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Ms. Bu Shuhua Illegally Detained and Tortured in Jilin Province's Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp

August 06, 2009 |   By a practitioner in Jilin Province, China

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Bu Shuhua was arrested by police from the Xin'an Police Station in Longtan District and detained in the Jilin City Detention Center on June 27, 2009. She was beaten by the police and dragged back and forth on the ground, which caused multiple injuries on her back and legs, and deep cuts in her wrists from the handcuffs. She had difficulty walking from the physical abuse that she endured.

On July 7, Ms. Bu was sentenced to 18 months of forced labor and sent to the Seventh Ward of the Heizuizi Women's Forced Labor Camp in Jilin Province.

On July 8, Deputy Warden Hou Zhihong sent for Ms. Bu and forced her to stand motionless for over an hour, even though Ms. Bu was suffering from excruciating back pain.

On July 10, Hou sent Ms. Bu to a disciplinary room and proceeded to beat her, while Deputy Warden Wei Dan savagely kicked her. Two prison guards, Li Man and Zhang Yunxue, shocked Ms. Bu's hands, face and neck with electric batons.

Later, Hou and Zhang handcuffed Ms. Bu. Wei, Hou, Li, Zhang, another guard named Zou Jialin, and other guards then beat and tortured Ms. Bu using electric batons. She suffered disfiguring wounds under her left eye, neck, and arms. After the torture, an inmate named Lu Mingchun forced Ms. Bu to do hard labor.

Hou and Warden Lu Hu often verbally abused practitioners Ms. He Jingbo, Ms. Yang Shuhong, Ms. Liang Hongxia, and Ms. Pang Yali because they refused to do forced labor. Prison guard Wang Hua also denied them basic personal hygiene, saying that they were not allowed to use the labor camp's water. The guards also said that they were only allowed to buy daily necessities, but not extra food.