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Practitioners Should Cherish This Rare Opportunity and Save Precious Chinese People

February 19, 2010 |   By a practitioner in Australia

(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1998. Under the guidance of our great, benevolent Teacher, and with the help of other practitioners, I have been able to weather all my hardships to this day.

Along with the progress of Fa rectification, clarifying the truth, and convincing people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have become extremely urgent. In 2008 we established a Quitting the CCP Service Center in Auburn and we have been present there every Saturday and Sunday. We first began participating at the Center for three hours a day, and we are now there for seven hours. All practitioners at our Auburn practice site have participated in helping people quit the CCP. Many other practitioners have also come to help. We were able to understand on a deep level that the Quitting the CCP Service Center is a center for saving people and eliminating evil.

After finishing at the Quitting the CCP Service Center on Sunday, we have a group Fa study and sharing from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. We reflect on ourselves to determine areas for improvement, such as in our competitive nature, zealotry, showing off mentality, personal bias, jealousy and so on. We share experiences frequently and kindly point out each others' shortcomings so we won't have any misunderstandings among ourselves. When everyone wholeheartedly tries to save people, Master will help and miracles will happen. We have noticed that there are more and more people coming to Auburn to buy groceries. There are even people who come from Parramatta, Campsie and Ashfield. In the beginning, we were only able to help three to five people to quit the CCP each weekend, and later the number rose to ten or twenty. It then increased to fifty, seventy, and sometimes even to one hundred.

Practitioners say that on the surface there were many people coming to Auburn to shop for groceries with lower prices. However, in actuality these people have a side that understands they can be saved in Auburn. I know that Master's fashen has guided them to come. Master said,

"In reality, the entire world has been divided up with a piece apportioned to each Dafa disciple." ("Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference")

We have come to realize that we are the hope for people in Auburn to be saved. Master looks after every person in this world and gives every one of them opportunities to learn about the truth and position themselves. As Dafa disciples, we should cherish this one in a million opportunity.

On one occasion a Chinese woman walked past our booth. I helped her quit the CCP and told her that Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance is good. She turned her head and said thank you. Just at that moment, I saw her eyes light up and her face turn pretty. Her smile was so bright. I had tears in my eyes. I deeply felt Master's immense mercy. Master said in "Fa Teaching Given to the Australian Practitioners,

"As long as people quit the CCP and say Falun Dafa is good, they will belong to the new universe and will be taken care of by the future."

Accepting Kind Criticism from Other Practitioners

One day, an acquaintance who previously practiced Falun Gong saw me and came to chat with me. We talked for about half an hour. When the day ended and we were about to go home that evening, a practitioner kindly said to me, "I was very worried today when you were talking with that person. A lot of people walked past you and it was a pity that you could not help them quit the CCP. I was too busy myself and was unable to cope with so many people. Master brought those who had predestined relationship with us here, and maybe they just had this one chance. We may regret not being able to save them. When you were talking about other things, bad elements were brought into this field. I hope those people will come back again next time so they will have another opportunity. You should think about why he came to talk to you, not us. Wasn't he interfering with you and preventing you from saving more people?" I was awakened by her words. I really regretted that I wasted such precious time talking with that person about things irrelevant to quitting the CCP. Master brought to me those people with predestined relationships, but I missed out on these opportunities of saving them. In fact, I was already aware of this at the time, but I didn't want to be impolite and ask him to leave. In reality it was because of human sentimentality. I thanked the practitioner for pointing that out to me and asked that she please remind me if this happens again. I then added, "There will be no next time." Master said,

"Dafa disciples have a duty and must, no matter what, fulfill the vows that brought them to this world. For it was on that account that you once pledged your life as a god and were thus allowed to become today the most magnificent kind of being in the cosmos--a disciple of Dafa." ("To the European Conference")

Helping to Quit the CCP at Tourist Sites

Two months ago, a fellow practitioner asked me to find a few practitioners to help at the Sydney Opera House, saying that recently there were a lot of Chinese tourists visiting there. I thought that my hearing this was not accidental, and I felt that I should go there first before finding more practitioners to help. So after making arrangements at Auburn, I took some time on Sunday to go to the Opera House. I was very impressed by the practitioners who had been there clarifying the truth for many years and I saw my shortcomings in comparing myself to them. Almost every day, they were berated by Chinese tourists, who refused to listen to, accept, or read any materials. People living in China have been brainwashed by the CCP all their lives, and they are warned against accepting Falun Gong materials before leaving China. In addition, some of the tour guides also smeared us and swayed the tourists. There were times when most of the tourists on the bus joined in and yelled and sweared at the practitioners. Therefore, it is quite difficult to do the quitting the CCP work there. However, our fellow practitioners are able to persevere because they have the Fa in their hearts and have great compassion toward sentient beings.

