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Former Taiwan Official: "The Vocalists Illustrated Buddha's Compassion" (Photos)

March 23, 2010 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Shen Yun Performing Arts staged two of ten shows held at the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei on March 19 and 20, 2010.

Mr. Chen Chingchun, former secretary-general of Taiwan's Executive Yuan (Cabinet), and his wife at the second show in Taipei

Among the many distinguished guests attending the show was Mr. Chen Chingchun, former secretary-general of Taiwan's Executive Yuan (Cabinet). His wife accompanied him.

Mr. Chen thought that the lyrics of the songs displayed on the backdrops had a spiritual thread running through them. "The vocalists illustrated Buddha's compassion in saving sentient beings, as they were full of compassion," he said.

After searching for the right words to express his thoughts, he continued, "When the two vocalists [Qu Yue and Pi-ju Huang] were singing, the songs really touched the bottom of our hearts, as if we were immersed in the Buddha Fa's compassion." Fa refers to the universal principles in the Buddha school.

He noted that the songs touched both his heart and emotions. "They implied that Buddha is saving people and teaching people to become compassionate. It made me feel that the show was really superb.

"It was really very touching. The momentum and the beauty of traditional Chinese folk dances were beautifully demonstrated. Shen Yun was indeed a very touching show," he said.

"A perfect performance"

He added that the show was exceptionally pure and beautiful: "It [Shen Yun] illustrated truthfulness, compassion, and beauty through various dances featuring different ethnic cultural elements. The performances were very pure and very beautiful.

"I enjoyed every program and though each was truly fantastic and had different meanings." Commenting on the two emcees, Mr. Chen said, "The introductions the two emcees gave each program were perfect. I think it was a perfect performance."

Mrs. Chen agreed with her husband, adding with a smile, "It's been quite a while since I have been involved with traditional cultural activities."

Youth Commission Minister: "Shen Yun is an artistic show with soul"

Wang Yuting, the minister of the National Youth Commission, Executive Yuan, has seen Shen Yun perform on stage for three years in a row.

"Each year the performance leaves a different impression on me. Many programs this year impress me with peacefulness and righteousness. With attentive arrangements to all the details, Shen Yun is an artistic show with soul," she explained.

"A dance involves not only dance but also an artistic concept. Seeing silken sleeves flowing softly through the air, I suddenly sense the coming of Spring, a feeling of fresh youth and tireless vigor. Hopes fill my mind.

"The folk dance of the Miao, "In a Miao Village," impresses the audience with a passionate greeting from a different ethnic group. I think [Shen Yun] dance conveys an artistic concept, as if it has a soul."

She felt that Shen Yun left her with a feeling of profound peace: "It's very strange. Just watching the show can calm my mind. From the opening scene of the show, whether it is singing or dance, peacefulness is conveyed. I feel my mind purified. This is a very strange feeling, because it is beyond description. There seems to be a kind of energy."

She pointed out that, as hard as it was to do, Shen Yun had managed to depict certain not-so-peaceful-scenes in a peaceful and constructive way.

"Take the program "Wu Song Battles the Tiger" for example. Usually there is a bloody scene of battling the tiger in a play. But Shen Yun performs and delivers the message from the view of a third person. The information that Wu Song is battling the beast is conveyed through other characters, so there is no bloody scene. In contrast, there is a feeling of peacefulness.

"What intrigues me is that Shen Yun expresses peacefulness in the arrangement of every detail, and, in fact, lots of effort has been devoted to it. 'Divinity' is expressed in every program."

Ms. Wang said that Shen Yun communicates the value of upholding higher principles, such as steadfastness and righteousness. "I feel the program "The Emperor Ushers in a Glorious Age" communicate justice, loyalty, and awe-inspiring righteousness," she said.

Making reference to the past two Shen Yun shows that she had seen, she said, "Usually the introductory program of Shen Yun is of one with great momentum. This time I have a better grasp of the arrangement of Shen Yun programs. It is to convey certain information and is thus an artistic show with a soul."