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Vancouver's Government Community Deeply Appreciates Shen Yun Performing Arts: "Exquisite!" (Photos)

April 06, 2009 |   Compiled by Clearwisdom staff

(Clearwisdom.net) Member of Parliament Bill Siksay has seen Shen Yun Performing Arts before, and it was a moving experience that brought him to Vancouver's Queen Elizabeth Theatre to see the show again.

bill siksay, shen yun, queen elizabeth theatre

Bill Siksay, New Democratic Party representative for Burnaby-Douglas

"Once again it was a fabulous evening and I am very glad to have been here," said the New Democratic Party representative for Burnaby-Douglas.

"It's fabulous! It was wonderful! I liked the drumming too. Music was great, everything was great," he said.

"I think it's great that people all around the world get to have this experience. It's important for our community because Chinese culture is so much a part of what Canada is about today. And I think any time we get to appreciate this culture more is a good thing for all of us. People all around the world should have that opportunity too and I'm glad it's happening."

Mentioning the performances, particularly those dealing with the current situation in China, he said, "It's a great show because it teaches you something about Chinese culture and Chinese history. But also something of the situation of practitioners of Falun Dafa. And I'm very appreciative of all of those things."

Mr. Siksay said it was "wonderful" and that he always recommended the show to his friends and colleagues. "I can't wait to tell my colleagues what I've seen tonight," he said.

Vancouver City Counselor Moved by Shen Yun

"Without question one of the most beautiful shows I've seen for a long, long while," said Michael Evison, City Counsellor for West Vancouver, after seeing Shen Yun at Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Saturday night.

michael evison, city counsellor, shen yun, queen elizabeth theatre

Michael Evison, City Counsellor for West Vancouver

Referring the unique Shen Yun digital backdrops, Mr. Evison said, "That's not to detract from the dances, but the scenery having that lovely big screen behind with the images was most attractive. But the dances were quite exquisite.

"I'd recommend it to anybody. I have a son and some grandchildren in Calgary and the next show is in Calgary - - I'm going there this weekend and I'm going to buy them some tickets, because I think so many people in Calgary should be able to enjoy the shows that we've enjoyed in Vancouver."

When asked how he would rate the show, Mr. Evison exclaimed, "10 out of 10!"

"Beautiful and Meaningful!"

Tonight was not the first time Mrs. Butchart, a high-level foreign diplomat in Vancouver, has seen a show by Shen Yun. But she was just as delighted and impressed as ever. "I've seen it before, and every time I see it, it's beautiful. It's very meaningful. It's nice that everyone had the opportunity to see it," Mrs. Butchart said.

buchart, foreign diplomat, queen elizabeth, shen yun

Mrs. Butchart, a high-level foreign diplomat in Vancouver and her husband

"They express their feeling and their faith, which is very important for them. I wish them all the luck in the world. ... The history of China is very important," said Mrs. Butchart.

"They are so artistic and they are very beautiful. The uniformity that they have, it's unbelievable. Excellent musicians, the Chinese culture is just wonderful," she said.

Her husband Mr. Butchart added that the music was fantastic, especially the "very, very good" performance of the erhu, "Hope." "The singers are just fabulous. The soprano was just unbelievable," added Mr. Butchart.

Mr. Butchart had praise for all of the performers. "A world-class performance, all of them, every one of them," he said.

Senator Deeply Touched By Shen Yun

"It's fabulous. It's beautiful. The costumes are just fabulous, as are the artists." This is how Senator Mobina Jaffer described Shen Yun currently playing at Vancouver's Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

VIP reception, shen yun, queen elizabeth theatre

Senator Mobina Jaffer speaks at Shen Yun's VIP reception with some of the performers

Senator Jaffer, who attended the matinee Saturday, said that while she "loved the drums," she was especially moved by "Heaven Awaits Us Despite Persecution," a piece in which the father of a young girl is persecuted by the communist party for his belief in the traditional meditation practice of Falun Dafa. "I was very taken by the story of the family. I was very touched by that," said the Senator.

Senator Jaffer said, "What is really amazing, and it's something to be very proud of, is that Canadians are participating in this. The countries [the performers] originally come from, to preserve that art, to in fact make it go further, that's the strength of Canada--to make sure that people are able to express what their heritage is. And this is what we see today--people expressing their heritage."

She said she thinks classical Chinese dance, the centerpiece of the Shen Yun shows, is "Fabulous! I just think, What a treat for people. I wish more were here to enjoy it."

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