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Practitioners Tortured in Suihua Forced Labor Camp in Heilongjiang Province, Many Injured

May 06, 2009 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from Heilongjiang Province

(Clearwisdom.net) Male Falun Gong practitioners illegally detained in Suihua Forced Labor Camp in Heilongjiang Province are being brutally persecuted. The First Brigade is the team specifically used to persecute the practitioners. Currently, more than 70 practitioners are being detained at Suihua Forced Labor Camp.

This labor camp uses three kinds of "management styles" to persecute Falun Gong practitioners, including an "enclosed" style, a "semi-enclosed" style, and an "open" style. The guards try to force the practitioners to write the three statements to give up Falun Gong. They have also frequently incited the criminal inmates to beat and insult practitioners. The ways the forced labor camp abuses practitioners are extremely base and shameless. Facts about their crimes are described below.

1. All practitioners imprisoned in the forced labor camp are first subjected to at least three months of brutal persecution. Regular inmates are manipulated into brutally torturing, beating, and insulting the practitioners. Practitioners are not allowed to sleep for a long time and have to endure military training and physical punishment. Usually, one guard and two inmates watched and tortured one practitioner at a time. They ordered the practitioners to recite the forced labor camp rules and write the three statements.

Practitioner Peng Shuquan refused to write the three statements. Team leader of the Second Squadron Diao Xuesong, political instructors Gao Zhonghai and Long Kuibin, and the deputy chief of the Fist Brigade Liu Wei ordered the inmates to burn Mr. Peng's fingers with cigars, injuring all of his fingers so severely that he was unable to take care of himself for several months. Practitioners Tie Shijie and Li Yunbiao were hung up and brutally beaten on the chest and abdomen by guards Jin Qingfu and Diao Xuesong, only because they refused to recite the forced labor camp rules and sing the CCP songs.

2. Many practitioners have been injured due to the persecution. Practitioner Qi Wenbin was very healthy before.. After he was in the forced labor camp for seven months and brutally tortured, he developed serious illness symptoms, his four limbs became paralyzed and he could not eat. The guards also incited four inmates to lift him up by his arms and legs, keeping his head facing down, and then moving him to the cafeteria 200 meters away three times every day during mealtimes. Mr. Qi was also subjected to a "stretching torture" every day for over a month. Guards also incited the inmates to verbally abuse him. Qi Wenbin's health was endangered, and the guards had to release him on bail for medical treatment.

Practitioner Chai Shushen suffered from leukemia due to the persecution. He was released on bail for medical treatment since he was in critical condition.

Practitioner Sun Dechang's family brought food to him when they visited. The guards used the excuse of a security check to take most of the food for themselves. Mr. Sun mentioned this to squadron team leader Lian Xing, brigade chief Zheng Youliang, deputy chief Liu Wei, political instructor Gao Zhonghai and Long Kuibin many times. They refused to do anything about it. Once, during lunch time, Mr. Sun mentioned this to Liu Wei again. Liu Wei then took him to the office to beat him. Liu Wei also extended Mr. Sun's forced labor term.

Guard Li Xichun confiscated funds from practitioners Cao Jingdong and Chu Wenquan. The brigade and squadron all knew about it, but they refused to intervene.

During the Beijing Olympic Games, the forced labor camp forced the practitioners to sing CCP songs. Practitioners that refused to were hit, hung up, beaten with electric batons, not allowed to go to the restroom, not allowed to buy daily necessities, not allowed to rest, and their terms were extended.

Practitioner Yan Shubin became very thin and frequently had blood in his stool due to the abuse. He had to perform hard labor without proper nutrition or medical treatment. He wasn't allowed to sleep until around midnight. Criminal inmate Zheng Xiaodong used the excuse that Yan Shubin was snoring to disturb him from 11 p.m until 4 a..m the next morning. The next day, guards Lian Xing, Li Chengchun, and Shi Jian hit Mr. Yan on the head more than 20 times in public. During the beating, Yan Shubin's head hit the bed frame very hard and he fell off the bed many times. A few days later, Li Chengchun found another excuse to beat Mr. Yan.

Because practitioner Wang Chunyu wrote the solemn declaration to announce that the "three statements" he had written before were invalid, he was beaten by guard Lian Xing in the workshop in front of everyone present.

Practitioner Sheng Yanqin was persecuted until he became very thin and shook all the time while walking. However, the guards still forced him to do extensive hard labor. Whenever Mr. Sheng was so exhausted that he could not work anymore, the guards would beat him in public.

3. The forced labor camp has forced practitioners to work very long hours, from 5:30 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. Sometimes the practitioners were forced to work until midnight. Even if there was no work for the day, the practitioners were still forced to sit on the short plastic stools for 14 to 15 hours all day except to eat or go to the restroom, which caused many practitioners' legs and feet to become numb and weak.

4. The food in the camp was another means of to persecution. The practitioners were only given water mixed with very little soy sauce as soup. No dishes or oil were provided. The rice soup had very little rice in and it was just less than half of a small bowl. The brined vegetable was either smelly or extremely salty. The maximum time allowed for eating is seven to eight minutes and sometimes four to five minutes. The guards often make the practitioners leave before they finish eating.

In the winter, the forced labor camp only provided cold water noodles in the morning, which was very cold. Many people could not even eat it at all. Most of the practitioners were seriously malnourished and extremely weak.

5. The forced labor camp generally only provided cold water for showers in the winter. During the entire winter, they only provided hot water for showers one to two times at most.

The mistreatment of the practitioners listed above is only a small sampling. Every Falun Dafa practitioner who was imprisoned in the forced labor camp can provide solid testimony of the persecution.

Those in Suihua Forced Labor Camp who participated in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners include:

Chief of the First Semi-Enclosed Brigade Zheng Youliang
Deputy chief of the First Semi-Enclosed Brigade Liu Wei
Political instructors Long Kuibin and Gao Zhonghai
Team leaders of the First Squadron Lian Xing and Li Chengchun
Team leader of the Second Squadron Diao Xuesong
Guards Li Chunxi, Tian Zhizheng, Shi Jian, Jin Qingfu, and Wang Bin