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Euphemistically Referred to as the "House of Love" by Corrupt Authorities, Nanjing Brainwashing Center Continues to Cause Much Harm

October 17, 2010 |   By a Clearwisdom correspondent from Jiangsu Province

(Clearwisdom.net) The "House of Love" (a private brainwashing center) in the Xiaguan District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, has moved from it former location at #17-2 Tangshan Road to #118 Jianning Road. It's still doing its utmost to poison sentient beings.

The so-called "House of Love" is a brainwashing center masterminded by Cheng Dongxiao, head of the 610 Office the Xiaguan District. With false compassion, this center controls a group of so-called volunteers and collaborators, who are being used to brainwash and persecute Falun Gong practitioners. So-called "experts," such as Tang Guofang, the education head of the Jiangsu Province Forced Labor Bureau, and Lu Yangchun from Nanjing Culture Bureau have brainwashed the collaborators, who are former practitioners "transformed" into "consultants" at the "House of Love." Their job is to implement the "brainwashing experience."

This evil "House of Love" brainwashing center model has expanded beyond the Xiaguan District to include different districts extending even into Nanjing. The "volunteers" are collaborators who have been recruited by the 610 Office from different districts. This brainwashing center uses the temptation of food and drink and the so-called "love and care" to reward illegally detained practitioners for compliance. Imprisoned practitioners who do not study the Fa enough fall into their traps.

The "House of Love" also publishes an inside magazine called Xin Ling Yi Zhan and distributes it widely, from Nanjing City and even to other provinces and cities. Many people receive this evil magazine. It slanders Dafa and deceives sentient beings.

The "House of Love" received great attention from the communist regime's 610 Office and the "Cult Studies Association." The officials, Li Anping and Cheng Ningning, visited the facility and set it as a model for other brainwashing centers. Cheng Ningning also promoted the "House of Love" at international conventions. But in response to questions from reporters, she had nothing to say.

Related information:
Xin Ling Yi Zhan, second edition of 2010 (overall fifth edition), published on July 30, by House of Love
Director of the editorial board: Cheng Dongxiao
Editors: Yang Qiuming, Du Hongcheng, Qiao Zhanyu, Zhang Lining, Shi Xiuhua, Feng Chunfu
Photographer: Lu Yaoling
Publication # of Jiangsu Province: JSE-1002993
Address: House of Love, 118 Jianning road, Xiaguan District, Nanjing City, Zip code: 210015
Tel: 86-25-83605646; Email address: njxlyz2009@126.com

Contact information:
Cheng Dongxiao, head of the 610 Office of the Xiaguan District: 86-13245875966 or 13815866819 (Cell)
Du Hongcheng, section head of the Xiaguan District 610 Office: 86-15996258175 (Cell)
Tang Guofang, the education head of the Jiangsu Province Forced Labor Bureau: 86-25-83719121 (Home), 86-13813910507 (Cell), 86-25-83527251 (Office)

Phone numbers of some collaborators:
Zhang Lining, deputy researcher, Jiangsu Academy of Social Science, a coordinator at "House of Love:" 86-25-83391033, 86-25-83722773 (Office)
Meng Zhaomei, art teacher at 39th Middle School in Nanjing, a coordinator at "House of Love:" 86-13813859830 (Cell)
Ma Ailing, Former head of the office at Nanjing City Landscaping Institute, a coordinator at "House of Love:" 86-15951660821 (Cell)
Peng Wenlong, a coordinator at "House of Love:" 86-25-85836309 (Home), 86-13851791981 (Cell)
Shi Jiaojie, an active member at "House of Love:" 86-13851765205 (Cell)
Li Meizhen, an active member at "House of Love"
Hu Peihong, an active member at "House of Love:" 86-25-83416353 (Home)
Liu Shuzhen: 86-18951601652 (Cell), 86-25-83004121 (Home)
Zhang Yulan: 86-25-86291952 (Home), 86-13851544085 (Cell)