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Eliminating Interference with Righteous Thoughts

February 09, 2010 |   By an older practitioner from Hebei, China

(Clearwisdom.net) I would like to take this experience sharing opportunity in our local area to report how I used righteous thoughts to eliminate interference from the old forces.

I had many sentimental feelings after studying Teacher's lecture "To the European Fa Conference." I checked myself against Teacher's words spoken to practitioners who were failing to live up to expectations. I felt that every word was meant for me. When I calmly studied the new lecture, I felt sorrow deep in my heart. I had not seriously done well the three things--studying the Fa or clarifying truth or saving sentient beings--to fulfill my mission in this world according to Teacher's requirements. I didn't do what a cultivator was supposed to do. I rarely looked inward when facing problems. Instead, I looked at others, which was just like what Teacher said,

"Do you really not realize for whom you are cultivating? Do you really not understand that those unpleasant things are helping you to cultivate, remove your human thoughts, and get rid of your attachments?" ("To the European Fa Conference")

To say that I didn't know this would be untrue. However, I just couldn't put away the attachments of wanting excel over others and wanting to save face. When facing a problem, I wouldn't give up without vying with others to see who was better. Some problems could not be resolved, nor could I avoid them. After a long time, a barrier was created, and I accumulated human notions. I didn't treat myself as a cultivator. My temper became worse, and at times I became very angry. I wasn't tolerant when faced with problems. Sometimes, I used bad language when I spoke. Even in dreams, I sometimes became furious. Teacher's Fa awakened me. Reflecting on my cultivation state, I realized that I had lowered my standards with regard to studying the Fa, cultivating my xinxing, clarifying truth, and sending forth righteous thoughts. Evil forces took advantage of my shortcomings and persecuted my body.

In February 2009, I suddenly heard a cracking noise as I was putting clothes in a closet. My back actually felt broken. I adjusted my position, knelt on the floor, and couldn't move. I wanted to stand up, but couldn't. I didn't even have the strength to speak. Yet, I thought, "I am a Dafa practitioner. I cannot be a discredit to Dafa. I must stand up! I cannot accept persecution by the old forces. I want to negate it completely. I am a practitioner, and Teacher takes care of me. You may want to persecute me, but I want to disintegrate you and eliminate you!" My husband came over and said, "Send forth righteous thoughts. Don't accept this!" Then he helped me to bed.

I thought, "Let me check where I didn't do well. Let me look inward." I reflected calmly on the Fa, and found that I'd slacked off doing the three things and that I was lazy. I was frequently troubled by human problems. When I identified my problem and really cultivated according to the Fa, I was able to get out of bed on the second day, which was just like what Teacher said,

"As long as you are righteous in thought and action, there will be no barrier that you can't pass through." ("A Reply to the Dafa Disciples of Peru")

On the third day, I returned to normal and could do whatever I needed to.

My son and daughter-in-law are non-practitioners, but they are Dafa beneficiaries. This time, they witnessed Dafa's miraculous and supernatural nature. When facing difficulties, the only way for a cultivator is to believe in Teacher and the Fa. Only when one has a clear understanding of the Fa can one overcome the difficulty. The key is whether you have human thoughts or divine thoughts at that moment.

I need to learn my lesson from the old forces' persecution of my body. Taking this as a warning, I will work hard on cultivation and doing the three things according to Teacher's requirements for practitioners. I will work to become a qualified Dafa practitioner and fulfill my prehistoric promise.