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Master's Compassion Graces the Entire Universe (Photos)

May 22, 2009 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) I feel extremely fortunate to have become one of Master's disciples during the time the dharma has reached its end and the universe is being reconstructed. I listened to Master's lectures on numerous occasions. I followed Master and took a ship across the Bohai Sea as Master was giving a lecture in Dalian City. I witnessed Master's boundless compassion in saving sentient beings. Each time I recall those precious moments, I feel Master's compassion gracing the entire firmament, which encourages us to strive forward ever more diligently and do the three things well, so we will not disappoint Master and we will fulfill our prehistoric vows.

Falun Gong practitioners welcome Mr. Li Hongzhi at Dalian Dock on July 1, 1994

Part I

After I finished the exercises in a park the evening of June 21, 1994, I heard another practitioner say Master was going to give a final lecture in Jinan City, and that would conclude all the Falun Gong lectures. When I heard this was the last opportunity to listen to Master give systematic lectures, I immediately jumped on an overnight train and rushed to Jinan City the next day.

I heard other practitioners say at one point during the presentation Master had decided to hold another class in Dalian City because of the numerous invitations he received. Many students bought train and plane tickets to Dalian City and planned to go directly to Dalian after the lecture in Jinan. Two practitioners bought plane tickets dated June 29. I heard it was hard to buy tickets to the Dalian lecture. One practitioner let me use his plane ticket to Dalian so I could get there early to buy an admission ticket while he took the train with other practitioners. I remain grateful to him to this day.

During the last day of the Jinan presentation, Master stood on the podium, picked up the microphone and said, "Students who bought plane tickets to Dalian for June 30th, take the train instead." He said it twice! We sensed there was going to be demonic interference.

We arrived at the airport on the 29th. We saw Master sitting there; it turned out Master's departure was on the 29th. We were excited and happy, stood around Master, and asked him all kinds of questions. Ms. Liu, who worked for the Falun Dafa Research Association, said to me, "Go ask them not to bother Master too much, so Master can take a break." I went over and talked to the other practitioners, but they were reluctant to leave Master alone, because the opportunity to be with Master was precious. So I grabbed Master's suitcase and said to him, "Master, please come over here and have a little rest." Then the practitioners walked unwillingly away.

Black clouds billowed in the suddenly darkening sky. Strong gusts of wind blew, and huge drops of rain began to fall. The rain got heavier and heavier. We could no longer see the distant mountains and buildings. Many flights were canceled; our flight was postponed indefinitely. We sat in the waiting room and watched the rain pouring down. We saw planes take off and land when it changed to a drizzle, but we still did not hear an announcement about our flight.

I saw Master sitting there quietly, so I walked over and told him my understanding of Falun Dafa. Now that I think about it, my thoughts were quiet superficial. Master listened quietly, and when I asked questions Master said to me kindly, "You will gradually understand in the future. Don't interrupt me right now. I'm taking care of things in other dimensions." So I sat down and watched the rain. In the evening, a staff member announced all remaining flights for that day were canceled. They arranged for food and accommodations for all passengers whose flights were scheduled for that day.

I happened to stay at the same hotel where Master was lodging, the airport hotel. We returned to the airport the morning on June 30. It was still raining, and everyone was getting anxious.

We asked the airport staff about departures many times, but they never gave us a clear answer. It was past noon. Ms. Liu spoke with the airport personnel, but they couldn't tell her anything.

Master told us he had cleared out all interference in other dimensions, but the evil was manipulating people in this world, so we had to do work on the human level.

We followed Master and conversed with airport officials once again. We explained that there were about 17 of us, and several thousand people were waiting in Dalian, many of whom were from other parts of the country. We needed to know if the airport authorities could do something to help us. We asked to speak with the supervisor, but he never showed up. The customer service representative agreed to ask her supervisor about it, but she never got back to us.

At 5:00 p.m., airport personnel again arranged for food and accommodation for the passengers; many people followed the staff to the hotel. We stayed and sat around Master, the only people left in the airport. Master patiently explained to the staff, "We have waited for two days. There are several thousand students waiting in Dalian. We cannot afford to wait any longer. If you can put us on a plane, that would be great; but if not, you can send us on a bus to Yantai overnight, and we can take a ship to Dalian from Yantai." The staff person saw so many of us in the waiting room and heard Master's words. She sympathized with us and agreed to again report our request to her supervisor.

We waited for about 30 minutes. Returning, she said her supervisor agreed to give us a full refund for our tickets, and they would drive us overnight to Yantai. We waited another hour before the airport bus arrived. We breathed a sigh of relief as the bus headed out in the darkness of night in the direction of Yantai.

We stayed quiet throughout the trip, because we were trying not to disturb Master. The bus engine stuttering in the rain was the only perceivable sound.

Part II

After practicing Falun Dafa for 15 years, I now know that Master has done more things for us and for sentient beings than words can describe, just so that we can be saved.

Master descended through each level of the universe and forged ties with us during many different lifetimes. He brought us Dafa, patiently lectured, eliminated interference and karma for us, removed barriers for us so we can practice cultivation, and endured countless tribulations on our behalf. When I first learned Dafa I asked Master a silly question, "Since you have cultivated to such a high level, you must have suffered a lot of hardships?" Master answered that the tribulations He came across do not exist in this dimension. The tribulations Master faces in other dimensions are beyond our imagination and ability to understand.

Master does not have any tribulation of his own, as He has explained to us. He rectifies the law of the universe and saves us and endures everything for sentient beings. Master presented 55 lectures in China, including 22 in 1994 alone. He did not go home even during the 1994 Chinese New Year. He presented one lecture after another in order to help more people obtain the Fa. He explained profound principles to us with simple words. Master wanted to give us many, many things, but the time was tight. His lectures were always concise, so that we could both understand Dafa but also feel the pressure of time. Master was trying to save as many people as possible, because the old forces had created barriers at the same time.

