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Solemn Declarations of Falun Dafa Practitioners

June 01, 2009 |  


Solemn Declaration

On October 11, 2007, Domestic Security arrested me and detained me for 33 days. Later, they took me to a forced labor camp. Under the high pressure and threats, I grew fearful and wrote a "regret letter" against my will on November 19, 2007. I finally saw my attachment: I had failed to let go of the attachment to life or death, and I was afraid to endure hardship under the CCP's persecution. I firmly told Master in my heart, "I do not acknowledge all evil persecution, and I just want to follow Master home." I took anti-persecution action after June 2008: I refused to join the labor, refused to wear the uniform, and refused to wear the name tag. I solemnly declare that all my words and actions that did not conform with Falun Dafa are null and void. I want to do well the three tasks Master has arranged for us and make up for the loss I created for Dafa.

Yu Shoujin

March 17, 2009


Solemn Declaration

In May 2008, several police officers searched my car and found some truth-clarifying materials in my laptop computer. They arrested me, put me on trial three times, and tried to force me to sign my name to repent. I refused. They sentenced me to four years in prison and took me to a prison ward. Prisoners forced me to take off my clothes and sit on a sharp narrow stool that felt like sitting on a knife, with my head, knees, and tips of my toes against the wall. If I moved one bit, the prisoners would kick my back; if I fell from my stool (due to fatigue), more than ten prisoners would rush to beat me. One prisoner hit me all over my body with a wooden board, and hit my neck, causing me to fall instantly. I fell due to exhaustion three times, but the warden ignored me despite my calls for help. These prisoners said, "It is useless if you call. The wardens are watching the monitors, but we would not dare (to beat you) if they had not given order. You have bled so little. All these blood stains on the wall are left from practitioners, some have even had their teeth beaten out. If anyone dies, the warden fills out a form, and we sign to say you died naturally; that's it! No one cares."

They also forced me take off my clothes in a cold room with the doors and windows open, and two prisoners poured cold water on me, while two prisoners fanned. When they saw my lips turn purple due to the freezing temperature, they switched to pouring hot water onto me. I was tortured like this five to six times a day, had my back kicked more than 100 times, hit by a wooden board several dozen times, beaten by a group more than a dozen times, had my chest punched several dozen times, had my head slammed against the wall many times, and had been forced to sit on a sharp stool all day without any food or water. Due to fear, I gave in. Now I declare all that I said or wrote under high pressure that did not conform with Falun Dafa are null and void. I want to wash clean the stain and catch up with the Fa-rectification process.

Wang Hong

March 26, 2009