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Ms. Ha Jingbo, a Secondary School Teacher, Has Been Detained Beyond Her Term

August 11, 2009 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Ha Jingbo was a teacher at the No. 4 Secondary School of Dongfeng County in Jilin Province. Because she practiced Falun Gong, she was illegally incarcerated at Heizuizi Women's Forced Labor Camp in Changchun City. July 2, 2009 was the date that Ha Jingbo was to be released after fulfilling the one-year term and an additionally imposed 5 days, but the labor camp refused to release her.

The Politics and Law Committee of Dongfeng County and the 610 Office only informed Ha Jingbo's school and did not inform her family members. Her family members were informed by the school and it was only then that they knew about her scheduled release date. When they went to get Ha Jingbo, the personnel from the Labor Camp claimed that Ha Jingbo was "too stubborn" and refused to be "transformed." When the family members and the school personnel came to pick her up, the labor camp refused to release her.

The relevant personnel returned from the labor camp and said that the Dongfeng Politics and Law Committee, 610 Office and Dongfeng Secondary School, all said that the labor camp was detaining Ha Jingbo beyond her term and refused to release her. But now the authorities at the Dongfeng Secondary School changed their words and said that it was Ha Jingbo who refused to go back home. In a matter of a few days, the entire story changed radically. Since Ha Jingbo was arrested on June 28, 2008, she had been violently beaten and tortured. A few days ago, the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net) exposed the news that Ha Jingbo and other practitioners were shocked with electric batons at the labor camp because they refused to give up their practice. Why would Ha Jingbo be unwilling to go home?

We believe the culprits are the Dongfeng Politics and Law Committee and 610 Office! The real story should be that the labor camp informed the Dongfeng 610 Office in advance to pick up Ha Jingbo, but the Dongfeng Politics and Law Committee and 610 Office did not want to release Ha Jingbo. They had no valid reason to give, so they sent Ha Jingbo back to the Dongfeng Police Station without releasing her. They purposely did not inform Ha Jingbo's family members and only informed her work unit, the Dongfeng Secondary School. They did not expect that Ha Jingbo's family members would go to the labor camp in person. Thus, the Dongfeng 610 Office secretly collaborated with the labor camp and asked them to continue to detain Ha Jingbo beyond her term. They gave the family members and Dongfeng Secondary School the impression that it was the labor camp officials who refused to release her. In order to further cover up their crime, the Dongfeng Politics and Law Committee and 610 Office fabricated lies. This is why the ridiculous story was created by the Dongfeng Secondary School that Ha Jingbo was unwilling to go home.

In Ms. Ha Jingbo's family, her father-in-law is in his 80s and depends on Ms. Ha for his daily needs. There are two daughters in high school who need Ms. Ha's motherly love. Her husband is very busy with work and does not have time to take care of the family. Currently, her eldest daughter who had gone to another region to work had to postpone her marriage in hopes that her mother can attend her wedding. The whole family had a hard time waiting for her one year of imprisonment to end and were all hoping for her to come home early. In the end, Ms. Ha was further persecuted and her term was extended by the Dongfeng 610 Office and the labor camp.

Relevant work units and persons-in-charge responsible for the persecution:
Police Department Head (newly appointed) Zheng Lizhong: 86-437-6207577 (Office)
Deputy head of 610 Office, Li Wensheng: 86-13843727888(Cell), 86-437-6216509 (Home), 86-437-6215069 (Office)