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Miracles Left for the Future People (Part 1)

May 12, 2009 |  

An Account from a Non-Practitioner about Master

By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China


I began practicing Falun Dafa in 1996. Every time I hear or read stories regarding Master's great compassion in spreading the Fa and saving sentient beings, I am deeply moved.

Once, I heard a story about Master. It happened in the Autumn of 2004. I went to deliver truth-clarification materials to the owner of a stationary store. Unfortunately, the owner had moved. The new resident was a massage therapist. His wife and baby were also at home. He greeted me and warmly invited me to come in and sit on the sofa.

I began clarifying the facts about Falun Dafa, talking about how Falun Gong was being persecuted. The therapist interrupted me before I finished, "I did not believe what was said on TV because I met your Master in person."

Then, the therapist began to tell me about how he met Master, "It happened when your Master had just begun spreading Falun Dafa. I went to see a friend at Tieling in Jilin Province. As it happened, my friend had invited your Master to have dinner with him at a restaurant. So I joined them. Your Master is very tall and very polite. He was very modest and amiable when he spoke. He sat there straight and upright, with his hands always in one position. While we ate, my friend mentioned his neighbor, an elderly woman, whose four sons were disrespectful to her. They were very wild and swore incessantly. After the meal, your Master asked my friend to bring the four sons to the restaurant. When the four sons came, your Master gently talked with them at length. The four sons sat there quietly with their heads bowed, listening. Ever since then, the four sons have been respectful to their mother and have become better people."

I said to the therapist, "Wow, what an incredible predestined relationship you have to have been able to meet our Master in person." His wife added, "When my husband saw what was broadcast on TV, he immediately said that it was lies. How could such a good person do things like that?"

Although I have never seen Master in person, I feel fortunate to have heard this account about Master. I realize that it was an encouragement to me as well.

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Witnessing Teacher Purify a Practitioner's Body

By a practitioner from Dalian City


On March 27, 1994, Teacher came to Dalian to give lectures on the Fa (1) for the first time. We saw a woman in her fifties in front of the lecture hall. She had difficulty walking by herself, so her husband carried her on his back into the hall. She sat on a sling chair that they brought to the front row, which drew the attention of many practitioners.

From talking with her, we found that she was a scientific technician. She had had a major operation on her cervical vertebra in 1991, and wasn't able to return to work until two years later. Soon after she returned to work she caught a cold on a business trip and became seriously ill. She tried various methods but could not cure her illnesses. Later a practitioner who had attended Teacher's lectures introduced Falun Gong to her and recommended that she read the book Falun Gong. That practitioner also told her that Teacher would come to Dalian to give Fa lectures soon. She read the book and came to understand Falun Gong, so she bought tickets and went to the lecture seminar.

Before the lecture began, Teacher saw her. Teacher asked some practitioners who were helping with the seminar and some staff from the Dalian Qigong Association to persuade her to return the tickets and leave. Her husband went to talk to Teacher. Teacher told her husband that he would not treat anyone's illnesses. Her husband said, "We are not here to have illnesses healed. We read your book and listened to audiotapes of your lectures two weeks ago. We are here to cultivate." Teacher said, "This practitioner has good enlightenment quality." Then Teacher went to meet the woman.

She stood up when Teacher came to her. Teacher asked her to sit down and patted her neck twice and her head twice. Then Teacher purified her shoulder. After that, Teacher asked her to walk. When she walked to the center of the hall, Teacher asked her to stop. Then Teacher purified her legs. After that, Teacher said, "Okay. Try walking again."

She walked back and forth. Many practitioners stood up and clapped for her.

After the lecture, she felt her legs were very light. She walked out of the hall by herself and went home on the bus. Later, not only could she walk by herself, but she could also go up and down stairs by herself. She no longer needed others to carry her. It was a miracle. Teacher purified this genuine cultivator's body.

From attending the lectures and through her own experience, she came to realize that Dafa is truly magnificent and supernormal. She decided to diligently and firmly cultivate in Falun Dafa. To thank Teacher for saving her, they made a beautiful banner that read "Falun Gong is a Gem of Science" They presented the banner to Teacher when the lectures concluded.


