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Walking Diligently on the Divine Path

November 23, 2010 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from Jilin Province


Greetings to esteemed Master! Greetings to Dafa disciples all over the world!

I am over 70 years old. I became a Falun Dafa practitioner in 1996. With Teacher's merciful protection, I have walked on the path of cultivation for 14 years. Below is my understanding of my 14 years' cultivation which I would like to report to Teacher and fellow practitioners.

Acquiring the Fa, Studying the Fa, and Believing in Teacher and the Fa

In 1996, I was very fortunate to learn about Dafa. Many others became practitioners because of reasons such as illness, troubles, and so on. But I was different. My husband and I were healthy, rich and had a good relationship. My three sons all had good lives and we all got along well. In this situation, we acquired the Fa and found the true meaning and goal of our lives. Our lives were better and happier because we finally had the chance to know Teacher and the Fa, and return to our original, true home.

After we acquired the Fa, my husband and I went to the practice site early every morning and every night. Before we started to study the Fa and practice the exercises, we either shared our experiences with fellow practitioners or did work to benefit other practitioners, such as cleaning the yard, removing garbage or snow, or sweeping desks. Later we moved to a new residential community. We continued to spread the Fa. After just a few days, the number of practitioners increased from 20 to over 100. My house could not handle so many people. My son (who is not a practitioner) lent us a big room at his office which could accommodate several hundred people for us to study the Fa and practice the exercises. At that time, practice sites were everywhere. The Falun Dafa field was very good.

Many people experienced all kinds of miracles. We did not feel anything or see anything. We just cultivated based on our belief and faith. But we could still feel Teacher protecting us all the time. I can still recall July 1996, when I picked up my granddaughter from preschool. As we walked over the railway tracks, I fell down on the tracks. Just then, a train was coming toward us. At the urgent moment, Teacher's Fa body dragged me and my granddaughter away from the tracks and saved us from danger.

After this test of life and death, Teacher's merciful protection strengthened my belief in both Teacher and the Fa in my heart. Later, despite the brutal persecution, despite the enormous amount of propaganda and lies generated by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), despite all kinds of illusion and temptation, despite all kinds of tribulations, I always firmly cultivated the Fa and did not deviate from the Fa. On the path of Fa-Rectification, I followed Teacher's teachings and the Fa, and walked steadily and diligently on the path towards Godhood.

Firmly Cultivating Falun Dafa with Righteous Thoughts and Actions

Since July 20, 1999, the CCP has brutally persecuted Falun Gong. When that happened, cultivation for Falun Dafa disciples moved to the stage of Fa-Rectification cultivation. Under this huge tribulation, we were not afraid. We encouraged each other, strengthened our righteous thoughts, continuously looked inward, walked firmly with righteous thoughts and actions, and finally walked through it. Below is a summary of our cultivation during the Fa-Rectification period.

1. Studying the Fa in a Group, Improving Ourselves as a Whole

Teacher repeatedly emphasized the importance of studying the Fa in His Fa Lectures. He also urged us to cultivate and improve as a whole. At the early stage, Teacher had already created the format of group Fa-study and practice for us. The brutal persecution destroyed this environment. Teacher asked us to completely reject the old forces' arrangements during the Fa-Rectification and to restore the environment of group Fa-study and practice. This is what Teacher wants. We must walk on the cultivation path that Teacher has arranged. So my husband and I and a few other practitioners started a Fa-study and exercise group. During the past few years, we have used our home as a practice site and maintained it in all kinds of weather. Every day we first studied the Fa for three hours, then we shared experiences. Everyone focused on our real situation, looked inward, and improved our understandings of the Fa based on the Fa. Sometimes we held small-scale cultivation experience sharing conferences. We were frank with each other and coordinated well. Everyone improved very quickly. We truly improved ourselves as a whole.

2. Doing the Three Things Well

First, we made sure to have enough time to study the Fa and practice the exercises well every day. In the daytime, our group gathered together to study the Fa for a few hours. At night, I also took some time to study the Fa by myself. I was conscientious all the time, rectified my every thought based on the Fa, actively got rid of all human notions and attachments, and continuously improved my xinxing based on the Fa.

