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Living in a Sea of Endless Tribulations Until I Encountered Falun Dafa

March 10, 2010 |   By a practitioner from Mainland China

(Clearwisdom.net) I'm sixty-two years old and have practiced Falun Dafa for thirteen years. I have experienced many miracles. No words can fully express the benefits that Falun Dafa brings me. The following is my own experience that I want to share.

1. Becoming a Paraplegic, Living At Death's Door

My father is Buddhist, which brought our family great difficulties years ago since the Chinese Communist Party has always preached atheism. Although my father had only attended a few Buddhist activities, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) often criticized and denounced him. This was many years ago, but my family suffered criticism daily. Local officials once held a denunciation meeting and all of the people from my village attended. Faced with this, I had hated not only the evil CCP, but also everyone else. I bought a knife one day, naively planning to kill myself and those around me. But an earthquake struck the next day. My mom was crushed on the spot and I was trapped under the house. Other family members saved me, however I could no longer stand because my lower back was injured and my entire lower body was completely numb.

I was found to have suffered a fracture of my twelfth thoracic vertebra and the lumbar vertebrae (mid to lower section of my spine). Although the operation repaired my lower back area, the nerves were already damaged, and my entire lower body was paralyzed.

I was twenty-eight years old at the time. My first child was seven years old and my second child was five years old. From being an active young man, I became paralyzed. I was in despair.

I was not only paralyzed but I also had a lot of diseases. My kidney function was bad and I often suffered pain in the lower back which is a symptom of uremia, failure of the kidneys. There was also something wrong with my cervical vertebra, and I couldn't turn my head. Moreover, I had heart disease. Once when I closed my eyes, my heart stopped and I couldn't speak or move. I was only able to start breathing after my wife shook me. If I had been alone, I would have probably died. One of my friends had also suffered heart disease and benefited from medicine. He gave me medicine to try, however, no matter how many pills I took, it had no effect on me.

2. Miraculous Health Benefits

I was only able to walk with the help of crutches. Around 1997, my knees developed cysts and required an operation. At this time, one of my nephews came, telling me, "Don't get an operation. Falun Dafa is really good. You need to try it." I didn't believe it then, thinking that it might solve minor diseases but not my serious condition. My nephew said, "Just read this book first. It will only take you a few days." I had to accept out of politeness and decency.

Reading the book, I found that Master's lectures were great! Although I had some questions, I was able to find answers while continuing to read. I kept on reading, developing questions and finding my answers. When I finished reading, I found the cyst on my knees had disappeared without an operation. Wasn't it a miracle? Also, I realized that my heart disease had disappeared and I could sleep. Dafa is really miraculous!

After I obtained the Fa, my family benefited tremendously. Before, because my family was poor, we had to borrow seven thousand yuan for my son's marriage. I asked my son to repay the debt, but his wife, my daughter-in-law didn't agree and kept on fighting with me with regards to this matter, which aggravated my heart disease.

My daughter-in-law catches a cold every winter. After I obtained the Fa in 1997, she always stayed with me because she felt comfortable. Afterwards, she also started to practice Falun Dafa. Since then, she developed a better character and never fought with me again.

3. A Painful Lesson

In my village, there was a man who lived by killing pigs. He started practicing Falun Gong in 1997. According to his understanding of the Fa, he believed he shouldn't continue to make a living by taking the lives of animals. So, he changed his occupation to the job of loading and unloading.

In 1999, the evil CCP started to persecute Falun Gong. This man didn't dare to practice anymore. He was so afraid that he always felt that someone was watching him.

If a person doesn't practice cultivation, he or she is just an ordinary person. So he or she still needs to repay karma. This man had killed more than one thousand pigs before he practiced Falun Gong. After he stopped practicing cultivation, he suffered esophageal cancer and couldn't eat anything. Whatever he ate, he vomited with blood.

Several fellow practitioners and I went to visit him to ask him to start practicing cultivation again. He refused at the beginning, saying that he was too weak. We assisted him to get up and led him to do the exercises. We repeatedly did this for four days. Later, he was even able to eat dumplings.

Several days later, he recovered so he then went out to work. However, about one month later, he again vomited blood. This time, he totally forgot that he was a cultivator. He forgot to ask Master for help, but only cried all day long. One week later, he passed away.

This matter disturbed me quite a bit. Although this didn't happen to me, I felt that it was as if it was my own experience. I thought at that time, "Practicing cultivation is a serious matter. When the karma test comes, if you consider yourself as an ordinary person, you will follow the principles of ordinary people to age, become ill or die, but if you consider yourself as a practitioner, you will get help from Master. Miracles then will occur."

4. A Miracle

One year after, I encountered the same thing. One day when I was relieving myself, I found that all the urine that came out was blood. I knew my kidney was bad before I began practicing Falun Gong. I found a can and filled it with a sample of my bloody urine. It then occurred to me that all of this was karma, and that I shouldn't acknowledge it because Master has taken care of it. This was in the month of June. I splashed the whole bottle of blood on the grass. Within several minutes, I found that the grass was completely dried out, which showed the serious toxicity of my excretion.

Unlike urine, Hematuria is similar to inflammation and it flew out by itself. I had to deal with it several times within one minute. I was like this for three days. Then, a miracle happened. It stopped, and my left kidney turned good. I felt really relaxed.

Ten days later, blood again started to pass. Due to the lesson from that man who died of the second karma test, I kept it at heart, thinking that I should firmly believe in Master and Dafa and follow Master's arrangements. Like the first time, three days later, a miracle happened again. My right kidney recovered. I felt unprecedented relaxation. Master had restored both kidneys for me.

5. Change of Heart after Practicing Cultivation

When I was young, I always fought for personal gain. If I had not been crippled by the earthquake, I might have done more bad things. I had a bad temper and was petty minded. I always complained about others. After suffering paralysis, my temper was even worse. I often beat my children.

When I started to practice cultivation, I even thought, "Master's requirements are too high. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is a high standard and no one can reach it." Afterwards, as I studied the Fa more, I felt it is not that difficult because I had already let go of some attachments that I thought very difficult to remove. As long as you keep on practicing cultivation, you will change little by little. Everyone will change. So I just upgraded myself in this way.

In the past, I hated others and even wanted to kill others. When I saw my enemies, I would defeat them in my heart. But nowadays, when I encounter previous enemies, I feel that we are close without any hate. After letting go of hate, I became very relaxed and found that my previous enemies now treat me much better.

Because I have changed and my nature has become better, my children are very fond of us. Sometimes, I get angry with my wife, however, I can immediately change my thinking.

I think, as long as what you believe is righteous, you will have righteous power. We assimilate to Dafa and constantly have Dafa in our minds, therefore, we have the power of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

My appreciation to Master is beyond any words. Actually, what can I use to appreciate Master? Without Master, I could never have lived another day. What I have is only my sincere heart to practice cultivation well in order to not let Master worry for me.