still serious and painful when I vomited. Sometimes when I didn't vomit, I expelled matter that looked like black mud and kept voiding like that for seven days.

Some practitioners shared their thoughts with me, saying, "Practitioners will usually experience eliminating karma several times. But you have done it for so long. We're becoming concerned about you. You should look within according to the Fa." I also had considered this issue. Compared with other practitioners, my cultivation state always seemed to be going up and down. Perhaps Master saw my confusion and let me have a dream that night. In my old courtyard, there was a large dragon that came around from the entrance to the middle of the courtyard. Neighbors all came into my courtyard with pots, pans and baskets without my permission. They unceremoniously cut flesh from the dragon as if this was normal. I stood to the side, watching them. Soon the dragon was stripped to the bones. Several more neighbors came later. They cut out the liver and lungs of the dragon. I felt very aggrieved. This dragon had stayed in my courtyard. How could they cut up its body so brutally? At the time, even though I felt indignant, I was awakened.

What issue did this dream enlighten me to? I didn't understand at the beginning. I shared the dream with several fellow practitioners, but they had no idea. When I did the exercises, I suddenly enlightened that it was karma being dissolved when the dragon's meat was divided by the neighbors. In my previous lifetimes I had created a great deal of karma. But this time, I was blessed to practice Dafa. Master had helped me dissolve karma. With Master's care and protection, I wouldn't be harmed by the creditors I owed from past lifetimes.

Seven days after I began practicing cultivation in Dafa, I could feel Falun turning in my lower abdomen. Three months later, I could eat like anyone else and could digest both rice and water. Afterward, when I saw the doctor from a traditional Chinese medicine store that I had patronized before I became a practitioner, he told me that he thought I must have died since I hadn't been to his store for a long time. I had indeed experienced a miracle! I, a sick person who couldn't live without relying on medicines, could get completely away from hospitals!

After eliminating karma for more than three years, I gradually recovered and became healthy and happy. My weight reached 60 kilograms. People who knew how desperate my physical condition had been all witnessed the miracle of Dafa by observing the change in me. Many people had walked into the cultivation path looking for healing at the beginning. Every time I remember that I was on the point of death and given a new life by Dafa, I appreciate Master's benevolent salvation from the bottom of my heart, and I always burst into tears.

3. Rising from the Ashes

After experiencing the hardships of life, I stepped on the path of cultivation. Facing tribulations, I no longer look at others, trying to find their faults; instead I look inward and discipline myself, conducting my life and cultivation according to the Fa principles. Dafa directly targets people's hearts. If one's mind and morals are upgraded, his or her body will naturally become healthy.

We practitioners, reborn in Dafa, are just like phoenixes arising from the ashes of the old cosmos. Falun Dafa is so miraculous! As long as you believe in Master and Dafa and follow the principles, you will experience miracles!


Nowadays, many people have serious illnesses and are on the brink of death. Many are still being deceived by the CCP's lies. I feel that those people are the most pitiful because I too was harmed by the CCP's warped society. Therefore, I'm writing down my personal experience, how I benefited both physically and mentally, from practicing Falun Gong. I hope that people with tribulations will know the truth, become a cultivator as I did, and choose a bright future.