Second, we followed the time schedule to send forth righteous thoughts. We sent forth righteous thoughts at the four set times every day. Sometimes we sent forth righteous thoughts on certain days at certain locations altogether. We send forth righteous thoughts together before group Fa-study to clean our dimensions and eliminate any factors that might interfere with our group Fa-study. When we sent forth righteous thoughts alone, we mainly cleaned our own dimensions.

Third, we divided the work in an orderly fashion, coordinating and cooperating harmoniously as a whole. For Dafa related projects, some practitioners picked up the truth-clarifying materials, some passed out materials, some clarified the truth face to face, and some mailed materials to everyday people. Everyone spent money for truth-clarification while still doing everyday shopping. We had scheduled times to go out and clarify the truth, as well as flexible times, such as when doing business, on the road, or shopping. We clarified the truth face to face, passed out materials, mailed materials, and posted fliers.

After a few years' efforts, the family members and relatives of our Fa-study group basically all knew the truth. Most of them had quit the CCP and its related organizations. For friends, neighbors and colleagues, we clarified the facts and tried to persuade them to quit the CCP whenever we met them. We did not want to miss any opportunity. For those who did not want to quit the CCP, we tried two or three times, until they finally agreed to quit. For strangers, we seized every opportunity to clarify the truth and urge them to quit the CCP. As we did this, we rectified ourselves all the time and got rid of the attachments to pursuing quantities, pursuing results, indignation, anxiety, discrimination and fear. Our pure thoughts were, "I want to save you" and "saving one person is to save a huge group of sentient beings in a cosmos." We were not moved by people's emotions and just had the pure and merciful intent to save them. Most people could understand us and easily accepted the truth and believed that Falun Dafa is good. Our xinxing met the standard of, "Cultivation is up to you, gong is up to the master." (Zhuan Falun)

My daughter-in-law's elder brother is a minister in the central government and is a high level CCP star. When he was sick and was hospitalized, I went to visit him and clarified the truth to him. After he understood the truth, he believed in Dafa. Every day he recited sincerely, "Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." He also quit the CCP and its related organizations. He also magically recovered his health.

Overcoming the Tribulations

1. Firm the Mind of Cultivation, Overcome the Threat

After the CCP started to persecute Falun Dafa on July 20, 1999, some practitioners firmly kept their belief in Dafa, some were confused and hesitated, some gave up cultivation, and some even went to the opposite side of Dafa. The CCP used those who went to the other side to spread lies that practitioners had already achieved consummation and did not need to cultivate anymore. Many practitioners who did not understand the Fa clearly and hesitated handed in their Dafa books.

When the CCP started to try to persuade me to give up Dafa, I was in Beijing to look after my granddaughter. At my home they pressured my husband again and again. And they also called me repeatedly to threaten and deceive me. I thought of the difficulties Teacher endured to introduce the Fa and save sentient beings. Because of this evil persecution, many people missed the opportunity to be saved and many people around the world were deceived. I could not help crying. I made up my mind to cultivate Dafa until the end. I told them clearly, "The Dafa books are mine. I cannot give them to you. I have the freedom of belief. You have no right to force me hand in the books and you have no right to keep me from cultivating Dafa. Give up your unrealistic thoughts!" After a few times, they finally gave up. I righteously overcame the threat.

2. Clearing the Mind Based on the Fa to Overcome Sickness Tribulation

The old forces use the excuse of "testing" to achieve their real goal of destroying sentient beings. They controlled the evil beings to brutally persecute Dafa disciples in all areas of their lives. When they failed in one way, they tried another. Suddenly I appeared to have severe "sickness." My lower back and legs were in so much pain that I could not walk. I could not do housework and could not take care of myself. I was in constant pain. The old forces tried to conquer my determination to cultivate by using pain.

Based on the Fa, I clearly knew this was the old forces' arrangement. It was poisonous and it was evil. Teacher does not acknowledge the false appearances created by the old forces, and neither do I. I only accept Teacher's arrangement and only accept Teacher's salvation. So I looked inward and rectified myself. Meanwhile, I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the old forces' arrangement. A few days later, everything went back to normal.