I went to attend the 14th Falun Dafa lecture in the Shijingshan Sports Stadium in August 1993, but it was the class was canceled due to interference. With heavy hearts, other practitioners told me that Master was concerned. He wrote a letter to the practitioners in which he mentioned the renewal of the universe had already begun--many planets had already exploded that threatened the safety of the Milky Way and the Three Realms. Master used his powerful gong to protect the Milky Way and the Three Realms.

A group of us went to Hefei City in Anhui Province to attend the Anhui class on November 21, 1993. We heard microphone noises during Master's lecture and thought there was something wrong with the equipment, but Master told us it was faraway universes exploding and the sound was transmitted here through Master's dimension.

During Master's lecture in Zhengzhou City in Henan Province on June 12, 1994, violent wind, rain, and hail suddenly came down. The electricity was completely cut off, turning the room jet black. Master was calm and at ease, and all the students sat there quietly. Master grabbed a demon with his hand and put it into a water bottle and said, "No matter how high the demon is, no matter how powerful their status, anyone who interferences with Fa rectification will meet with this end." Soon afterwards the electricity was restored, the wind and rain stopped, and the sun came out. Comparing Master's different reaction at the Jinan Airport and in Zhengzhou we asked ourselves, "Why did Master not eliminate the demon at the airport like he did just now? Why did he let them delay us for two days and take a detour via Yantai, then take a ship to Dalian?" We gradually came to an understanding during cultivation.

Master brought indestructible Dafa from outside the universe to this human world at the dharma's end, in order to save the universe and countless sentient beings. Yet, the old forces changed what Master wanted. Master does not acknowledge the old forces" arrangements and carries out Fa rectification according to His own plans, but the old forces are resistant. Master said,

"Then they would definitely think that I was interfering with them, and they'd deploy all the beings in this entire old cosmos to annihilate me--they would definitely think I was someone who was disrupting their affairs, and try to annihilate me. But no one would be able to annihilate me, and no one would be able to block my Fa-rectification. So think about it, what would happen? The speed of Fa-rectification absolutely cannot be affected, so if they impeded it I would eliminate them. They'd be destroyed instantly, and no matter how many of them took part, they'd all be destroyed. Then think for a moment--didn't I come to save all sentient beings? If they were all destroyed, who would I be saving?" ("Touring North America to Teach the Fa")

We then knew very well that Master wants to save more beings. Master's immense compassion fills the entire universe!

There was constant demonic interference during Master's lectures. I remember Master telling us a true story during one lecture. At the 1993 Beijing Health Expo, Master treated people's illnesses to help more people learn of Dafa. One child was tormented with a strange illness--he had to squat after every few steps and then would be unable to stand up for some time. His parents took him to many large hospitals but the doctors could not help him. Master saw that a huge amount of karma weighing the boy down, so he removed the karma for him. The child was immediately able to run around and was ecstatic. His parents and everyone cheered and applauded and praised Master for his mighty power and the miraculous healing effects of Dafa. The child ran around a few times but then he squatted again. His parents were confused, and everyone looked at Master. Master saw the snake from Guizhou Province had come to interfere with Master. Since the snake had interfered with Fa rectification and interfered with people's righteous belief in broad daylight, Master completely eliminated the snake. Master said,

"At the 1993 Oriental Health Expo in Beijing, he again meddled with me. Because he always committed bad deeds and interfered with my teaching of Dafa, I then eliminated him completely." (Lecture Five, Zhuan Falun)

Part III

We arrived by bus in Yantai early in the morning on July 1, 1994. The weather was pleasant, a cloudless day. Master was happy, and we were also very happy. There were very few people in the streets. We bought our ferry tickets. Since we were the first people in line, we got tickets on the upper level of the "New Century" ferry. We had enough time left before departure to go out for breakfast. Ms. Liu asked me to accompany Master. We went to a small restaurant and ordered two bowls of noodles. I wanted to order some dishes, but Master said, "That's enough; we don't need anymore." Master ate only a bowl of plain noodles and did not even have a bite of the cheapest salted vegetables. I will never forget how frugal Master was.

After we boarded the ferry we looked at Master and wanted to talk to him, but seeing the expression on Ms. Liu's face made us stay quiet. Some practitioners said, "Let's take a picture with Master." I looked at how silent everyone was and disagreed. We sat there wordless for quite a while. Ms. Liu stood up, left her seat, and walked out of the cabin. She sat on the deck. After she left we started to talk, and practitioners sitting around the table went up to Master and started to ask questions.

Master said, "Do you know why Ms. Liu went out? She has supernatural abilities and knew your thoughts. She became upset when she received bad thoughts from you, that's why she left."

He stopped for a moment and said, "She didn't want you to bother me, because she knew I was taking care of many things when I was sitting alone and as I walked. There are lots of things to take care of for such a large lecture session with so many students, and a huge amount of interference."

Master giving a lecture to practitioners aboard the New Century Ferry

Master's words gave us insights, and we felt guilty about wrongfully judging Ms. Liu. Master seemed to know what we were thinking. He took out a camera before we could ask and said, "Here, let's take some pictures." We all happily took out our own cameras and took historic pictures with Master.

After a three-hour boat ride, the New Century entered Dalian City dock. We saw many practitioners holding up banners and waving flowers to welcome Master. We let Master walk first. Master waved at practitioners from the deck. Seeing Master, compassionate but with so much dignity, walking slowly down the stairs, the Dalian practitioners could not suppress their joy. It was such a heartwarming scene. They presented Master with flowers and shook His hands. The practitioners cried with tears of joy. I captured this precious historic moment with my camera.

I heshi and kneel before Master!