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Mr. Feng Gang Arrested Again in Dalian, His Whereabouts Unknown

September 01, 2009 |  

Name: Feng Gang(冯刚)
Gender: Male
Date of most recent arrest: July 4, 2009
Most recent place of detention: Dalian City Detention Center (大连看守所)
City: Dalian City
Province: Liaoning Province

(Clearwisdom.net) (Correspondent from Dalian) Falun Gong practitioner Feng Gang from Dalian City, Liaoning Province was detained and tortured at a detention center for more than one month and was in critical condition. He was taken to the No. 210 hospital on August 10. Despite the pain he was in, Feng Gang left the hospital to escape the police. It was said that Feng Gang was arrested by police at a supermarket, after returning home from the hospital. Feng Gang's family members went to a local police station and policeman Li Hongqiao told them: "Feng Gang will die within a few days."

Around noon on July 4, 2009 Dafa practitioners Feng Gang, his wife Wang Juan and twelve others were arrested at the home of practitioner Shi Guixiang by police from Huanghe Road Police Station, Xigang District Police Department in Dalian City. They were detained at Dalian Detention Center. Afterwards the police took the key and ransacked their home. They stole a laptop, books and other personal belongings.

Police officer Li Hongqiao repeatedly interrogated Feng Gang during his detention. On August 10, Feng Gang was persecuted so severely that he was in a life-threatening condition.

The guard at Dalian Detention Center said that Feng Gang was not allowed to die at the detention center and the National Security Team would deal with it. Then three people from Dalian National Security Team came and took Feng Gang to the Military No. 210 Hospital in Dalian.

According to the examination at the hospital, Feng Gang's gallbladder was swollen to the size of two fists. He could not eat or drink. The doctor told the person from National Security Team that he was in critical condition and he must be operated on immediately.

The National Security official said that it was not necessary to operate that day. He said that the doctor could wait until the next day after Feng Gang was released from detention, hence Feng Gang would have to pay all the expenses. The doctor did not agree and said the patient would die if the surgery was put off until the next day. The three police from National Security Team had to pay a four thousand yuan deposit.

Feng Gang told the doctor that he could not undergo the surgery since his wife was also detained and he could not afford the cost. The doctor had sympathy for him. Feng Gang wrote a statement to the doctor declaring that his life or death had nothing to do with the hospital after he left the hospital. The doctor gave him fifty yuan from the deposit so that he could take a taxi home.

On August 12, Feng Gang's family members learned that he was home, so they visited him at his home the next day. However when they knocked on the door, but nobody answered. Feng Gang had disappeared again. It was said that Feng Gang went to a supermarket after going home and he was arrested again.

On August 14, Feng Gang's family members went to Dalian National Security Team to request the release of Feng Gang. The security staff said that all of the police officers were out. They insisted on seeing an officer. After a long period of time, one police officer showed up and said: "You have to talk to the person who arrested him." Feng Gang's family members went to the Police Station on Huanghe Road. They saw Li Hongqiao who was in charge and asked him where Feng Gang was. Li Hongqiao did not answer the question directly and said that Feng Gang has either died or would die in a few days.

Feng Gang's family members said that they wanted to see the body if he was dead. Li Hongqiao then said that Feng Gang was not dead.

Feng Gang's family members said to Li Hongqiao, "Since Feng Gang is seriously ill, he should be taken care of by his wife Wang Juan." Li Hongqiao said that Wang Juan was sent to Masanjia Forced Labor Camp.

After being persecuted for more than one month, Wang Juan became emaciated and she lost her appetite. She also had symptoms of heart disease and hepatitis.

On August 17, Feng Gang's family members went to the police station to request his release. Li Hongqiao showed a statement that Feng Gang was released on the condition that he would serve his term outside of prison. The date on the statement was August 10, the same day Feng Gang was taken to the No. 210 Hospital, but it was not signed by Feng Gang. They asked Li Hongqiao why there was no signature. Li said that Feng Gang refused to sign.

On August 19, Wang Juan's family members were informed by phone from the Police Station at Huanghe Road that Wang Juan was sent to Masanjia Forced Labor Camp and she would be detained there for one and a half years.

Police Station at Huanghe Road, Dalian City: 86-411-83789221 86-411-83788489 86-411-83789219