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Cooperating with Forced Labor Camp, Gaoyang County Hospital Personnel in Hebei Province Force-feed Practitioners

April 30, 2009 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Since 2000, personnel at Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp have tortured practitioners on hunger strikes by force-feeding them human excrement, pouring vegetable soup inside their clothes and pants, and beating and shocking them with electric batons during their force-feeding. If practitioners were on hunger strikes for several months, the guards repeatedly knocked them down into sand piles, force-fed them hot peppers and vinegar, and poured alcohol into their noses.

After the crimes committed by Gaoyang County Forced Labor Camp personnel were exposed to the public, in order to shift the blame and avoid public condemnation, the camp ordered local hospitals to force-feed practitioners. In order to make the hospitals cooperate, the guards lied about the practitioners. The hospitals include Gaoyang County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and Gaoyang County Hospital.

Practitioner Mr. Liu Yujian, who was transferred from Beijing to Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp a month ago, was force-fed in Gaoyang County Hospital because he held a hunger strike.

The guards from the camp handcuffed Mr. Liu's hands to the sides of a hospital bed, tied his legs together, and held his head down. Two male doctors pried Mr. Liu's mouth open with sharp, long pliers and then inserted one feeding tube into Mr. Liu's throat and another one into one of his nostrils. Mr. Liu's lips were torn and his gums were injured. His mouth, throat, and esophagus were seriously injured, and his nose bled. During his forced-feeding, Mr. Liu lost consciousness several times and his face was covered in his own blood. His wrists bled and his hands became swollen.

Gaoyang County Hospital: 86-312-6623259, 86-312- 6623469, Fax 86-312-6630900
Head of the hospital: Chen Shuren
Address: Nan Street, Gaoyang County, Hebei Province, Zip code 71500