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Ms. Peng Donglian Died in the 610 Office Detention Center; Hunan Province Is Responsible

December 09, 2010 |   By a correspondent from Hunan province

(Clearwisdom.net) On November 9, 2010, there was a large scale arrest of Falun Gong practitioners in Li county, Changde, Hunan Province.

The Li County 610 Office and the Domestic Group of Li County Police Department worked together to arrest Falun Gong practitioners in Li county. Twelve practitioners--including Ms. Zeng Xiaoling, Ms. Peng Donglian, Qu Jiaxin, Gu Zhixiang, Gu Zhihui, Xiong Ruilian, Xu Lian, Lu Xiaoling, and Zhang He--were taken to the detention center or jail.

Ms. Zeng Xiaoling was intercepted and arrested by the police on her way home after taking her child to a daycare center. Her home was later ransacked. The other practitioners were arrested either at work, at home, or on the street. Many of their homes were ransacked. The arrests started in the morning and did not end until late at night.

Eleven days after this incident, Ms. Peng Donglian died. She was 58 years old, a retired accountant at Agricultural Machinery Company of Li County. She was arrested by the Domestic Group of Li County Police Department. She passed away in Li County Detention Center.

The CCP officials claimed that Ms. Peng died of a heart attack. However, Ms. Peng never had a history of heart problems, and she was in good health prior to the arrest. As of now, Li County officials have not released any information regarding Ms. Peng. The details of her death needs further investigation. The Li County 610 Office, the Domestic Group, and the detention center are responsible for her death.

The CCP 610 Office was behind the operation. The Li County 610 Office and its superior office, Changde 610 Office, and the 610 Office of Hunan Province were all involved.

From the onset of July until mid August, the 610 Office of Hunan Province transferred and gathered about 39 "'transformation' experts" from different 610 Offices in Hunan Province, and opened a provincial level "rolling enrollment" brainwashing facility in Laodaohe in the Kaifu District, Changsha City. ("Rolling enrollment" meaning the newly arrested Falun Gong practitioners fill in the open seats after other practitioners leave the facility). Based on an incomplete estimate, within 40 days, over 20 practitioners from Changsha, Ningxiang, Liuyang, Pingjiang of Yueyang, Yongxing of Chenzhou, and other places were taken to Laodaohe Brainwashing Center, whose official name is "The Legal System Education Center of Changsha." During early September, the 610 Office of Hunan Province and the 610 Office of Huaihua organized a brainwashing center in Yingkou Village in the Hutianqiao District in Huaihua. It held over ten Falun Gong practitioners from counties in Huaihua and Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture. The facility is actively implementing brainwashing sessions now. In addition, under the direct control of the 610 Office of Hunan Province, another brainwashing facility opened in Chenzhou this October.

Currently, among the 12 practitioners arrested on November 9, four of them have gone home. Seven practitioners, including Zeng Xiaoling, Qu Jiaxin, Gu Zhihui, Gu Zhixiang, Xiong Ruilian, and Xu Lian, are still detained in Li County Detention Center. We urgently call on the international community to condemn the Domestic Group of Li County and the evil deeds of the 610 Offices in Hunan Province and also help stop the persecution and rescue the detained Falun Gong practitioners.

Relevant agencies and individuals:

610 Office of Li County: 011-86-0736-3245610
Dai Gang, chairman: 011-86-0736-3232626, 011-86-13807362897 (C)

Domestic Group of Li County Police Department:

Luo Mengfei, group leader: 011-86-13807362284 (C), 011-86-0736-3221923 (H)
Li County Police Department: 011-86-0736-3249015
Ran Liming, Department chief and clerk: 011-86-0736-3251099, 011-86-13907365552 (C)

Detention Center of Li County:

Luo Yueping, Center chief: 011-86-13087369185 (C), 011-86-0736-3249181(H)

Li County Jail:

Lu Xiaoping, chief: 011-86-13908412435 (C), 011-86-0736-3227212 (H)
Li County Political Affairs Commission: 011-86-0736-3222500
Li County Comprehensive Regulation Office: 011-86-0736-3128661
Li County Legal Office: 011-86-0736-3222733
Zhao Xinchun, chairman: 011-86-13907366202 (C)

Li County Judicial Department

No. 49, Nanjiang Dong Road, 415500
Fax: 011-86-0736-3222926
Tan Dawu, chief: 011-86-0736-3135638 (O), 011-86-0736-3259689 (H), 011-86-13907366475 (C)
Li County Prosecutor's Office: 011-86-0736-3221427
Ding Daxun, attorney general and clerk: 011-86-0736-3126868, 011-86-13875115988 (C)

610 Office of Changde

Wan Gexin, chairman,

Office Phone and Fax: 011-86-0736-7786020

Gao Ke, chairman

Political Affairs Commission of Changde: 011-86-0736-7786298, 011-86-0736-7786255 (Fax)

610 Office of Henan Province:

Shen Yu, chairman, also holds the post of assistant clerk in the Political Affairs Commission of Hunan Province: 011-86-0731-82219065
Main Office: 011-86-0731-82215161, 011-86-0731-82219664, 011-86-0731-82219674 (Fax)

Provincial Commission of Hunan Courtyard, No. 1, Shaoshan Road, Changsha, Hunan Province, 410011

Political Affair Commission of Hunan Province:

Li Jiang, clerk, committee member of the Provincial Commission and director of Provincial Public Security Office

Shen Yu, assistant clerk, also holds the post of chairman of the 610 Office of Hunan Province, 011-86-0731-82219065
Main Office: 011-86-0731-82217776
Office: 011-86-0731-82217182, 011-86-0731-82215151 (Fax)

Provincial Commission of Hunan Courtyard, No. 1, Shaoshan Road, Changsha, Hunan Province, 410011

November 27th, 2010