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Recent Information on the Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners in Wumaping Prison, Sichuan Province

May 30, 2009 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) The following is updated information on the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners in Wumaping Prison, Sichuan Province

  1. Mr. Deng Jiangang in Terrible Condition in the No.1 Prison Ward and Clinic

Mr. Deng Jiangang, who was being held in Xinhua Forced Labor Camp in Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, has recently been tortured in Wumaping Prison. He is now in critical condition.

In early March 2009, Mr. Deng's family visited him at the Wumaping Prison clinic and found him to be extremely emaciated, and he even had difficulty walking. Due to torture, he was subsequently diagnosed with tuberculosis, high blood pressure, and mitral stenosis. Mr. Deng talked about the excessive punishment that he endured. He told several family members, four policemen, and other prisoners during his family visit. He was forced to stay in an isolated cell due to tuberculosis and wore a face mask. He was beaten and verbally abused by drug offender Huang Ming and other prisoners. Huang Ming spread bleach powder on Mr. Deng's face, neck and shoulders. Mr. Deng was also covered with a blanket and then beaten. Huang Ming even threatened to kill Mr. Deng.

Mr. Deng Jiangang is in poor condition. His lower back and ribs are bruised, and he has no feeling in his lower body. His legs are swollen and hurt, and he can barely walk due to difficulties lifting his feet, especially in cold weather. He has tinnitus and blurred sight and can only see shadows.

  1. Practitioner Mr. Su Gang in Critical Condition

In late August 2008, Mr. Su Gang was transferred to the No. 5 Prison Ward. At that time, he went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. He has been in critical condition since last November.

Su Gong, 46 years old, is a doctor. He worked at the ministry attached to the Nuclear Industry Factory Hospital in Jiajiang County. He was persecuted in Xinhua Forced Labor Camp in Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, for two years. Around October 2006, Mr. Su went on a hunger strike to protest his treatment in the labor camp and was subsequently transferred to the Wumaping prison clinic for further persecution. In August of 2008, he was tortured in a prison ward because he insisted on studying the Fa, practicing the exercises, and sending forth righteous thoughts. Xu Wenlong, guard of the No.5 ward, frequently ordered prisoners to monitor him and tried to stop him from studying the Fa and practicing the exercises. He was forced to lie on the floor every day and was force-fed every four to five days. The guard said that they were just waiting for him to die.

  1. Persecution by the No. 4 Prison Ward Orientation Team

The No.4 Prison Ward of Wumaping Prison, also called the Prison Orientation Team, is the first station set up to persecute practitioners upon their arrival. The guards encourage prisoners to monitor and torture practitioners, rewarding them with reduced prison terms. If practitioners refuse to give up their beliefs, they are taken to the Training Center Unit, used especially for torturing practitioners. There, practitioners are beaten, deprived of food and water, subjected to long-term exposure to summer heat or winter cold, and forced to stand facing the wall for long hours. The practitioners are not allowed to speak to each other.

By the end of 2008, practitioner Mr. Geng Dexing was monitored and forced to stand facing the wall with thin clothing for more than two hours daily. Mr. Geng went on a hunger strike for months to protest the persecution. Currently, he is extremely emaciated and disfigured.

At this time, there are over twenty practitioners detained in the No. 4 Prison Ward.

  1. Persecution and Abuse in All Prison Wards

In November 2008, practitioners Mr. Li Zhigang, Mr. Zhou Jingdong, Mr. Yuan Bin, Mr. Xiao Huizai, Mr. Li Ronglai, and many more were forced to undergo brainwashing in the No.6 prison ward because they refused to write a guarantee statement. When he refused to be brainwashed, Mr. He Yuanchao was handcuffed to an outdoor fence the entire day. The outdoor torture sessions occurred in December in the snow and cold. However, Mr. He was only allowed to wear very thin clothing and was not allowed to return to his cell until late at night. He was kept in handcuffs while he slept. After a month of this torture, his hands were frostbitten and infected.

Practitioner Mr. Feng Zhongliang was tortured, monitored, and forced to be brainwashed at the No. 2 Prison Ward. The guards frequently ordered prisoners Ru Huangming and Huang Yong to beat Mr. Feng. He was not allowed to study the Fa, practice the exercises, or send forth righteous thoughts. Due to this punishment, he developed tuberculosis but was not taken to a clinic for treatment until one year later. In the clinic, he was diagnosed with chronic fibro-cavitative tuberculosis. He was taken to another hospital for treatment several months later when his condition became critical.

Practitioners Mr. Wei Lang and Wang Zhenqin were detained in the No.2 ward and refused to be brainwashed. They were monitored, forced to stand for long periods, and given additional punishment. Mr. Wei Lang's health has deteriorated, and his body is disfigured due to the long term torture.