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Woman in Her 60s Cruelly Tortured in a Forced Labor Camp Because She Refused to Give Up Her Belief (Mudanjiang City)

August 04, 2009 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Liu Guixiang, an employee of Farm 858 of Agriculture Management Bureau in Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, would not give up the practice of Falun Dafa and went to Beijing to seek justice for Falun Dafa. As a result, she was arrested and sentenced to forced labor many times by Chinese Communist Party officials. She suffered indescribable tortures. The guards in the forced labor camp force-fed her, and ruthlessly twisted the tube in her esophagus and stomach with malicious intent.

Liu Guixiang is 63 years old. Before she practiced Falun Dafa, she suffered from many diseases including heart disease, bronchitis, prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc, rheumatism, and uterine tumors. After she obtained the Fa on March 1998, she recovered from her diseases without any medical treatment.

On July 20, 1999, the Chinese Communist Party started to publicly persecute Falun Dafa. Ms. Liu went to Beijing on July 22, 1999, to appeal of behalf of Falun Dafa. Three months later, she was taken back by the police from the Public Security Bureau of Farm 858 and locked up for fifteen days.

On March 21, 2000, afraid that she would go to Beijing, the 610 Office and the Public Security Bureau of Farm 858 took her to a brainwashing session in the farm's reception center. She refused to give up her practice and was subjected to brainwashing for over 50 days. She was forced to pay 3,000 yuan for "room and board." After she got out of the brainwashing session, the farm sent Xue Jicheng, the deputy head of Group 12, to monitor her every day. To run any errand away from home, she had to report to Lu Yuxing, the head of the group, and be picked up and dropped off by Lu Yuxing in person. Ms. Liu felt that she had lost her freedom. She appealed to appropriate departments at the farm many times that it was not wrong to practice Falun Dafa. She asked that the people who were monitoring her and restricting her freedom be removed, otherwise she would continue to appeal. She was ignored.

On December 8, 2000, Liu Guixiang went to Beijing again. She was taken back by Wang Yuqin, deputy head of Farm 858; Han Zhaoheng from the Public Security Bureau of Farm 858, Wang Zhibin; and Wang Xuejun, party secretary of Group 12 of Farm 858, and locked up in the farm's Public Security Bureau. The same night, she was suspended against a wall for the whole night by Tang Jingtian, secretary of the farm's Committee for Disciplinary Inspection, and Song Lixue, the Propaganda Minister and the head of Office 610. On the third day, she was locked up in the Detention Center of the Agriculture Management Bureau in Mudanjiang City. They also took eight hundred yuan from her as a deposit. She has not yet come back.

The Public Security Bureau of Farm 858 sent her to Wanjia Forced Labor Camp for two years. She suffered tremendously there. She was even locked up in solitary confinement and tortured for over seven months by Zhang Bo, the head of Group 12. She was prevented from sleeping or using the toilet, beaten, kicked, and savagely force-fed. Once, many guards held her down, inserted a tube into her stomach, and twisted the tube over and over again. Her stomach was damaged and bled badly. She fainted while being force-fed. The guards violently struck her head and woke her up. After coming to, she saw blood all over her face and many tubes in her mouth. The guards pulled the tubes out of her mouth, then inserted them into her nose again and continued to force-feed and torture her. Many days after, she still had bloody stools and her head was still black and blue.

During the seven months she was locked in solitary confinement, she was kept on an iron chair, which is a kind of torture device. The person's hands and feet are restrained in the chair so that she cannot move a bit. After an extended time, the person's legs and feet will swell. The last time, she was forced to remain in the iron chair day and night for over a month, and her legs and feet turned completely red-purple.

Once, guard Li Min tied her up completely and then suspended her. He kicked her back and forth for almost an hour before putting her down. In another instance, when Ms. Liu was locked up in an iron chair. Li Min grabbed a moth flying inside the window and stuffed it into her mouth, and punched her breast twice. Li Lan, a practitioner who was locked up in the same room, said, "Don't beat Auntie Liu any longer. She is very old!" Li Min then came over and punched Li Lan twice in the head and said, "Is she your mother?"

Still another time, guard Liu Xingang took Ms. Liu out of solitary confinement and put her into a room nearby. He ordered two male criminals to try to force her to give up her cultivation practice, which Ms. Liu refused to do. The two men beat and kicked her for almost an hour. Liu Xingang said, "For those that won't give up their cultivation practice, we will cure you one by one tomorrow!" That night, a tragedy happened in Wanjia Forced Labor Camp--many Falun Dafa practitioners were tortured to death.

Later, Ms. Liu Guixiang was transferred to Group 7. She was forced to sit on a small stool for a long time and often shocked with electric batons. Once, four guards suspended her and shocked her with electric batons for about four hours. Later, the rope that suspended her broke, and she fell to the ground as if it were cut by a knife. The guards talked among themselves, "Strange. How could such a thick rope break?" After that, they did not dare to suspend her any longer.

After she had served her forced labor term, the Wanjia Forced Labor Camp kept her for another eighteen days. Then they released her. While Liu Guixiang was imprisoned in the forced labor camp, the Chinese Communist staff in Farm 858 withheld her retirement stipend for over two years, an amount of over 14,000 yuan, and also forced her family to pay 1,600 yuan to cover the fee that Farm 858 spent to trace and capture her when she went to Beijing to appeal. They still have not returned the money to her.

People who participated in the persecution of Liu Guixiang:
Du Jifu, the previous party secretary of Farm 858
Wang Yuqin, the previous deputy head of Farm 858
Tang Jingtian, the previous secretary of the Committee for Disciplinary Inspection of Farm 858
Song Lixue, the previous propaganda minister and the head of the Office 610 of Farm 858
Xie Jinhe, the previous head of the Public Security Bureau of Farm 858
Han Zhaoheng and Wang Zhibin, the policemen of the Public Security Bureau of Farm 858
Zhang Zhongxin, the head of the Labor and Capital Section of Farm 858
Lu Yuxing, the previous head of Group 12 of Farm 858
Xue Jicheng, the previous deputy head of Group 12 of Farm 858
Wang Xuejun, the party secretary of Group 12 of Farm 858
Shi Yingbai, the head of Wanjia Forced Labor Camp
Li Min and Liu Xingang, guards in Wangjia Forced Labor Camp