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Returning to Cultivation with the Help of Fellow Practitioners

November 18, 2010 |   By a practitioner in Jiangxi Province, China

(Clearwisdom.net) I came across Falun Dafa in 1995. Two years later, I began to learn the exercises in an effort to cure my illness and keep fit. At the time, I only paid attention to the exercises, and didn't study the Fa. Since I had a strong attachment to qing, I slipped away from Dafa. After the persecution began on July 20, 1999, I believed the lies of the Jiang Zemin regime and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and I bore resentment toward Dafa.

Our compassionate Teacher didn't want to give up on me, though, and arranged for me to work in an office with a very diligent practitioner. With his guidance, I started to practice Falun Gong again in June 2006.

1. Help from a Diligent Practitioner

The practitioner, who shared the same office with me, paid a lot of attention to the cultivation of speech. When we were together, we shared our understandings of Fa principles. At the very beginning, I talked a lot about everyday people's topics. He always listened quietly and then pointed out that these things were human attachments, and he hoped that I could let go of these attachments.

I sometimes felt like I was rather vulgar, so I asked him, "Do you think I am annoying or that my level is too low, so that you don't want to share understandings with me?" He smiled and said, "No. Many new practitioners are like that. You must read the Fa more. When you understand the Fa principles more, you will automatically stop saying things like that." He never showed off, and sometimes when I admiringly said to him that he had cultivated very well, he answered with a smile, "I have only read the Fa a few more years than you have and encountered more things. The things you have experienced, I have experienced all of them already. I only speak about my experiences. Please study the Fa more and take the Fa as your Master."

I have been able to walk this far on my cultivation path thanks to help from this practitioner. He gave me all of the Dafa materials that I have. Clarifying the truth and helping people to withdraw from the CCP were hard for me, and I was afraid of opening my mouth, yet he didn't force me. He only said, "Your loved ones have a very deep predestined relationship with you. Don't you want to save them?" I knew that he was right, so I talked to my relatives one by one and asked them to withdraw from the CCP and its subordinate organizations. However, I still dared not distribute truth-clarification materials. He said gently, "When you are finished reading, simply leave them on people's doorsteps. It won't be that difficult. It only takes a few seconds." When I returned home and tried, it turned out that what he said was true. As for putting up posters, he gave me several and said, "Have a look at these self-adhesive posters." I was very scared and felt enormous pressure, but he told me it was very simple and then demonstrated it for me, saying, "It's actually very simple, right?" Then he repeated, "It won't be difficult. As long as you have the heart to save people, you can do anything well." That evening, I posted a few and noticed that it was indeed very easy.

Teacher requested that materials production sites be set up everywhere. Fellow practitioners shared their understandings of the Fa with me, that everyone will be the lord of their own kingdoms and we should not be dependent on others. Therefore, I decided to buy a computer. With the help of fellow practitioners, I learned to browse the Internet, download materials, post articles, and maintain lists of people who wanted to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I was therefore able to reduce the workload of fellow practitioners. Another practitioner paid a lot of attention to the security of mobile phones. Each time we met and I had my mobile phone with me, he warned me to remove the battery. Because of his example, I knew a lot more about security and paid more attention to this issue.

I once asked him, "What kind of predestined relationship is between us?" He replied earnestly, "We came down here to help Teacher to rectify the Fa. Before descending here we reminded each other, if anyone gets lost in the mortal world, we must wake them up." I was moved to tears and very grateful to this practitioner, who had woken me up.

I felt that every practitioner who learned Falun Dafa before 1999 should act like the practitioner at my side, and patiently help those practitioners who came to Dafa later and tolerate their shortcomings. In this way, many practitioners who stepped forward later would have a better chance to do well. Don't criticize too much, because this could cause these practitioners to lose their confidence.

2. Clarify the Truth and Save Sentient Beings

In late 2007, fellow practitioners reminded me to start talking face-to-face to people about Falun Dafa, and persuade them to withdraw from the CCP and its subordinate organizations. At first, I wasn't clear about the Fa principles and was afraid, so I felt that I was getting involved with politics. At that time, I had only read part of Teacher's Fa, so I failed to enlighten to the fact that discussing the facts was a part of saving people.

I bought a computer in late 2008. I read all of Teacher's lectures and repeatedly watched the video version of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. I also read experience-sharing articles written by fellow practitioners, on how to discuss the facts about Falun Dafa and how to persuade people to withdraw from the CCP. I eventually understood that persuading people to quit the CCP amounted to saving them. I therefore seized the time and used every opportunity to save people. First, I clarified the truth to my in-laws and then to their friends. At first, I talked about it directly, but many people thought I was getting involved in politics. They said that even though I had the courage to talk about those topics, they were afraid to listen. When I shared with other practitioners, they told me that I could try clarifying the truth in different ways. Teacher said,

"Validate the Fa with rationality, clarify the truth with wisdom, spread the Fa and save people with mercy--this is establishing the mighty virtue of an Enlightened Being." ("Rationality" from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

Therefore, I changed my tactics. Whenever guests came to my home, I took the materials from the mailbox, which I had placed there beforehand. By doing it this way, my guests had less pressure. I just told them that I often received such truth-clarification materials, and then it was natural to talk about Falun Gong. My cousin studies in Japan, and last year when she came back, she said that Falun Gong had become increasingly popular around the world, and it has currently spread to over 100 regions. In Taiwan alone, there were five to six hundred thousand people practicing Falun Gong. There are also many practitioners in Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, and Korea. She asked, "Why did China ban the exercises?"

After getting the conversation about Falun Gong started, I talked about the peaceful appeal on April 25, 1999, the staged self-immolation at Tiananmen Square, the CCP's history of killing people, as well as withdrawing from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. The majority of people to whom I talked did not know the truth. They listened, but resisted withdrawing from the CCP. I sent forth righteous thoughts to clear away the evil factors, and frequently that helped them to make the right decision.

When I clarified the truth and someone was interested in Dafa, I gave him or her an MP3 player that contained Teacher's Fa lectures.

Every time I thought about the fact that our great Teacher scooped me up from hell and cleansed me, I shed tears. I am so glad that I decided to cultivate in Dafa, help Teacher rectify the Fa, seize the time to save people, and return home with Teacher at this very precious final stage!

I send greetings to our great Teacher with the highest respect!

I salute fellow practitioners at Clearwisdom!

Let us all be diligent together!