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It's Important to Guide Young Dafa Disciples to Systematically Study the Fa

April 16, 2010 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Even though our daughter has just turned seven, she is able to recognize many Chinese characters. Due to the persecution my husband and I suffered in the past, our little girl had to live with her grandparents in a different city. Grandmother is also a Falun Dafa practitioner, but she only had my daughter listen to Master's Fa teachings or read Hong Yin before bed in consideration of the little girl's heavy school assignments. As a result, our daughter didn't get a chance to study the Fa and practice the exercises regularly.

When we visited our daughter, sometimes she told us quite interesting things. She said Falun is her good friend, often taking her up to Heaven to play in her dreams. She described the kind of carriage that Falun used to carry her around in. When she felt sleepy, she lied down on a bed of rainbow and Falun emitted colorful clouds to shield her from the sun. There were even nine suns in some of the places that she visited. She could even taste the numerous delicious foods in Heaven. As soon as she thought about eating something, the food immediately came to her all by itself. She especially enjoyed the fruits in Heaven since they tasted nothing like those in the human world. When she was full, the food simply left and water came out to wash her hands. A towel then showed up to dry her hands. She didn't even have to make an effort to get dressed since her clothes were put on all by themselves. When she occasionally encountered demons, she thought to send out Faluns that soon destroyed all of them. There were times when the demons were too huge to be eliminated by Falun. After she called Master for help, Master got rid of all the demons.

Not long ago, we were finally able to have our daughter return home. We felt it was time to systematically teach her to study the Fa and practice the exercises. Having her truly obtain the Fa is truly being responsible to her; it is the true meaning of her existence. We explained to her the importance of studying the Fa and she agreed without hesitation. We started with "Lunyu" and had her memorize one paragraph each day. After she was able to recite "Lunyu," we turned to Zhuan Falun. At the beginning, we read a dozen pages every day, while increasing the amount of Fa study gradually.

There were a lot of Chinese characters she couldn't recognize at the beginning, but she made steady progress as we increased our studies daily. She was able to persist in Fa study and when she felt tired, she left to play for a little while before resuming. We noticed that we couldn't have her study too much in one sitting, otherwise she would complain that her mind couldn't handle it. So we arranged the time of Fa study based on her situation, focusing on the quality and effect of how she studied. Since she had to read aloud every word, we also did it the same way. As a result, we didn't miss any words and at the same time we were able to correct some misunderstandings or misreading of certain words. We have also come to some new understandings of the Fa principles.

Our daughter has studied Zhuan Falun twice and is able to fluently read the entire book. If she plays for too long and we feel something is missing, we urge her to study the Fa. She is upset if something prevents her from studying the Fa. Now she is able to measure everything with the principles of the Fa. She knows that bullying others will result in the loss of virtue and she has decided not to fight back. She is also clear that certain thoughts are bad attachments. We feel that she has truly taken the Fa into her heart. When she comes across certain paragraphs in the book, she can describe to us what she sees. For instance, when we read about sub-passageways mentioned in "About the Third Eye" in the Second Talk of Zhuan Falun, she told us she could see at the eyebrows, above the eyelids, beneath the eyelids, and at the Shangen acupuncture point at the root of the nose. She saw nothing below the right eye though. Her sub-passageways became ever more clear with her Fa study, just like how it is described in Zhuan Falun. She also saw Falun exactly the same way as mentioned in Zhuan Falun, and she noticed Tai-ji symbols and the srivatsa symbols in the law wheel design turning while changing colors. Moreover, she saw our practice site covered with red light.

Just two or three days into her Fa study, she told us that in addition to the Falun that usually accompanied her, there were now two dragons (one gold and one white) and two phoenixes (one gold and one purple) playing with her in her dreams every night. They had her ride on their backs or sit in a wagon that they pulled around in Heaven. When they encountered demons, they destroyed them. Every day they went to different places.

She began to develop all kinds of supernatural capabilities. She also grew two wings that could fly. At first, it was very tiring to fly, but now she could fly very far. Every supernatural capability was powerful. For instance, she had "gold" capability with which she could shoot out gold resembling raindrops. When demons came into contact with this gold, they were turned into water. With another capability she could turn the demons-turned-water into anything she wanted. In the past she had to use Falun to conquer demons. Now with these supernatural capabilities, she could destroy demons all by herself. Of course, sometimes she also worked together with the dragons and phoenixes. Every day her Gong column was growing taller with changing colors. When she studied the Fa more, Falun was so happy that it jumped high. With her Fa study, Falun was also improving, so were the dragons and phoenixes.

She also dreamed of other things related to Fa-rectification. For instance, when conflicts arose between Dafa disciples, she saw demons forming behind them. If the involved practitioners couldn't resolve the conflicts quickly, the demons would grow very big. Her Falun, dragons and phoenixes weren't able to eliminate such demons made of barriers between practitioners and various kinds of desires. It had to be those practitioners themselves who got rid of those demons. Whoever interfered would have their gong drop, therefore, no one could step in. The barriers between practitioners should be gotten rid of as soon as possible, otherwise they will harbor demons.

She also visited Falun World and Ultimate Bliss World, which are both very wonderful. In Heaven the enlightened beings studied the Fa very seriously. Sometimes many of them sat in circles to read the Fa together while at other times one would read while the others listened. They all either knelt down or sat with their legs crossed and sincere hearts. The higher an enlightened being's level, the more transparent his body. Even the birds in Heaven could speak different languages.

Since she is still a young child, our daughter doesn't do very well with the exercises. She can't keep her eyes closed while meditating, nor can she finish the second set of exercises of holding the law wheel. However, not long after she started practicing the exercises, her face began to glow with a rosy complexion. We shouldn't be obsessed with superficial things, but we do feel she is making progress every day, which is a result of her systematic Fa study and exercises.

We feel that it is the parents' responsibility to teach their little kids to recognize words and begin Fa study systematically as soon as possible. This is also being responsible to the Fa.