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After Inhuman Torture, Ms. Guan Yujing, a Judge from Fuzhou City, Is Once Again Illegally Arrested

August 07, 2009 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) At around 8:30 a.m. on June 23, 2009, Ms. Guan Yujing from Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, was taken away from the building where she lived. She is currently being detained at the No. 1 Detention Center in Fuzhou City.

Guan Yujing used to be the judge for the Fujian Province People's High Court. She has been working in the judicial system for over twenty years.

Because she has refused to give up Falun Gong in the face of persecution, Guan Yujing had been sent to a mental hospital twice and was once illegally sentenced to a year of forced labor. On January 14, 2004, she was arrested while she was at work, and was sentenced to four years in prison. Ms. Guan used to have a happy family, but after her sentencing in 2004, her husband divorced her. Her family has also suffered a lot during these past years of persecution.

After suffering four years in prison, Guan Yujing came back home in early 2008, but she has now once again been arrested. Her parents, who are over 70 years old, and her teenage child are all very worried about her.

The following are Guan Yujing's own words, from a letter of appeal written in October 2004:

"I had been very weak and often got sick since I was young. In order to have a healthy body, I had practiced many different kinds of qigong. In 1997, a colleague introduced Falun Gong to me. I since gained a healthy body, and more than that, my mind was purified. I follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and try to be a good person with a high moral standard. I don't accept any bribes from clients, such as money or dinner invitations. I donated several tens of thousands of "yuan" that I earned in the stock market and lottery to the provincial "Hope Project" and "Cunlei Project." I treat people around me kindly, work hard, and regard fame and personal interests lightly. It is Falun Gong that makes me healthy both physically and mentally and has improved my moral standards.

"However, in July 1999, such a good practice was persecuted. Many groundless accusations were leveled against it. Overnight, millions of practitioners suddenly found themselves positioned on the opposite side of the government. Facing such a situation, I decided to go to Beijing to appeal and say a just word for Falun Gong. On December 26, 1999, I went to the State Appeals Bureau in Beijing, but I was arrested before I was even able to enter the gate of the bureau. I was sent back and detained in the local detention center. Three days later, unbelievably, I was escorted by the people from the court and my family members, and was forcibly sent to a mental hospital. I wasn't allowed to leave there after the Chinese New Year in 2000. Later, I learned what had happened. Because the officials in my work unit were going to fire me because they knew I went to Beijing to appeal, my family members made such a painful decision in order to save my job.

"In March 2000, during the National People's Congress, Falun Gong practitioners wrote a public letter to the People's Congress. Police, led by Deng Benxing from the municipal police department, searched my home. Because they found a copy of the public letter and a copy of the signed letter at my home, I was arrested and detained in the No. 1 Detention Center of Fuzhou City. Fifteen days later, I was once again sent to the mental hospital. This time, my family didn't agree to send me to the mental hospital, but the authorities deceived my family and forced them to sign an absurd agreement, stating that without this agreement from the work unit and police department, I would not be allowed to leave the hospital. During the period in the hospital, I was forced to take medicines and was given injections that were very harmful to the brain and nervous system. I was tied to a metal bed by four male patients in order to forcibly administer those medicines. When the head of the Party committee from my work unit came to visit me, I told him they should not put me in a mental hospital as a form of detention. I was told that if I wrote the "guarantee statement," promising to give up Falun Gong practice, I could be allowed to leave the hospital. I had been detained there for more than four months before I left. I was still under house arrest after returning home.

"During the Chinese New Year of 2001, the Tiananmen self-immolation incident was produced to frame Falun Gong practitioners, and the persecution of practitioners became more severe. I decided to make some copies of the truth-clarification materials to expose the lies. I was reported to the police and was illegally arrested. After being detained at the No. 2 Detention Center for a month, I was sent to a forced labor camp. In the labor camp, I was detained in a confinement cell where there was only a bare concrete floor and we were not even allowed to use a newspaper to cover the floor. Every night, guards and the head of the labor camp took turns trying to force me to write a so-called "repentance statement." I was not allowed to sleep for eighteen consecutive nights. During that period, the officials from my work unit came to announce that I had been dismissed from my job and my qualifications as a judge were revoked. Under intense pressure, I was forced to be "transformed" and wrote the so-called "guarantee statement." After being subjected to forced labor for one year plus 15 days, I was released in March 2002. In June I start to working again at my original work unit. On January 2004, when I was at work, I was arrested and later detained at the No. 2 Detention Center. My home and my office were searched..."

During her detention in Fujian Women's Prison, Guan Yujing was subjected to inhumane torture because persisted in her belief. Feng Ningsheng, deputy head of the Education Section, Prison Administration Bureau of Fujian Province, collaborated with the prison guards to torture Ms. Guan physically and mentally. Guan Yujing had been cuffed with both hands together and hung up with only the tips of her toes touching the ground for three days and three nights. Ms. Guan had written letters to report the inhuman treatment to the head of the prison, but she received no replies. After she was released from prison in early 2008, she wrote letters to the Discipline Inspection Division of the Prison Administration Bureau to report what she had been subjected to in the prison. The letters were once again ignored.

July 17, 2009