Tourists from the first bus that I met refused to quit the CCP, and they swore at me. A fellow practitioner then hinted to me to send forth righteous thoughts in the meantime, and search inward about why the tourists were so hostile towards me. I understood that there must be something that I needed to let go of or to improve on. Otherwise why did this happen to me and not to the others? I recalled what I had said to the tourists and realized that my words carried messages that were not so kind and perhaps irritated them. So I told myself that I must be kind towards others. Master said,

"If you, as Dafa disciples, want to effect change in a person when you clarify the truth and want to save him, you must not arouse the negative elements in that person. You must hold to being shan, and only then can you resolve problems that may arise and save that person." ("Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference")

"Compassion is an enormous energy, the energy of righteous gods. The more compassion that is present, the greater this energy becomes, and it can disintegrate anything that is bad." ("Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference")

I discussed the situation with other practitioners and we decided to have a group Fa study every evening. We all became aware that both compassion and righteous thoughts come from the Fa.

Master Doesn't Want to Leave Out a Single Person with a Predestined Relationship

One morning while I was distributing flyers in front of the Chinese Consulate in Sydney, I saw a man calling someone with a very loud voice. I walked toward him, and as I was about to say something, he said to me, "How come it is you again?" It turned out that we had previously met in front of the Opera House where I tried to persuade him to quit the CCP. He was very rude and drove me away. I felt sorry that I wasn't able to help him quit the CCP that day. I knew it wasn't accidental that I met him again.

I smiled at him and said, "How are you? Why are you here again?" He answered, "I was so unlucky. I lost my bag. My passport and airplane ticket were both lost. Others have continued on the tour, while I had to stay here to get myself a new passport. It's so frustrating that I had to come here several times just to get the new passport done. I am going home." I thought to myself it was because he didn't quit the CCP that day that his passport was lost. It was definitely not accidental. It was Master giving him another chance. On the surface his travel was interrupted and it cost him more money, but it was actually meant for me to save him. So I said to him, "Nothing is accidental. It is really due to a predestined relationship that we meet again. Some things can be replaced if lost, but there are things that can never be found once lost. You are from China, so you should know better than I do about what has been happening in China. The Wenchuan earthquake, the Sanlu baby formula scandal, swine flu and so on. Why did they all appear at this time?" The man stared at me, and said, "I am telling you that you would have been arrested if you were in China." I answered calmly, "Falun Gong is now being practiced in 114 countries and has received more than 2000 awards. It is only persecuted in China. You are a well educated official. Tell me, is this normal? Since we have a predestined relationship and we are also from the same town, I will just give you a name "country fellow" and I will help you quit the CCP with this name. Will this be ok? He said ok, thank you, thank you. I told him to remember that Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance is good. He sincerely replied, "Ok, thank you, thank you."

Another time at the Opera House I found a man sitting near a tour bus. I went over and asked him, "Are you aware that if you quit the CCP, you will have a better future?" The man gave me a dirty look and said, "Are you new? Do you know who I am?" I responded that to me he was a precious Chinese person. He said, "I am Mr. He. Everyone knows me around here. I am a driver." I said, "Since you have been in Australia for a long time, then you should know about the truth. Have you quit the CCP?" He said that he was not going to quit. I asked him if he was a party member and he said that he was and that he would not quit. When asked why, he answered, "No reason, I'm just not quitting." I continued, "You are an Australian, so there's a good chance you have already seen and read our materials. You should know how evil the CCP is." He replied, "This has nothing to do with me, why should I quit?" I said "Look at our fellow Chinese in China who have been suffering for so long. Look at these people who have lost their jobs. We are lucky to be able to come to Australia. If we were in China, we for sure would have lost our jobs, too. Look at how corrupt our country is. Those corrupt CCP officials run rampant while the commoners have no say and no rights whatsoever." He thought a little while and said, "What you said makes sense, otherwise, I wouldn't have come to Australia." I went on to tell him that the CCP had killed 80 million Chinese people and is now destined to collapse soon. I cautioned him about remaining a member of an organization that will surely die. I inquired of him, "Don't we all want a better future for ourselves? Wasn't that why we came to Australia? Wasn't our purpose of coming to Australia for the sake of a safe and peaceful life?" He then said, "What you said was right. Ok, I will quit." Finally I said, "Please tell your guests to take materials and quit the CCP, too. Tell them to remember Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. You will receive virtue for yourself this way." He said, "Thank you, I will."

After he drove away, a fellow practitioner was very surprised that I succeeded in persuading Mr. He to quit the CCP because he had always been very rude to practitioners. She asked how I did it. I said it was Master who didn't want to leave out a single person, it was Master's help. Although the other practitioner was not successful in getting him to quit the CCP yesterday, the evil factors behind him were eliminated and this made it easier for me to help him today. I told my fellow practitioners that we should never abandon people and should carry on with compassion and without a human mentality so we will have no regrets.

Every day after the quitting the CCP activities, we have a brief discussion to share our joys of saving people, and to identify our shortcomings and any inappropriate states of mind when clarifying the truth. We all feel that Dafa disciples are one body and our cooperation is very important. We should all look to the strengths of fellow practitioners and have trust in each other. As long as we have firm faith in Master and Dafa, maintain a pure heart and righteous thoughts, as well as study the Fa well, Dafa's beauty and miracles will manifest.