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Ms. Jiao Fenglan Died from Torture Received in Laishui County Detention Center

September 05, 2009 |  

Name: Jiao Fenglan (焦凤兰)
Gender: Female
Age: 60
Address: Beizhuang Village, Shiting Town, Laishui County, Hebei Province
Occupation: Unknown
Date of Death: June 2003
Date of Most Recent Arrest: May 6, 2003
Most recent place of detention: Laishui County Detention Center (涞水县看守所)
City: Laishui County
Province: Hebei
Persecution Suffered: Force-Feedings, Forced Injections
Key Persecutors: Suo Baogui (锁保贵), Wang Fucai (王福才), Yu Deshen (于德申)

(Clearwisdom.net) (Correspondent from Hebei Province) On May 6, 2003, Ms. Jiao Fenglan was arrested by Suo Baogui and Wang Fucai from the local "610 Office." She died less than one month later in the Laishui County Detention Center as a result of torture.

On May 6, 2003, Suo Baogui and Wang Fucai, arrested Ms. Jiao and took her to the Laishui County militia training base, where she was detained and tortured for 15 days. Afterward, she was transferred to the Laishui County Detention Center.

Ms. Jiao went on a hunger strike in the detention center to protest the persecution. Yu Deshen, director of the detention center, ordered his staff to tie Ms. Jiao to a chair, pull her arms behind her back and tie them to the back of the chair. Ms. Jiao's head was then tipped back, making it difficult for her to breathe. Salt was shoveled into her mouth and washed down with water. Ms. Jiao was nearly suffocated and struggled in agony. This was repeated day after day.

On the tenth day of Ms. Jiao's hunger strike, several officers dragged her outside and said: "There will be an open trial today, and we'll parade Jiao Fenglan and other Falun Gong followers through streets." They eventually gave up because Ms. Jiao was too weak to sustain herself.

Ms. Jiao was steadfast to her belief in Falun Gong and continued her hunger strike. Under Yu Deshen's order, the staff at the detention center hung an intravenous drip bottle on a clothes line and dragged Ms. Jiao outside to give her intravenous infusions. Three to four inmates were ordered to keep a close watch on Ms. Jiao. If anyone stopped Ms. Jiao's intravenous infusion, the inmates would be punished by being shackled.

The intravenous fluids contained unknown drugs. Halfway through the infusion, Ms. Jiao began to have hot flashes and headaches and started to throw up. She continued to vomit even when there was nothing left in her stomach. The symptoms began to subside by the next morning. As soon as the cell door opened in the morning, a group of officers and inmates rushed in and dragged Ms. Jiao outside for more intravenous infusions.

The torture went on every day until one day when Ms. Jiao was found lying on her stomach in a puddle. She asked others to pour cold water over her body to relieve the hot flashes. Her body trembled continuously. The detention center called for a doctor. The doctor took one look at Ms. Jiao and said: "She is dying."

Never the less, Suo Baogui and Wang Fucai still refused to release Ms. Jiao. Finally, several people carried Ms. Jiao out of the detention center. She died several days later.

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