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Truly Cultivating Diligently

October 18, 2010 |   By a practitioner from Hebei Province, China

(Clearwisdom.net) I am a high-ranking official, and I started practicing Falun Gong in 1996. Master has been watching over me for more than ten years. My deepest feeling is that we need to study the Fa more, follow Master's words, and cultivate diligently. The following are some of my experiences.

I. Stepping Forward to Save Sentient Beings

I used to visit nearby locations, such as local markets and temples, in order to clarify the truth to friends and other families. However, it was very inconvenient to visit distant locations, especially mountainous areas, because I couldn't return the same day. In May and June of this year, determined to save people, I went to the furthest mountainous area, and I clarified the truth wherever I went. I walked for long distances between villages and towns. I drank from the river when I was thirsty. I felt very light and walked very fast. I didn't feel tired or as if I was enduring hardship at all. Instead, I felt happy and joyful. It felt like all sentient beings were waiting to be saved, truly as Master had said many times. I experienced this first-hand.

As soon as I got off the bus, I walked door-to-door looking for predestined people. While sending forth righteous thoughts, I came across someone and we sat down on the side of the road and started chatting. He was a Party member, but readily withdrew from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) by the end of our conversation. I later came across another person. After chatting with him, I learned that he was an administrative official. After he had failed in the game of seeking fame and interest, he had decided to return home. Although deeply poisoned by the CCP propaganda, he quickly agreed to withdraw from the Party after hearing the true facts. Even more miraculously, when I clarified the truth to another family, the in-laws who live 100 miles away and their children all happened to be there. All six of them were able to understand the truth. I knew this was Master's arrangement. Two Party members and one member of the Party Youth League withdrew from the CCP that day.

I stopped by one family's home that night. The father and son were both Party members and officials. After learning the truth, they withdrew from the CCP. During our conversation, a person came by to borrow something. The owner asked him to sit down and listen to me. He was a Party member too and readily quit the CCP. He said, "All we ask for is a peaceful life. This is very good." Later, a young man came by. I knew that he was predestined, so I clarified the truth to him. He was a member of the Party Youth League. He also withdrew from the CCP and said, "Today is my lucky day."

I got up early the next day. After practicing the exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts, I started off again. In another village eight miles away, there was a retired teacher, also a Party member, who withdrew from the CCP. He said, "This is the first time I've heard any of this. What you said about the various political movements including the Cultural Revolution and the Tiananmen incident are all true. I agree with you. I am happy to withdraw from the CCP." Another person was resting on the side of the road. After I clarified the truth to him, he withdrew from the CCP as well. I thought to myself, "For predestined people like him, we can only meet if I'm walking. I might have missed him if I took the bus."

A father and son that I met were from an area 100 miles away. During our conversation, I learned that the elder was a Party member and the younger was a member of the Party Youth League. They said, "There are people who practice Falun Gong in our town. We have read their flyers, however no one has approached us. We didn't give it too much thought, since we've been busy. Now that you've talked to us, we will withdraw from the CCP." This went very smoothly and I knew that Master had arranged this meeting.

Over the course of my trip, more than twenty people withdrew from the CCP. I returned again after awhile. My understanding is:

1. We should rise above our human notions. We need to turn our attention from making more money, harvesting more crops, and having a comfortable life, to validating Dafa and saving sentient beings. Our everyday existence is for saving sentient beings. We just do our best and don't use human notions to judge who is good or bad. We should be compassionate and take action.

2. We need to study the Fa more to strengthen our righteous thoughts. I sent forth righteous thoughts diligently before my trip. Sometimes I started sending forth righteous thoughts several days ahead. The righteous thoughts will open up a path for us.

3. We should clarify the truth according to an individual person's circumstances and environment, and make full use of truth clarification materials.

4. Don't be fearful, hasty, or anxious. Be sincere and let the other person know that you are doing this for their benefit. We need to be compassionate, even if they don't want to quit the CCP. The power of compassion and the righteous field of Dafa can rectify any incorrect state. During a conversation, we should try to learn the person's name and profession. That way, people will be more likely to use their real names to withdraw from the CCP. Of course, we should not go to extremes. If necessary, we can use aliases.

II. Looking Inside and Eliminating Human Attachments

In the book Zhuan Falun, Master explains very clearly why gong sometimes doesn't grow when practicing qigong and why one sometimes cannot keep their heart calm. Falun Dafa cultivation directly targets one's heart. One will never find anything when looking outward.

Master asked us to have materials production sites in all areas. We know that truth clarification materials are a powerful tool for saving sentient beings. After my wife (also a practitioner) and I shared experiences and eliminated our fear, we decided to establish a materials site. We have overcome many difficulties and managed to establish the site with the help of other predestined people. We now access the Internet, download materials, print them, and make DVDs. Finally we can see photos of Master, and communicate with Minghui and practitioners from all over the world every day.

After one year of producing truth clarification materials, I realized that this process included saving sentient beings, looking inside and eliminating human notions, and returning to my true origin. I would like to tell fellow practitioners that although there are hardships, difficulties, tests, and tribulations, we can truly benefit from this process. I went from knowing nothing about computers to being able to use the Internet, download, print, and produce materials. Whenever something went wrong with the printer or some other machine, I could always trace it back to my own shortcomings - either my heart was not calm, or I was disturbed or not focused. One time, the color printer was malfunctioning. All the colors were mixed up and it became very messy. The printer was also giving a warning saying that it could not be used. Several days later, after my son had returned home from another city, I found human notions had developed in me, such as the attachment of joy, the desire to show off, and the pursuit of fame. I was trying to show off so that he would be impressed with all that I learned at my old age. As soon as I found my human notions and rectified them, the printer began running smoothly again.

We must be clearheaded, study the Fa more, and study it well. No matter how our environment changes, we need to keep our righteous thoughts. Let's not let our Master down.