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Inspiration from "Lotus Infant"

May 20, 2009 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) There are several noticeable stone sculptures of "Lotus Infants" in the Dafowan Cliffside Carvings at Baodingshan in Chongqing City. They look very beautiful, with each infant's head emerging from a lotus flower.

Why are these Infants inside lotus flowers? Many people regard them as purely works of creative art produced by ancient civilizations.

Some time ago, when I studied Zhuan Falun and read the section "The Placement of the Mysterious Pass", I enlightened that beings in the heavens do not have the same methods of reproduction that humans have. A human body is considered a small universe and inherently has both yin and yang. Therefore life is created within the universe when it is in motion. These would include the Immortal Infant, the Cultivated Infant and many other beings. It is the Immortal Infant that always sits on a lotus flower.

When a cultivators Celestial Eye opens, they can see the Immortal Infant and many other beings. Are these "Lotus Infant" sculptures carved by the ancients whose Celestial Eyes were open? It is possible. Higher level beings can be born in the lotus flower, without the pain and suffering experienced through the human process of childbirth.

I started to think about the reasons why practitioners must eliminate the human attachments of lust and sentimentality. I understand that it is because these attachments do not conform to the standards of higher levels in heaven. Once I understood this, my attachments to lust and sentimentality diminished a lot, but would sometimes resurface. I immediately realized that these attachments are only related to low level methods of reproduction, and from a high level perspective are considered filthy.

In this period of time when Dafa is spreading throughout the world, people should treasure this moment. During the endless lifetime of the universe, the life of a human is over in a blink of an eye. We should understand that the "blink of an eye" we witness today is actually the turning point of the new cosmos replacing the old one. It is a precious moment that cannot be expressed in words.

We should treasure the opportunity that Teacher has given us. We are on the path to a higher life. We should fulfill our significant historical mission of saving sentient beings. Fa-rectification is already at the final stage. There is no reason now to still keep those filthy attachments.

My human attachments are strong and sometimes I have struggled intensely with them in my mind. Even knowing they are attachments, it is still difficult to eliminate them. I remind myself, I must clean out my filthy things to reach a higher level. As a practitioner we must increase our cultivation levels and save more sentient beings.

By this way, I think saving more sentient beings can help to eliminate those strong attachments.