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Only When We Conform to the Fa Can Its Power Manifest Through Us

May 18, 2010 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) I would like to share my understanding of the importance of cooperating as one body, based on something that happened to me.

One day I was printing Shen Yun DVD covers at home, when suddenly I heard someone knocking on the door. Before I could react, my son ran to open the door. Several police officers then forced their way in and started ransacking my home. One of them said, "Someone reported on you for distributing Falun Gong materials." They asked me to sign their search warrant. I said, "I didn't do anything bad. Why are you ransacking my home? I won't sign it." I sent righteous thoughts as I adjusted my state of mind. I realized that my computer was still playing the video Disintegrating the Party Culture, so I went to the bedroom pretending to change my clothes. I locked the door from inside and started to remove the DVDs from the computer desk. I also notified fellow practitioners that police were breaking into my home. After this, I sat down and started sending righteous thoughts. The police officers are also sentient beings waiting to be saved, so we should not allow the evil to manipulate the police to commit crimes against Dafa.

The policemen kept asking my husband (who had not yet started cultivating) whether I still practiced Falun Gong. My husband told them that he simply did not believe the lies and slander shown on TV. He said, "After practicing for more than ten years, she's stayed very healthy. It has saved me a lot in medical bills." The policemen were silent.

The practitioners who received my notice immediately notified other practitioners. Our area formed a whole body using righteous thoughts. Some practitioners came near my home to send righteous thoughts from a close distance. Some sent righteous thoughts at our group study site.

The evil elements that were manipulating the police started to be eliminated under the strong field of righteous thoughts from the practitioners. One police officer told my husband, "We won't go through your home anymore. We just need your wife to go to the police station to verify something and then we'll let her go." I decided to go with them to the police station, because I knew I needed to clarify the truth to them. They had come to my home intending to harm me, because they were deluded and following orders from the Chinese Communist Party, but I knew that they were sentient beings waiting to be saved. I asked fellow practitioners to strengthen my righteous thoughts.

At the police station, I clarified the truth about the staged Tiananmen Square self-immolation and how Dafa is being practiced in more than one hundred countries. With Master's protection and practitioners' strong righteous thoughts, I was able to return home safely.

When I shared my experience with practitioners later, we all felt the power of cooperating as one body. Most practitioners were calm when sending righteous thoughts. They felt a strong energy field strengthening my righteous elements. It wasn't like before, when we looked for a practitioner's shortcomings first when they were being persecuted. Thinking about a practitioner that way can't strengthen that practitioner's field and righteous thoughts. On the contrary, it gives the old forces excuses to persecute him.

Through this cooperation as one body, many practitioners also identified our shortcomings in rescuing other practitioners. Some practitioners cared more for the practitioners who were close to them, and they were not as attentive with those practitioners they weren't familiar with. They sent righteous thoughts as though they were merely trying to finish a task.

We all realized that when a practitioner is being persecuted, if everyone participates in the rescue effort without any human notions, then the evil persecution will cease to exist.