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Guards Yu Changjiang and Li Weilong from Daqing Prison Brutally Beat Dafa Practitioners

January 06, 2010 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) (By a correspondent from Heilongjiang Province) Prison guards from Daqing Prison cruelly torture practitioners. Below are two recent accounts of their cruel behavior.

Yu Changjiang Said, "Beating You Is Lawful"

At 9 a.m. on December 22, 2009, practitioner Mr. Qi Fengming was taken to Daqing Prison, No.1 division. When Mr. Qi refused to wear the prison uniform, he was beaten about the head many times by Yu Changjiang, the deputy head of No.1 division. Mr. Qi was then stripped of his clothes and they were burned. Yu Changjiang wrote something on a piece of paper defaming Dafa, then forced Mr. Qi to stand on the note. Later, Yu Changjiang dragged Mr. Qi outside and continued to beat him. He punched him in the head and kicked his legs and lower back. Yu Changjiang grabbed hold of Mr. Qi's shoulders, pulled him towards him, and used his knees to kick Mr. Qi's stomach and chest.

Practitioner Mr. Ren Zhongde opened the window and shouted to Yu Changjiang, "Stop beating Falun Gong practitioners." Yu Changjiang returned inside and demanded, "Who said that?" Mr. Ren told him, "He is already over 70 years old, and yet you beat him like that. What if he was beaten to death?" Yu Changjiang then started to beat Mr. Ren. He ordered other prisoners to drag him outside and severely beat him. Mr. Ren was pushed to the ground and kicked. Mr. Ren asked Yu Changjiang, "Do you have any legal right to torture people?" Yu said, "I am the law. Beating you is lawful." The other guards then left, and only Yu continued to beat him. During this time some officers from the anti-riot police, who witnessed the whole thing, came over and asked what was happening, then left.

Li Weilong Tortured Practitioner Mr. Yang Gongxi

On July 6, 2009, Li Weilong, deputy head of Daqing Prison, forced practitioners to wear the prison uniform by refusing to feed them if they did not wear it. At 8 a.m. on July 11, 2009, Li Weinan, the head of No. 6 division, ordered Cao Wenzhao, the deputy head of No. 6 division, and prisoners Liang Qiu, Wang Hongzhu, and Li Benrong to beat Mr. Yang Gongxi. They stripped off all his clothes, put the prison uniform on him, then carried him to the No. 6 division.

Li Weinan and prisoner Li Huiwu bound Mr. Yang's hands and feet, then used a bamboo stick to beat him from head to toe. Mr. Yang's whole body was bleeding and bruised. Then they put him outside in the sun. His sweat seeped into his wounds, causing unbearable pain.

Around 4 p.m., when it started raining, Mr. Yang was soaked, and several prisoners pleaded with Li Weinan to bring him inside. Li Weinan then ordered Li Huiwu and other prisoners to force-feed him. During this torture they hurt Mr. Yang's right wrist, and his hand was numb for two months afterwards. On July 12, they continued to torture Mr. Yang.

Yu Changjiang, deputy head of No.1 division: 86-459-6365291, 86-13059084616 (Cell)

Li Weinan, head of No. 6 division: 86-13136800877 (Cell)