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A Sentence That Should Never be Uttered

July 15, 2009 |   By a practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) Soon after the persecution started on July 20, 1999, a practitioner was arrested, and no matter who asked her, she answered, "I will give up practicing." She truly intended to give up practicing. One night, she dreamed that Master asked her if she would continue practicing Dafa. She still answered, "No, I won't." Master asked her three times, and all she answered was, "No, I won't." Then she saw revered Master opening the top of her head, and tens of thousands of mechanisms, which Master had placed inside her, flew out of the top of her head for three consecutive days. Everything disappeared, and afterward, she told fellow practitioners, "You should never say 'I won't practice any more,' even if you lose your human body. Once you say it out loud, you will forever miss your predestined opportunity. You see, I have nothing left now!"

I understand at my current level that when saying, "I will give up practicing," if the practitioner really does not want to continue practicing, just like the example above, he or she will miss this predestined opportunity forever. If he or she did not really mean to give up the practice, but said so under high pressure and torture, compassionate Master will still give him an opportunity. This was impossible in past cultivation, and now we have Master's mercy, which cultivators in the past never experienced. But the impact on our cultivation and the damage will be inestimable if that sentence is spoken, because we are unable to see the changes in all our bodies in other dimensions and the consequences on our fruit status that we will attain in the future. I think the impact must be immense. Otherwise, the old forces would not have gone through such great pains and tried every means possible to have practitioners say that sentence. Even if we do not say it with real intention, only when we have reached consummation, will we truly know what we have lost simply for uttering this sentence! Therefore, that sentence should never be spoken!