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Mr. Liang Zhenxing Tortured in the Siping City Prison, then Transferred to Gongzhuling City Prison, Jilin Province

April 27, 2010 |   By a correspondent from Jilin Province, China

Name: Liang Zhenxing (梁振兴)
Gender: Male
Age: 46
Address: Changchun City, Jilin Province
Occupation: Unknown

Date of Most Recent Arrest: 2002
Most recent place of detention:
Gongzhuling City Prison, Jilin Province (吉林省公主岭监狱 )
City: Siping
Persecution Suffered:
Detention, illegal sentencing, beatings, electric shock, sleep deprivation, forced-feedings, brainwashing.

(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Liang Zhenxing, a Falun Gong practitioner from Changchun City, Jilin Province, was arrested in 2002 and sentenced to 19 years of imprisonment. In December 2009 he was transferred from the Siping City Prison to the Gongzhuling City Prison, Jilin Province. Before the transfer, he was severely tortured by prison guards and inmates in the Siping City Prison.

In 2002, in order to clarify the truth to people deceived by the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) slanderous propaganda about Falun Gong, several practitioners tapped into the cable networks in Changchun City and broadcast a video program relating the true story of the Tiananmen Square self-immolation incident. In retaliation, the CCP arrested more than 5,000 Falun Gong practitioners.

Practitioners arrested from Changchun City included Mr. Liu Chengjun, Mr. Liang Zhenxing, Mr. Zhuang Xiankun and Mr. Wang Siguo. Mr. Liu was severely tortured and killed in prison not long after he was arrested, while the other three practitioners were held in the Siping Prison.

Mr. Liang was sentenced to 19 years of imprisonment by the CCP authorities. In prison, guards shackled him to a bed, and his feet remained shackled at all times. Four inmates who were ordered by police to closely watch Mr. Liang, monitored and tortured him around the clock. They tortured him at will, including shocking him with electric batons, punching and kicking, forcing him to stand for long periods of time facing a wall, slapping his face, sleep deprivation and showering him with cold water on extremely cold winter days of -20 to -30 degrees. Some inmates even read pornographic books to him.

In July 2006 the 610 Office of Changchun City launched a wave of brainwashing Falun Gong practitioners held in Siping City Prison to force them to give up Falun Gong. Mr. Liang refused to cooperate and went on a hunger strike to protest. The prison guards force-fed him by inserting a tube through his nose and into his stomach. After the forced feeding they simply left the tube in him to cause additional pain.

Two inmates usually brought Mr. Liang to the second floor of the prison to brainwash and torture him. Working in shifts, four to five prison guards tried to brainwash him using slanderous materials about Falun Gong, but Mr. Liang refused to listen to or read the materials. In retaliation, Yin Dongjun, head of the Educational Section of the prison, Yang Tiejun, a prison guard, and Wu Tie, an administrative secretary, shocked him with four electric batons simultaneously. Due to the severe and prolonged torture, Mr. Liang became mentally traumatized. He even jumped out of the prison building twice, and once hit his head against a radiator so hard that his skull was fractured. [The teachings of Falun Gong forbid killing, including taking one's own life. Mr. Liang's erratic behavior underscores the severity of the persecution he has suffered.]