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Looking Inward Is the Panacea

July 20, 2009 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Taiwan

(Clearwisdom.net) I am a relatively new Falun Dafa practitioner. I became a practitioner in 2007. I first started to learn Dafa so I could accompany my daughter to get her illness cured. I thought that as long as she recovered, it didn't matter whether I practiced it or not. I didn't know how precious Dafa was. A fellow practitioner invited me to read Zhuan Falun. When I finished reading it for the first time, I felt uncomfortable. I didn't know that Master was cleansing my body, so I went to see a doctor. I took one pill that I used to take, but I felt sick for the whole afternoon. Later I understood what was going on, and threw away all the medicine. With regular Fa study and practicing the exercises, the many diseases that I had disappeared. I haven't taken any medicine since then.

After I studied the Fa more comprehensively and witnessed the changes in myself, I couldn't help but be amazed at how precious Falun Dafa is. After I truly understood it, I made a vow to Master: "From now on, my life belongs to Dafa. From now on, my life will exist for Dafa and for cultivation." Since then, I have squeezed in every minute possible to study the Fa. In six months, I was able to meditate for an hour in the full lotus position. I have never missed practicing the exercises for two hours every day. In another six months, I had memorized Zhuan Falun, and transcribed the book once. I used all my free time to listen to Master's lectures. I have improved very quickly, and my character (xinxing) has improved greatly. I immersed myself in the Fa every day, and truly experienced assimilating to the Fa. I would go to bed after midnight every night and send forth righteous thoughts every day at the global time to send forth righteous thoughts. I also took part in projects to clarify the truth and validate Dafa so as to catch up with Fa-rectification. I often knelt in front of Master's picture and couldn't help crying, though I didn't understand why I cried. There is just no way to pay Master back for his great benevolence.

When I didn't do well in my cultivation, Master gave me hints. When I looked inside myself, Master's benevolence moved me to tears. I would like to share a few instances of how Master gave me hints.

Six months after I obtained Dafa, the ill part of my body which had healed before again manifested symptoms. I had protrusion of the intervertebral discs, a numb left leg, and I couldn't stand up. At first I thought it was Master eliminating karma for me. After a week, I still felt uncomfortable and thought, "Was it because that I didn't do well somehow? I should look inside myself." I looked inside and couldn't find what I had done wrong. The next day, a fellow practitioner came to visit me, and she mentioned that all children have extraordinary backgrounds, especially the children in the family of a Falun Dafa practitioner. Many came from very high levels to obtain the Fa. After the practitioner left, I suddenly realized that Master was using a practitioner's mouth to give me a hint, as I had not enlightened to it before. My younger daughter was almost nine years old. I only cared about studying the Fa and practicing the exercises myself and never thought that she should also study Dafa. Whether I had interpreted Master's hint correctly or incorrectly, I again made a vow before Master: "Master, from now on, I will take the young practitioner to study the Fa and practice the exercises with me, and I will not slack off for a bit." That afternoon, my symptoms improved greatly, and I was completely recovered in two days.

During the Chinese New Year holiday this year, my teeth hurt again. I have very bad teeth. Almost all of them had been pulled out before I was 50. The eight teeth that were left ached frequently, and I had to see the dentist every few days. The dentist told me that he had never seen any patient with such bad teeth. After I cultivated Dafa, my teeth no longer ached, and I have not had to see the dentist again. When the teeth ached this time, I didn't pay much attention to it. The next day, the ache became worse, and I paid attention. With the experience [of looking inside] last time, I looked inside. I recalled what I had done for the previous few days. I happened to be indulging in a TV drama. In the last two days, I was anxious to watch it. However, I also tried to memorize the Fa, so I had the book in my hand when I watched TV. During the commercials, I rushed to read the book to memorize the Fa. I realized the toothache may have been due to this. I then said to Master immediately in my mind, "Master, I am wrong. Time is so tight, and I obtained the Fa so late. I [wasted time] watching the TV drama. I am not diligent enough. I am sorry to make you concerned. I will not do this again." With that thought, the toothache immediately disappeared. After I obtained Dafa, I would not watch TV except for the news. When I was not alert, I slacked off. I couldn't hold back my tears thinking of Master's strict requirements for me. I couldn't express how fortunate I felt.

Looking inside is the panacea. When I am not enlightened, Master gives me hints with benevolence. How can we not strive forward vigorously so as not to let our Master down?

June 30, 2009