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Practitioner Chen Jihai Arrested for Helping a Neighbor Cure Her Eye Disease

May 18, 2010 |   By a correspondent in Jilin Province, China

(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of April 27, 2010, Practitioner Chen Jihai, from the Fengman District of Jilin Province, was arrested at his home by the local police because personnel from the local 610 Office learned from the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net) that Ma Fengqin, a resident of the Fifth Division of Zhangjia Village, was cured of her eye disease by practicing Falun Gong. The police approached Ma Fengqin and asked her whether the reported story was true, and if so, who taught her Falun Gong. Ma Fengqin confirmed the report and told them the true story.

Ma Fengqin is a resident of the Fifth Division of Zhangjia Village, in Erdao Township, Fengman District, Jilin Province. She had a tumor in her eye for eight years. The tumor caused her eyelid to inflame and swell, and her optic nerves to malfunction. She eventually lost her eyesight. The hospital performed a surgery to remove the tumor but it resulted in a complication. Her eye was infected and inflamed, causing unbearable pain and difficulty in her life. Her already poor family went into debt to pay for her medical expenses.

After learning of her situation, Chen Jihai went to her home and suggested she recite "Falun Dafa is good" and "Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance is good." Ma Fengqin did this and her eye swelling began to subside. She told Chen Jihai that she wanted to practice Falun Gong herself. Thus Chen Jihai brought MP3 audio files of the Falun Dafa lectures for her. In just over two months, she was able to open her eyes again, and had regained her eyesight. She felt that her situation was improving every day.

With Chen Jihai's help, Ma Fengqin started practicing Falun Gong, had her eye disease cured, regained her eyesight, and regained confidence and hope in life. It was truly a good thing and a benevolent act by Chen Jihai, who should be rewarded and praised. However, Chen Jihai's good deed resulted in being arrested and detained under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party in China.

In October 2006, Chen Jihai was once arrested and tortured until he was on the verge of death by officers from the Erdao Township Police Station and Fengman District National Security Team. He was then sentenced to forced labor while his health was extremely weak. Erdao Township Police Station personnel extorted 8,000 yuan from Chen's family without providing any legal documentation before releasing Chen on bail for medical treatment.

From Ma Fengqin and Chen Jihai's story, we can easily see how much the Chinese Communist Party fears that the public will get to know Falun Gong's miraculous nature and healing power. And that is the reason they arrested Chen Jihai.

May 2, 2010