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Western Practitioner: Strengthening Our Focus on the Righteous Fa

August 11, 2009 |   By a Western Practitioner

(Clearwisdom.net) In our area, there are some significant conflicts among practitioners. This has been very sad to observe, and at times I have been part of these difficult situations. It not only disrupts the harmony of the group in the local and regional areas, but creates tension and confusion on important Dafa projects, even creating a lot of extra work and financial waste. Even more sad are the times that these conflicts are carried out in the presence of everyday people.

I have recently been part of a couple of conversations with a practitioner regarding another practitioner who seems to be interfered with quite seriously, and not living by Fa principles. There is a lot of distrust that has developed in our regional group due to recent experiences and it has brought some important truth clarification projects to a grinding halt.

Even though the intent of our conversations was to understand the situation better to try to help the challenged practitioner, it still left me with headaches or other physical discomfort, so I knew that I was not handling the situation right. I was looking within during the process and finding ways to improve, but that was not enough. I was trying to be thoughtful and stay in the Fa, but fell short.

This made me give more thought to why another challenge with a different practitioner at a different time turned out so well. It was a horribly sad situation, hard to endure, and I even felt unfairly judged. I did a lot of inner searching and made some changes. However, one of the hardest parts was going to practice each week where the other practitioner would also be. I made myself go because if I didn't, it seemed to me that the old forces would feel they had won a round. I also refused to acknowledge anything negative from that practitioner or from my own mind. Each time anything negative surfaced, I repeated "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance" to myself, which kept me from reacting, mentally or verbally, in a negative way. It seemed to destroy any existing interference as well and helped me rebuild compassion for that dear practitioner.

That part was easy to remember, and works in many situations. The part that I remembered today that pulled it all together, was staying focused on the beauty of the original true self of that practitioner and holding that practitioner in the highest regard. Doing that helped empower the most important positive part of that practitioner, instead of helping the destructive elements thrive. What we focus on is what becomes strengthened.

It is through this that I am better able to understand what it means to not acknowledge the old forces' arrangements. If practitioners can stay focused on the original true selves of fellow practitioners and everyday people, and stay focused on Master's arrangements, holding them all in the highest regard, then perhaps compassion will emerge even stronger, and we could potentially make great strides ahead, leaving the old forces in the dust.

Master taught us:

" No matter how much I say, you still have to walk the path of cultivation yourselves. To walk this path well and progress to its end--nothing is more extraordinary. I say that because during the journey you will have hardships, tests of every sort, unforeseen ordeals, and you will have unexpected interference from all kinds of attachments and emotion. The interference will come from family, society, good friends, and even fellow cultivators. And along with this there is interference from changes in the state of human society and from human notions that were formed in society. All of those things can drag you back to being like an ordinary person. But if you can break through all of it, you can advance towards godhood. So as a cultivator, what is truly remarkable is when you can be steadfast and have righteous thoughts so firm that nothing can sway you. Be solid and firm like diamond, or granite, and then nothing can affect you--evil will be afraid at the mere sight of you. If upon encountering trying circumstances your thinking can be truly righteous, then, when faced with the evil's persecution and when faced with interference, just one sentence of yours fortified with steadfast righteous thoughts can instantly make the evil disintegrate (applause), and it will make those who are being used by the evil turn and flee, it will make the evil's persecution of you dissolve, and it will make the evil's interfering with you disappear without a trace. One thought born of righteous faith is all it takes. And whoever can hold firm that righteous thought and go the distance will become a magnificent god forged by Dafa. " (Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. International Fa Conference, 2005)

These are my experiences and current understandings. Corrections and better understandings are welcome.