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Falun Dafa Brought Health and Harmony to My Life

October 17, 2010 |   By Dafa Practitioner Lanxin from Jilin Province


I began cultivating Falun Dafa in April 1998 in order to cure my diseases. Before then I suffered multiple health problems, including rheumatism.

Half a Day after Reading Dafa Books, I Stood Up

Before cultivation, one of my colleagues had frequently said to me, "Practice Falun Dafa. It can cure diseases and improve one's morality." I was unmoved, until one day I lay on my bed unable to turn or sit up. I could not take care of my daily needs. I was really anxious. Without a job, I had no income and no way to pay my health bills. It was at this desperate time that I suddenly remembered my colleague's words and decided to call her. She immediately said, "Read the book!"

It is now embarrassing to say, but I visited my sister's home one day and saw Zhuan Falun on the table. I asked who it belonged to. My sister said, "My husband found it on the bus," I said, "Could you lend it to me?" "Yes, go ahead." I took it home but never actually opened it. It was not until this day that I finally opened up this holy book. I read until I had to get up to make dinner that night. It was miraculous. Without any strain, I stood up! I moved my back, and it was no longer stiff: my entire body was mobile again! I called my colleague excitedly, "Sis! I'm healed! My back does not hurt anymore and is not stiff. I could even ride a bicycle." She was very happy for me and said, "Go to the practice site tomorrow morning!" I did, and I then began my cultivation path.

Harmony in the Family

Not only did Dafa bring me a healthy body, it solved all my problems at home. My tense relationships with my mother-in-law and aunts relaxed and became much better. In the past, I would argue with them whenever any problems arose, to the extent that we could not get along and simply stopped talking to each other.

After practicing Dafa, I learned that every problem has its roots on both sides. I can't simply look at someone else and think I am right and they are wrong. There are historical issues to all conflicts. Being a family, we all have huge predestined relationships with each other, and I have to treat all of them with compassion. After cultivation, I started trying to get close to my mother-in-law and aunts. I changed my ways and once they saw that I was sincere, their thoughts changed as well. When my mother-in-law decided who to live with after she retired, she chose my family. All my aunts were very happy with me. I would always tell them about the goodness of Dafa and give them protective amulets. They are all very willing to accept them. I also helped all of their children, as well as they, themselves, to withdraw from the Communist Party and all its related organizations. From then on, my mother-in-law became very happy, and my aunts would visit frequently. The joy was endless.

All these good things come from my practicing Dafa. It is Dafa who gave me a second life, a healthy body, and a harmonious family.

A Medical Miracle

In early 2004, my sister was diagnosed with late-stage cervical cancer. It was too late for surgery and the only choice available was chemotherapy. But after only a few days, she could not stand the treatment anymore. There were a lot of side effects: vomiting and constant pain. The cancer was not cured and new problems arose. She tried a lot of other non-traditional methods, but none of them worked.

Later, some kindhearted friends persuaded her, "Practice Falun Dafa and see if it helps you." My sister did not believe them, but seeing her in pain, her husband also suggested, "Everyone says it's good, why don't you just give it a try?" She decided to give Falun Dafa a chance. Immediately, she changed. From not being able to eat or drink, she could now eat bowls of rice. Her swollen stomach was healed, and she could walk faster than anyone. Less than week after beginning her cultivation, some of the disabilities that had plagued her for 25 years were healed!

Two years later, when my sister returned to the hospital for a check-up, the doctor was stunned, "How did you cure yourself? Tell me and I'll tell others!" From a medical point of view, people like her could live no longer than six months. What a miracle!

Even though my husband and my children are not practitioners, they support me tremendously. They give me their full support in all and any Dafa related work. Whenever we meet friends, classmates or relatives, my husband brags and praises Dafa, "All of you should practice Dafa." He will go on and on about how my entire family has benefited: healthy bodies, happy minds, a harmonious family, kindness, consideration, money saved from no further medical expenses.

This is but a small glimpse of my cultivation path. Everything that I have right now is all thanks to Master and Dafa's infinite compassion. I can only be diligent to express my gratitude towards Master. I will do well the three things, save sentient beings, and be a good Dafa disciple!