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Pay Attention to the Results of Truth-Clarification; Speed up the Pace of Saving Sentient Beings

August 08, 2009 |   By a practitioner in North America

(Clearwisdom.net) As I understand the old force arrangements, they planned for only a very small number of people to survive the Fa-rectification period. A lot of prophesies have hinted at similar outcomes, as well. However, Teacher hopes that many, many more people can be saved. As I understand it, what we practitioners have achieved so far in terms of saving people falls vastly short of Teacher's expectations.

We made some calculations to help us have a clearer picture of our results in saving sentient beings over the past ten years. These calculations are based solely on the population in China.

  1. The first question: Over the past years how many people has each practitioners saved? How many practitioners are still diligent?

If 200 million people have been saved, it means that each practitioner saved an average of two people over the past ten years, assuming 100 million practitioners.

If we assume only two million practitioners, each would have saved 100 people over the past ten years, which is roughly equal to ten a year, or about one a month.

If each practitioner in China was able to save three people per month, or around 40 a year, only 550,000 practitioners would have been able to save 200 million people.

  1. The second question: From now on if every practitioner can save one person per month, how many people can we save as one body?

If each practitioner is able to save one person a month, or an average of 10 people a year, then 100 million practitioners can save one billion people in only one year. If this was the case, then we only need one year to save everyone in China and, as I understand it, the persecution would certainly stop and the cultivation in the Fa-rectification period would end.

If we calculate based on 50 million practitioners, and each saves ten a year, we could save 500 million a year. To save one billion people, we would only need two years. That is to say, we can end the persecution and Fa-rectification in two years.

  1. The third question: How many years do we need to save 500 million people based on the speed in which we saved people over the past ten years?

Assuming we have saved 200 million people over the past ten years, it would take another 15 years to save 500 million people in total. The population of China is 1.3 billion, so that would even still fall far short of saving half the population.

Of course, these are only examples. I only want to explain an issue from a certain angle, to show that our diligence in acting as one body is far from the requirements of the Fa and far from the speed and the result in saving sentient beings. As a matter of fact, if the number of people saved by some of the most diligent practitioners exceeded ten per cent, it would mean that the rest of the practitioners failed to reach even the average number of people to be saved. Some might not have saved anyone. These practitioners put themselves in a very dangerous position, without having saved any of the beings for whom they were responsible.

Teacher said,

"Another thing is, some people have a hard time realizing how urgent it is to save sentient beings. And there are only so many Dafa disciples acting on this at present." (Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference)

From my personal knowledge of the situation both in China and overseas, the ratio of practitioners who have actively taken part in "truth clarification" is far too low. A fair amount of practitioners have been hindered by fear, selfishness and the attachment of seeking comfort. They have not seized the time to save sentient beings. Many practitioners, though they know they should clarify the truth, actually spend most of their time studying the Fa, doing the exercises and their everyday work. In clarifying the facts they just let it go naturally. They even fail to clarify the truth for long periods of time and do not know whether or not they are saving people.

Teacher said

"The state of things since July 20, 1999, has been completely different from that of before July 20, 1999. That is why doing the three things well is cultivation, while doing only one of the three isn't--that's how it is, and you won't be able to improve that way. So Dafa disciples must do them well. Of course, some of you present here today are new students, and those requirements don't apply to you. Right now as long as you can study the Fa well and cultivate based on the Fa, that's fine at the present stage. But for our veteran students, you have had a long time, so you have no choice but to do things on the basis of the Fa." (Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005)

It's necessary for practitioners to study the Fa, do the exercises and do your normal job well. However, if we neglect truth-clarification, it means we have failed to do the three things well. For veteran practitioners, if they fail in clarifying the truth, it means they are not cultivating.

How can we save 50, 60, 70 and even 80 per cent of the world's people in accordance with Teacher's wish and put an end to this persecution? The following are some of the main points from our discussion.

  1. Helping Inactive Practitioners Become More Diligent

Diligent practitioners have shouldered most of the tasks of saving sentient beings. However, if we only rely on the relatively small number of diligent practitioners, it won't be enough. We need more practitioners to join in. When all practitioners step forward, we can greatly accelerate the speed of clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings. To encourage those practitioners who are not diligent is itself difficult, a hard task which needs both patience and sacrifice. If diligent practitioners understand the importance of helping more practitioners step forward while they themselves clarify the truth, then more practitioners will gradually step forward to clarify the truth and become diligent. This will really help improve our harmony as one body and, as a result, the effect of truth-clarification will have a snowball effect.

Shen Yun Performing Arts has set a brilliant example for us. Most members of the performance group were not part of the backbone force in clarifying the facts before they joined Shen Yun. In addition, in promoting ticket-sales, some practitioners who had not come out previously, soon stepped forward to join the truth clarification effort. These two groups of people have greatly increased the strength of our one body. Consequently, the pace in saving sentient beings as one body is picking up.

  1. Pay Attention to the Effect of Saving Sentient Beings

Over the past ten years, practitioners have worked very hard and have done a lot of truth-clarification; however, the net result in saving sentient beings is far from enough. The poor results of our efforts was caused by our thoughts. For example, many practitioners only paid attention to "doing," saying things such as, "I did this" or "We did that" and "See how big an area we've covered" and "See how many fliers we handed out." We failed to think much about the results. How many people read our materials and what was the result after they read the materials? Some of us still fail to understand Fa-rectification cultivation and continue to indulge our own interests and attachments. When doing truth-clarification to save sentient beings, some practitioners' primary goal is to satisfy their own personal interests and attachments. Encountering problems, they use human thoughts and human methods. All these have affected their cultivation and hindered the effect of saving sentient beings as one body, so it is imperative that we let go of human attachments as quickly as possible. Only by doing so can we progress in Teacher's Fa-rectification process.

Another factor for our poor results is the fear mentality that we still need to let go of. Some practitioners have overcome fear but still do not understand what cultivation truly is. Practitioners are fundamentally different from everyday people. Therefore, if we still fear this and fear that when distributing truth-clarification materials, then we will not display the mighty virtue and compassion of Dafa. Under such circumstances, it will be hard to reach the results we aspire to in saving sentient beings. The above are two typical situations existing among practitioners. I want to use these examples to explain that only by truly looking inward and upgrading ourselves in the process of cultivation can we save more people in a speedy and down-to-earth manner.

This sharing is meant to play a role in pushing practitioners forward to save more people. Please point out anything that is improper.