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Practitioners Tortured with Electric Shocks at Tiefeng Police Division and Tailai Prison

May 18, 2010 |   By a Falun Gong practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Falun Gong practitioner in Qiqihar City. I was illegally arrested on March 29, 2006, when three officers, including police chief Xing Huimen from the Xingongdi Police Station, came to the building where my father resided. They pushed me into their vehicle and drove me to the Tiefeng District Police Department in Qiqihar City, where they bound me to a metal chair and tortured me for about 40 minutes. They forced my hands through two holes at the back of the chair and handcuffed me. My body was stretched forward with my feet on the ground, which forced the majority of my body off the chair. I was essentially suspended in the air. They kept me in this position for about ten minutes. When they saw that I was about to lose consciousness, they made me sit in the chair. Sweat dripped off my body. They tortured me like this three times.

The next day two guards who specialized in torture arrived. They covered my head and drove me to an empty building, where they tore off all my clothes and hung me onto a wall by my hands. They then connected electrical wires to my thumbs and genitals. These wires were connected to a high-voltage generator. They repeatedly sent electric shocks through me. I couldn't withstand the suffering. It was so painful that I would have rather died. They then handcuffed me to a chair and connected electric wires from my fingers to the generator, in order to shock me again. Their goal was forcing me to divulge information about other practitioners. By that time I was already muddle-headed from the electric shocks. Throughout the interrogation when the electric wires were connected to my hands, as soon as I hesitated to answer a question they shocked me. I was at the limit of physical suffering, so when I went to the restroom, I slammed my head against a wall. When they caught me doing this they forced me to the ground and choked me.

Tiefeng Police Department agents had recently arrested many practitioners. Their screams were heard throughout the building during interrogation sessions. I was sent to a detention center on April 7, 2006, and I learned later that twenty practitioners were sent to prison. During my detention, Ma Hong's cousin held a hunger strike to protest the persecution and died as a result of force-feeding.

On February 8, 2007, practitioners Li Qi, Liu Jingming, Zheng Huachun, Zhao Wenshan, Ci Hai, Ren Yingqun, Xing Yianliang and Wu Yuanlong were sent to Tailai Prison. At that time the training group inmate head was Li Haiyong, and the deputy head was Fu Guohui. When Li Haiyong beat and verbally abused other inmates, no one dared say anything. Li Haiyong spoke with Li Qi and tried to force him to give up Falun Gong. He took away Li Qi's insulated winter coat, leaving him to freeze in the cold. Li Haiyong did not return the winter coat until Li Qi went on a hunger strike to protest. He then went to Liu Jingming several times, and grabbed him, kicked him, and slapped his face. Around March 27, 2007, the prison had someone from the Chinese Communist Party give a speech, trying to "transform" the practitioners. Following the speech, Li Haiyong held a meeting and told us that we would be tortured until we renounced Falun Gong. That same night, Liu Jingming was tortured to death.

These individuals have persecuted me for many years. I was detained twice, sentenced to forced labor once, and incarcerated in Tailai Prison for four years. Many Falun Gong practitioners are still grossly abused and mistreated in Tailai Prison. I call on the world's human rights organizations and public figures to help stop the persecution of these kind people.

Addendum: Exposing the base conduct of Tailai Prison guard Zhang Jinghui

Zhang Jinghui is the No. 2 Team head in the No. 2 Ward at Tailai Prison. In 2004, when he was promoted to the No. 1 Team head in the No. 11 Ward, he abused and mistreated practitioners Liu Haikang and Zhang Kuiwu many times. In 2005 he was transferred to the No. 2 Team in the No. 11 Ward. Soon afterward, practitioner Zhang Kuiwu was also transferred to the No. 2 Team and continued to suffer from Zhang Jinghui's abuse. When Zhang Kuiwu held a hunger strike to protest, Zhang Jinghui tortured Zhang Kuiwu brutally with forced-feeding, until Zhang Kuiwu was transferred to Daqing Prison. Zhang Jinghui later actively participated in the gross abuse of practitioner Fu Mingzhi and took possession of the living expense money the family sent to Fu. Zhang Jinghui was transferred to the No. 2 Team in the No. 2 Ward as its leader in 2009.