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Falun Gong Flourishes in China During Ten Years of Persecution

August 07, 2009 |   By Sixian Sun

(Clearwisdom.net) For the last ten years the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has exhausted all of the nation's resources in persecuting Falun Gong. During this unprecedented time, practitioners have endured the persecution, persisted in cultivation, and walked firmly with dignity during the process of "clarifying the truth" to people around the world.

During this time, the practice has spread to over 100 countries, and Falun Dafa Associations are registered organizations around the world. The CCP has failed to extend its persecution overseas, as many politicians, medias and the mainstream society are not taken in by the the party's slander and propaganda. In addition, many Chinese who have been used by the CCP consulates to attack Falun Gong no longer act as the CCP's tools after they learn the truth. Outside of China, the worldwide presence of Falun Gong and the failure of the CCP are indisputable.

In China, the persecution has gone underground and the CCP is trying to block news of the persecution from reaching the outside world, which indicates that the persecution won't be able to continue for long. For the time being, the CCP is saying that Falun Gong has been "fundamentally destroyed," and the persecution in China "has been successful."

Practitioners in China Persevere During Persecution

According to the Clearwisdom website, in the month of April 2009, there are about 200,000 informational materials production sites established by mainland Chinese practitioners across the country. Each site provides Falun Dafa books, new lectures, Clearwisdom Weekly Magazine, Clearwisdom Weekly Journal Mainland Version, and other truth-clarification materials. At least 40 million mainland practitioners visit the Minghui/Clearwisdom website to exchange information. The website is also an avenue for practitioners around the world to send their greetings, artworks, and poems to Master.

The Shen Yun performances on DVD can be seen by many households in China through the efforts of practitioners distributing them. More than 54 million Chinese have withdrawn from the CCP and its affiliated organizations after learning the truth.

These facts are only part of the story we know through the tightly-controlled Internet in China, but it provides sufficient evidence that practitioners in China are firmly cultivating and have made great strides during the ten years of truth clarification.

Illusion Created by Media Filter

At the beginning of the persecution, the CCP used its mass media to slander Falun Gong. However, practitioners have exposed all of the CCP's lies during the process of clarifying the truth and resisting the persecution. For instance, the "Tiananmen Square Self-immolation" incident gave practitioners the opportunity to clarify the truth. After learning the truth, many Chinese citizens immediately stopped supporting the persecution.

A high-level CCP delegation once stayed at the famous Waldorf Astoria and Towers in New York City. Staff from the Chinese Consulate in New York delivered to them two bouquets of flowers--one white and one yellow--according to the usual custom. As it turns out, the staff members were criticized because the delegation was unhappy with the colors of the flowers, since white symbolizes death and yellow symbolizes Falun Gong. This incident shows how much the CCP fears Falun Gong. Zhili Chen, one of Zemin Jiang's cohorts in the persecution of Falun Gong, refused to use the front gate of the hotel, but instead used the door near the trash dumpster to enter and leave the hotel. She was afraid of getting another subpoena from practitioners.

In China, a confidential document delivered in February 2009 from a CCP City Council showed that the CCP considers 2009 to be a "sensitive year," a year when the CCP should be in "the most intense state of combat readiness," with the first priority being to strike down Falun Gong. If the persecution was successful, as the CCP claimed, then why is the CCP, which controls all levels of organizations in the country, so afraid?

Maturity of Practitioners Manifests: A Great Tao Is Formless

During ten years of persecution, practitioners in China have gradually matured in cultivation from initially not knowing how to face the persecution to enduring the persecution without hesitation and actively working to bring the persecution to an end. They come from all walks of life and classes of society, and can cultivate in their own families and social environment as long as they truly cultivate themselves, whether they are male or female, young or old, rich or poor. Each person is a member of society and has his or her own colleagues and friends.

Practitioners clarifying the facts help people to understand the truth and resist the persecution. The environment created by practitioners who cultivate well directly counters the persecution, therefore acts of persecution will naturally not occur. Because of this, it seems that people don't see Falun Gong in public or the persecution. This actually shows the maturity of cultivation and the success of resisting the persecution. When everyone knows the truth and resists the persecution using their hearts and actions, the CCP will naturally disintegrate and the persecution will end.