(1) Fa - Law and principles of Falun Dafa

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Chinese version available at http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2004/9/3/83195.html


My Personal Experience Seeing Teacher in Wuhan in 1993

By a Dafa practitioner in Wuhan, China

(Clearwisdom.net) In the spring of 1993, Teacher went to Wuhan City to give lectures in the assembly hall of a central level scientific research department. Because it was his first time teaching Falun Gong in Wuhan, to let more people know about Falun Gong, Teacher brought three disciples from Beijing and spent three days treating diseases for patients. During the three days, more and more patients came day after day. Especially on the third day, they came in an endless stream. Many people were not willing to leave until nightfall. People with various illnesses, especially those with difficult and incurable diseases came from everywhere. After Teacher's treatment, they all miraculously became well. A lot of people came to realize the mystery of Falun Dafa and Teacher's great mercy through these events.

This true story is very impressive to me:

An elderly lady was brought to the assembly hall by her spouse and daughter-in-law. She had been paralyzed for five to six years and could not take care of herself. They held her up to Teacher. She leaned against a chair because she could not stand steadily. Teacher just looked at her without moving his hands. A while later, Teacher asked her to stand straight. At first she was afraid, but then teacher encouraged her not to fear, so she quickly straightened her body. Then he asked her to step forward, she was a bit hesitant, but finally took a step with everyone's encouragement. After that she walked forward with confidence. Afterwards, she was asked to walk up the stairs, but did not dare to take a step. Teacher told her "Go up, no problem." Then she really walked up the stairs. After the lecture she even walked home on her own. After a while, I walked out the hall and saw her walking around by herself, so I asked her why she did not rest at home. She replied: "I don't know why, I just want to walk. After I went home, I still felt like I wanted to have a walk. So I walked back and forth at the home, and then ended up walking here. I have not walked like this for several years, I am extremely happy!"

There is another incident that I will never forget:

This particular lecture series was ten days long. Teacher spent more than an hour and a half to explain the Fa every day, then taught us the exercises.

One day after the class started, a man in his 40's wanted to come in without an attendance card but the staff held him back and explained that he had to have the card to enter the hall. He would not listen to us but instead started to make a scene saying, "I came here to challenge him (Teacher). My master is over 100 years old, but he is so young." He also said many unpleasant words. Later that day Teacher found out and allowed him to come in. After listening to Teacher's lecture, he walked away very quietly. He found the staff and said, "I won't make trouble again. He is the genuine master." Every time I recall the happy days when I was fortunate to listen to Teacher's lecture, I always feel deep respect and appreciation towards Teacher. From every single miracle that I personally experienced, I realized Teacher's great and compassionate salvation, and through them my faith in Teacher and Dafa became more firm.

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�"Isn't He An Immortal?"


It was in 1993, and Master was teaching the Fa in Qiqihar. He was with several students when He saw an elderly lady carrying a little boy about twelve years old.

Master went up to them and asked, "What's wrong with this child?" The elderly woman answered, "He is paralysed." Master said, "Put him down." The woman replied, "He is paralysed." Master kindly said again, "Put him down, please." The woman put down the boy.

Master touched him and he stood up. People nearby surrounded them and cheered, "He can stand up! He can stand up!" The elderly lady said excitedly, "Isn't He an immortal? I'd better thank Him." When she turned around, Master was already gone.

Original posting at http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2005/9/24/65237.html Chinese version available at http://minghui.ca/mh/articles/2005/9/1/109551.html


Bearing Witness to History: Teacher Cured a French Child from Thousands of Miles Away

By Falun Gong practitioner Zheng Lai

(Clearwisdom.net) On July 5th, 1994, our Teacher, Mr. Li Hongzhi, was in midst of giving a second round of Falun Gong lectures in Dalian City, Liaoning province, when two Frenchmen, looking anxious, requested that they meet with him. They introduced themselves as a father and son from France and said their god specifically asked them to go to China and ask Teacher to cure the younger man's son. The child was seven or eight years old and had been treated in many hospitals without any success. The child could not speak or move and had to lay down all the time.

Teacher asked about the child's condition. Since the child was not present, Teacher asked the two Frenchmen to picture child in their minds. Then, Teacher used his hand to simulate the shape of the child and started to treat the child, removing the illness as if he was drawing silk out of a cocoon. After a while, Teacher said the child was cured and asked the Frenchmen to call home to inquire about his condition.

The hotel where Teacher stayed was not a luxury hotel and did not have international long distance telephone service, so the two Frenchmen returned to their own hotel and called home immediately. The younger man's wife told him that she wished he had called earlier because a miracle happened in their home. She told him that a cloud of golden light appeared in their home, and the child suddenly could move and speak. The child asked, "What happened, mom?" The child was cured -- what a miracle!

Original posting at http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2004/12/28/56037.html
Chinese version available at http://www.minghui.ca/mh/articles/2004/12/21/91845.html