3. Breaking Through the Tribulation of Life and Death with Teacher's Protection

On September 20, 2007, at noon, I stepped on a high stool to grab the steam pot in the kitchen. As I stood on my tiptoes to grab the pot, I fell off the stool and hit the ground heavily. I immediately lost consciousness. Because the kitchen is narrow, I hit the cabinet under the sink as I fell. The cabinet door was broken and dented inward about six inches. Their was a big, soft bump on the back of my head. My head also bled.

When I lost my consciousness, my Main Spirit entered a dark dimension. I saw some small, dark people busy harvesting. Half and hour later, I came to and gradually remembered what had just happened. I also told others what I saw after my Main Spirit left my body. I knew that the evil was trying to take my life, but Teacher saved my Main Spirit and brought it back.

Although I hit the ground hard, I did not hurt at all. After another half hour, the bump on the back of my head disappeared. The wound also stopped bleeding and recovered. I knew Teacher shouldered much more burden for me. I was very grateful for Teacher's salvation and tears kept falling from my eyes.

Under Teacher's protection, I not only paid my debt of life again, but also avoided the tribulation. My body completely recovered from the accident. In front of Teacher's photo, I knelt down, kowtowed crying, and thanked Teacher again for saving my life. I also assured Teacher that I would cultivate myself more diligently, rectify myself, and get rid of all human notions and attachments. I must completely reject the old forces' arrangements and persecution. I should not be taken advantage by the old forces in any way. I should cause Teacher fewer worries and do more that is worthy of a Dafa disciple. I must walk righteously on the path that Teacher has arranged.

One week later my granddaughter, who temporarily lived at my home, went back and told my children what happened. My children all came to visit me and urged me to go to hospital to be examined. I told them, "With Teacher and the Fa, nothing can move me. I believe in Teacher and the Fa, nothing else. Everyday people cannot save my life. Teacher protects me all the time. You should rest assured. Please do not force me and please believe in Dafa."

4. Saving People with Mercy, Leaving the Police Station with Righteous Thoughts

One night in the summer of 2006, I went out to post the truth-clarifying posters on electric poles, walls of buildings, doors, and anywhere easy to notice. I also said in my heart, "Truth-clarifying posters, you are beings created for the Fa. You should help save sentient beings. People should be saved after seeing you, evil people should be frightened after seeing you, and evil factors should be eliminated when seeing you." Just as I just finished putting up one big poster, two people suddenly came out from under a vehicle. They had hid there before and I did not notice them. They were policemen. They shouted, "Stop!" Then they ran over to me and stopped me, saying, "You dare to post a poster on the front door of the police station. You are in very serious trouble." Then they dragged me into the police station.

After I was dragged into the police station, the two policemen slammed the table and shouted angrily. Their faces were twisted by the evil factors. First, I was a little surprised. Then I gradually calmed down. I looked at them with a smile and had merciful feelings for them in my heart. Those beings were so pitiful. They were controlled by the CCP to persecute practitioners. Their sins were huge. They were walking on the path of self-destruction but did not know it. I thought that, since I had met them today, I should save their lives. I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors behind them and I also asked Teacher to strengthen me.

Soon they were like shriveled balloons. They talked softer and they turned back into two normal people. I told them with mercy and kindness, "I post truth-clarifying posters to save people's lives. The people who don't know the truth need to be saved. You have been deceived by the evil and you do not know good from evil. You particularly persecute practitioners who cultivate Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Your lives are in great danger and you need to be saved, too. Why do I risk my life? If I do not do it this way, would you listen to what I want to tell you? I had compassion after cultivating Dafa. I can see your lives are in great danger because you have participated in the persecution of Dafa. I hope you have a beautiful future." As I was talking, a police officer gave me a cup of hot water and told me nicely, "Please don't hurry. Please drink some water and tell us slowly." I talked about how I and my children and grandchildren benefited from Dafa. I told them what Falun Dafa is and the benefits of cultivating Dafa. I talked about how Jiang Zemin's regime brutally persecuted Falun Gong practitioners, and how they brought great danger to everyday people and the tragic fate the people who participate in persecuting Dafa face. They listened very carefully and sometimes asked some questions. I answered their questions patiently. In the middle, another policemen let me use a blanket and said, "It is cold tonight. Please do not get a cold." He also apologized, "If we knew this earlier, we would not have arrested you at all. I cannot imagine that you are older than my mother. You should be careful and do not go out to post fliers again after dark. What will you do if you encounter things like this again?" He sighed, "It is really not easy to save people!"

