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People Are Impressed by My Brothers' Changes After One Year of Practicing Falun Gong

November 24, 2010 |   By a practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) At the end of 2009, my younger brother started to cultivate Falun Dafa after learning the truth about Falun Gong. Once he heard the truth, he realized that Jiang's regime controlled all the media such as the television and newspapers, and that they fabricated lies to deceive the public. He realized that the persecution was completely unjustified. Once my brother understood Falun Gong was good, gradually he began to cultivate. I lent him the book Zhuan Falun written by Teacher Li. He spent the whole day reading through the book. He has seemed more energetic ever since.

After he started to cultivate, he changed entirely into a different person. Not only did he seem more energetic, he became more kind-hearted. He used to ride an electric bike. In the past, he always charged his bike at his factory. Now he charges his bike in his home so as not to take advantage of others. He became more mild and no longer lost his temper towards his child. This made the child become better behaved as well.

He was able to quit gambling and his family became more harmonious. He also told me that his vomiting problem that stuck with him for decades also gradually vanished.

One day, I had lunch with him. After we finished eating, several people started to chat. I noticed that his face looks fair and clear, shinier and rosy. It surprised me a little bit, because he used to look dark in his face. When he was in 30's, he looked like he was in his 40's. But now he looks much younger. People who know him were all impressed by his changes as well. They said he had become kinder and healthier.