When they released me, they urged me repeatedly, "It is dangerous outside. We will let you go. But other police officers probably will not let you go. Please be careful. For your safety, we suggest you post the fliers at the buildings' entryways in the daytime." I knew that these two beings knew the truth and were truly saved.

Why did danger find me this time? I looked inward and found my attachments of anxiety and showing off. I ignored the environment and somehow forgot myself. I was taken advantage by the old forces. Fortunately Teacher adjusted my status at the urgent moment, enlightened my wisdom, and increased my courage. Teacher used the compassion I cultivated to resolve the tribulation and let me pass the test. Meanwhile, two beings were saved. Certainly, Teacher saved them.

5. Breaking Through the Technology Barrier in My 70s

When I read experience sharing articles, I learned that a senior practitioner magically learned how to use a computer and overcame the technology barrier. More surprisingly, some illiterate farmer practitioners started to use computers. They are also Teacher's disciples and they learned the same Fa as me. If they could do such things with the wisdom bestowed by Dafa and walk diligently on the path of godhood, why couldn't I? I looked back and realized that I did not lack in doing the things that Teacher required us to do except for using computers. I was anxious and afraid. I had the attachments of old age, a low level of knowledge, and fear. To learn computers became my big concern, and it looked impossible for me to overcome. My concern was actually my attachments and human notions. But the thing that I thought was difficult did not stop other practitioners from moving forward. They are also Teacher's disciples. One day, I read "When they return with full bounty, The multitude of gods shall receive them" ("Stirred by Reflection"). But how about me? I could not break through the barrier. I did not have the courage to thoroughly eliminate the attachments and human notions. In the future, what kind of mighty virtue would I have to face the sentient beings in my world? How could I face Teacher? I often regretted this and tears ran down my cheeks.

Teacher saw my wish and arranged for fellow practitioners to help me. Some encouraged me to improve my understanding based on the Fa, improve my courage, let go of human notions, and bravely take the the step. Other practitioners helped me to purchase, ship, and go through the procedure of buying a computer. Some specifically came to my home to teach me the technology.

With fellow practitioners' great help, I already had the Fa implements. Practitioners taught me the simple procedures and then were busy working on their projects. The detailed techniques were all up to me to figure out. I could not always rely on others. After learning just a little, I took on the responsibility of producing truth-clarifying materials. One day I sat in front of the computer. I was busy pushing the buttons but I forgot how to operate it. The machine did not run anymore and malfunctioned. Other practitioners were all busy. What should I do? I could only ask for Teacher's enlightenment and help. I followed Teacher's Fa body's enlightenment and pushed the button, and the machine magically started to work normally. I finished the operation without a hitch and produced the materials. Gradually, with Teacher's enlightenment, I learned the basic operating techniques, and I produced high quality materials without wasting paper. The practitioners were all very surprised with a novice like me. Also in the process, I completely got rid of those attachments and human notions.

Now when I look back, I am amazed that an over-70-year-old senior like me could overcome the technology barrier. It is all because of Teacher's enlightenment and help. I also realize that the high-technology computer should not become a barrier. No matter how high the technology is and how difficult to use, it must rely on humans to operate. The true difficulties are breaking through ourselves diligently, getting rid of all attachments and human notions, and truly achieving the status of an enlightened being for the new cosmos! Fellow practitioners, let us move forward diligently on the path towards godhood, do not let Master down, fulfill our prehistorical vows as soon as possible, and finish the great responsibilities that history has bestowed upon us.

Thank you, great compassionate Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!


When I recall the past 14 years' cultivation, I could not have taken any step without Teacher's merciful protection and help. I learned many things, but there are still a lot of things I need to improve. I still have many attachments I need to get rid of. I am still far from Teacher's requirements. In the final stage of Fa-Rectification, I must treasure this precious opportunity that only comes once in tens of thousands of years and walk righteously the last step of helping Teacher rectify the Fa. I must cultivate myself diligently while saving sentient beings, achieving consummation, and going back to my true home with Master.